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Auto painting for Valentine’s

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It is common knowledge by now that most car owners have really strong feelings about their vehicles. Every dent, scratch or any other type of damage hurts them as much as it hurts the car that they are driving. This is exactly why our suggestion would be for them to show their love by trying Sam’s Auto Body & Paint’s auto painting services. It would be the makeover their car needs and since their car only deserves what is best, then it would be only fitting to ask our team of experts for help.

auto painting

Although auto painting does not seem to be such a big deal, it is highly important for it to be done right, by a professional and with the right kind of products. If done right, an auto painting may even spare the owner of ever having to take the car to an auto body shop for the same type of treatment in the future. This is mainly because most of the paint brands we use here at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint offer a lifetime warranty. When this lifetime warranty is combined with our extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians, it leads to some of the best paint jobs in Phoenix, Arizona.

There are countless various reasons why someone would take their car to an auto body shop for auto painting. The most obvious reason would, of course, be the fact that the car is the lucky survivor of a collision and it needs some touching up. When it comes to scratching and areas with chipped paint, auto painting becomes really tricky. First of all, we need to match the color of your car. This means that most of the times we even have to contact the manufacturer so that we can order the same type of paint. Second of all, in auto painting there is a technique that is called paint blending, technique that seems to be ignored by most auto painting shops. Basically, a skilled technician would make sure that the new coat of paint doesn’t have harsh lines or defined edges. These harsh lines make the paint job incredibly obvious, whereas if the paint is properly blended, the car will look as good as new.

One other reason why people resort to auto painting for their cars is weather damage. When a car spends most of its time outside in the sun and rain, its paint can fade and lose shine. However, there is no need to feel sorry for it, because it can be fixed by our amazing auto painting technicians. No matter why or how you want to change the paint on your car, all you need to do is give us a call and we will take care of the rest!

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Paint Job: The Complete Restoration Process Finale (4 of 4)

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Complete Paint Job

We’ve talked about all of the steps leading up to the actual painting of the car, so today we’ll wrap up the discussion about the general restoration process of this truck.

Last week we talked about sanding and priming the car for the coat of finishing paint. This is always an exciting part of the job because this is where we begin to see a major difference in the car since it was brought to us. You finally get to see the finished product! We’ve come a long way in 4 weeks, haven’t we?

All paint for this type of job is applied in a spraying fashion, done with proper equipment with paint thinned to work with the spraying tools. Over thinning can cause a decrease in the glossiness of the finished product and can cause runs, bubbles, or other imperfections with the paint job. Some paint manufacturers have different steps which need to be taken before and during application, so we ensure the type of paint and equipment are paired properly.

The paint must fully cure, meaning it is not to be touched for up to 24 hours. Full curing can take up to a week depending on the products used. It is vital that the car is in a dust-free environment because there is a long period before the car is dry enough to not be affected by debris. Some paints can be used with a catalyst to cure the paint faster.

Parts that can be removed and need paint on both sides are suspended to prevent paint collecting in areas and to allow for proper drying. This is done with things like doors, hoods, trunks, and any removable sections.

The car must then be sanded again with 1200 or finer grit went sandpaper until the finish coat is smooth, followed by a thorough rinse. It must then be allowed to dry once more. A clear-coat can be added to increase the intensity of the gloss and it should be sanded with 1500 grit wet sandpaper.

A rubbing compound is then applied to the finished paint job, best done by hand. This is an important step, but when done incorrectly, especially with a power polisher, it can ruin the paint job. Some parts of the truck we could not put back together because the owner has more custom parts they are going to be adding to the truck. So when those parts come in they’ll bring it back so we can professionally install them. The few things missing are all the ford emblem, decal, badges, mud flaps, billet grille and the front valance. (We suggest you have these part before we start the job so when the truck rolls out of our shop it never needs to come back)

We now have a fully repainted and basically restored truck. Full restorations will also include engine or other work to make the car run better. This truck did not need such drastic measures, but we brought it back to a new vigor and beauty, giving the customer exactly what they wanted.

Come to us for all of your body and paint needs, you won’t regret bringing your vehicle to us. Stay tuned for more project updates and explanations.

( Sam’s Auto Body and Paint just did a great job on my sons new truck. I can not believe how awesome this truck turned out(looks brand new). My Boy is beside himself. I do have to say we made it a little hard for them cuz of all the custom things we wanted. Sam’s was great and did just what we wanted. When it come to getting your truck painted I would only suggest Sam’s. The other shops would never ever do it right, talk to Mark and he’ll tell you why Sam’s Auto Body and Paint do it the right way, and the most important thing is my kid is going to have this truck for 4 years minimum and the work / paint is guaranteed for life. No one else does this in Phoenix and that is why we trust and used them.) Thx Mark you rock.  Devin

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Paint Job: The Complete Restoration Process (1 of 4)

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Paint JobComplete Paint Job

For the next 4 weeks we are going to be talking about how you can get the best results for a long lasting repair from an auto body shop. Many of these steps we will discuss are overlooked by other paint and body shops for two reasons; they lack the knowledge of what should be done or they don’t care about the customer, only the payment. Either of these reasons can leave you with a bad paint job or a shoddy repair that can backfire in a matter of months or years. Full restorations and complete repaints require detailed steps and we make sure every car rolls out with confidence that the work that was done was completed by skilled professionals who care about what they are doing, and it doesn’t hurt that they also leave with a lifetime warranty on the work! If you’re shopping around for some body work, ask around for a Lifetime Warranty and ask about the small print or exceptions. Not many shops offer this, so ask questions to ensure they truly do offer the warranty you’re looking for. Shops that offer these warranties stand by their work and chances are, you will not have to act upon that warranty.

complete auto paint projectThroughout this blog and future entries you will see images of a truck going through the repainting and upgrade process. For the next few posts we will talk about what that process entails for this 15 year old truck. By the end of the process, the truck will look brand new and the Lifetime Warranty covers any and all paint defects as long as the current owner possesses the truck.

The images you are seeing in this entry is how the truck arrived to our shop—it is before any body work had been done by us. It had been the victim of some bad body work which we were here to save. This type of work is commonly referred to as hood before any auto body work is donea restoration, which is often done on older cars; however, we are not doing a full restoration because the age of the truck doesn’t require it. We are not fully removing everything down to the motor, which is often done to treat, fix, or repair rust or other frame and body problems the car might have with age.

Every project we take on is done carefully and with skill so you get the best work available in a timely manner. We will never cut corners to save money on our end. Our jobs include the paint and all other equipment of the highest quality. We ensure the job is done right every time and have been doing this for over 35 years and will continue doing it to continue to provide this service for our community.

The photos throughout this post shows the truck at the start of our project, so we start by finding and treating dings and dents. If this is not done correctly it can cause problems later on. You can’t have a brand new looking truck when there’s flaws, dings, dents, or waves in the body.

side body shot of the new complete auto body work body shouts to show the start of before auto body workback side of the truck auto paint project

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