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Auto Painting: The Complete Restoration Process (3 of 4)

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Auto Painting: The Complete Restoration Process (3 of 4)

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Auto Painting

Welcome back to the journey of truck restoration! We’ve cleaned and prepped the truck for paint, and now it’s time to get to the fun part! Paint!

We’ve now brought the truck into the shop, cleaned and prepped. All of the scuffs, bumps, scratches, dings, and other texture issues are dealt with and it’s more than ready for paint! Our truck is rust free and ready for the next step.

Alongside the cleaning and sanding, we ensured the truck engine and other parts were clean and running smoothly before putting some of the truck back together and sealing everything before the paint job. We don’t need paint leaking into the most important part of the truck, now do we?

Anything that can be damaged by the paint we’re about to apply is removed or covered up. This usually includes gas caps, windows, hub caps, tires, bumpers, door handles, headlights, tail lights, and more. Covering is often done with masking tape or plastic/tarp and tape. Don’t worry, all of this will be replaced before you, the customer, pays a dime.

For this job we’ve decided to return the car to the white glory it once was in. White is a common color for cars and it’s a nice option for trucks for work or play. It’s easy to clean the, since some dirt will show very easily and be hard to miss during cleaning, but some kinds of dust do not show up easily—decreasing your need for washes!

It is important that all of the equipment is clean and properly working before a drop of paint touches the car. This will ensure a clean and even coating of all paints, primers, and sealers throughout the job.

Primer is applied to the car and allowed to cure. Times may vary depending on the type of primer, but this is a very vital step to ensure the paint adheres and dries properly. Sometimes you see cars driving around with just primer on their vehicles, showing how sturdy and important this layer is to your vehicle body.

After the primer is applied, the surface must be sanded down again to ensure the paint has no drips, bumps, bubbles, or other imperfections. The primed area is then cleaned using wax and something to remove grease and other dirt or grime.

Next week we’ll discuss the final painting process and discuss our guarantees and the pride and attention to detail in our work. We will also discuss final touches and show you the completed paint job. Thank you for reading our posts and following us on this journey from drab to fab for this lucky customer. Stick around and don’t forget to call Sam’s for all of your auto body and paint needs!

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Auto Restoration: The Complete Restoration Process (2 of 4)

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Auto Restoration

In our last post we discussed the state of a truck we were asked to restore and discussed the pride we take in our work. Today we’re going to show you the preparation work that was done on the truck before the harder work began.

Above we see the truck in its initial state. It’s a little worse for wear, but when we’re done, you won’t be able to recognize it. Below you can see a little more of the sides and that the bed of the truck has been removed. This is done to prepare each and every part for painting.

Once the truck is cleaned of debris, certain parts are removed to allow access. It also allows us to inspect every inch of the truck for structural damage or problems. Certain problems will lead to the need to fully replace parts of the body or the engine itself. The major issues with this truck related to the outer work. There were some areas we needed to address—seen in the images as the dark gray areas as well as some issues with head lights. Much of the truck is still very functional, but it needs a makeover of sorts.

Before the car sees a new coat of paint, we have to prep everything. All rust, dings, dents, and other imperfections need to be addressed and taken care of so the paint will adhere correctly, the body will stay intact, and the truck will look like new with minimal work! Rust or scratches that are not properly prepared will lead to imperfections in the paint job and it will lead to the paint not adhering properly in the long term.

Our technicians use the best tools and equipment available for every job to provide the best final result. We thoroughly clean the metal with the appropriate chemicals and tools (like wire brushes and power brushes) to remove all rust or other related damage.


The car is sanded and filler is placed as needed to handle areas in which the paint needed to be removed. Every piece of the truck that will require paint or work is inspected, sanded, filled, and many parts are removed before the painting can begin.

This truck has had the main portion of the truck bed removed before the painting can begin—so paint will be the first big step and we’ll discuss that in the next post. Stay tuned and we’ll give some detailed instructions on how the paint job goes down.

Sam’s auto Body and Paint is here for all of your restoration needs at great prices to keep you and your baby on the road for as long as possible.

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Paint Job: The Complete Restoration Process (1 of 4)

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Paint JobComplete Paint Job

For the next 4 weeks we are going to be talking about how you can get the best results for a long lasting repair from an auto body shop. Many of these steps we will discuss are overlooked by other paint and body shops for two reasons; they lack the knowledge of what should be done or they don’t care about the customer, only the payment. Either of these reasons can leave you with a bad paint job or a shoddy repair that can backfire in a matter of months or years. Full restorations and complete repaints require detailed steps and we make sure every car rolls out with confidence that the work that was done was completed by skilled professionals who care about what they are doing, and it doesn’t hurt that they also leave with a lifetime warranty on the work! If you’re shopping around for some body work, ask around for a Lifetime Warranty and ask about the small print or exceptions. Not many shops offer this, so ask questions to ensure they truly do offer the warranty you’re looking for. Shops that offer these warranties stand by their work and chances are, you will not have to act upon that warranty.

complete auto paint projectThroughout this blog and future entries you will see images of a truck going through the repainting and upgrade process. For the next few posts we will talk about what that process entails for this 15 year old truck. By the end of the process, the truck will look brand new and the Lifetime Warranty covers any and all paint defects as long as the current owner possesses the truck.

The images you are seeing in this entry is how the truck arrived to our shop—it is before any body work had been done by us. It had been the victim of some bad body work which we were here to save. This type of work is commonly referred to as hood before any auto body work is donea restoration, which is often done on older cars; however, we are not doing a full restoration because the age of the truck doesn’t require it. We are not fully removing everything down to the motor, which is often done to treat, fix, or repair rust or other frame and body problems the car might have with age.

Every project we take on is done carefully and with skill so you get the best work available in a timely manner. We will never cut corners to save money on our end. Our jobs include the paint and all other equipment of the highest quality. We ensure the job is done right every time and have been doing this for over 35 years and will continue doing it to continue to provide this service for our community.

The photos throughout this post shows the truck at the start of our project, so we start by finding and treating dings and dents. If this is not done correctly it can cause problems later on. You can’t have a brand new looking truck when there’s flaws, dings, dents, or waves in the body.

side body shot of the new complete auto body work body shouts to show the start of before auto body workback side of the truck auto paint project

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Culprits of Minor Body Damage

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Body Damage

Minor Body Damage

At Sam’s Auto Body we deal with a lot of types of body damage to a lot of different vehicles but today we’ll start small. We’ve all dealt with small dings and scratches and they can be an eyesore, irritating, frustrating, and just no fun to deal with. Put away the credit card and stop ordering things off of infomercials that claim to fix scratched paint and even large dents with As Seen on TV products. Let’s get to blaming those pesky ding and scratch makers.

  1. Shopping Carts: A shopping cart gets away from you and bumps into your bumper or side door, someone forgets to take their cart back and it rolls into your vehicle, or you bump into a cart someone has carelessly left in a parking space, and now you’re left with a scratch or small dent. Don’t just live with it, bring it in to our technicians who can fix it up in a jiffy and your car will be looking great once again. No one will ever know that you and a shopping cart collided.
  2. Children: Kids love to play with balls, Frisbees, sticks, rocks, and bats. Don’t obsessively tell your children to keep backing away from the car when playing in the yard. Most children’s toys won’t do much damage, so as long as it’s not a window breakage, we can help you in no time. Neighbor kids throwing a ball over the fence on accident or your children not listening to you will never cause you financial distress again with our body work. Reasonable prices and us working with insurance will keep your baby looking great.
  3. Hail and other Weather: Heavy wind can break branches and leave your car with dents or scratches. Hail can leave your car looking like an acne scar ridden teen or a chicken pox victim, so Sam’s is here to help return your car to a smooth finish with dent and paint repairs. Don’t let bad weather freak you out because many insurance companies will let you claim acts of nature on your insurance, decreasing your cost.
  4. Road Debris: Driving down a highway or freeway behind a garbage truck or dump trucks can be stressful. Not only can debris come out of those open topped trucks and blind you, but it can sometimes cause damage to the body of your car. Sometimes you’ll be driving along the road and another vehicle will kick up some gravel or chunks of road, and if they don’t crack your window they can dent door panels, trunks, hoods, and more.
  5. Minor Collisions: From fender benders to parking lot taps or overcompensating and backing up or pulling forward more than you should have, small dents, bumps, and paint transference can happen easily and put a major damper on your mood. It can be difficult to get these covered by insurance, but whether you can or not, the cost will not put you in the hole.

Keep checking back to Sam’s Auto Body for tips, tricks, and information about our services and auto body work in general. Keep us in mind the next time you need any body work done!

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