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Auto Body Repair Tips for 2018

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A regular visitor to our blog will notice that we have covered many different kinds of auto body repair topics. Now let get into something a little different. Today we’re going to explore auto body work. So along the way we’re going to explain the different type auto body repair.

We’re also going to explain what’s need depending on the situation. You can always count on Sam Auto Body and Paint to inform the public. It’s our duty to make sure our customers have their needs met. This more than just a means of employment for us this as a way of life and it’s reflected in our body repair

Auto Body Repair

A damaged vehicle is an, unfortunately, the reality we all deal with. You never expected to calculate Collision repairs at your monthly expense. When the situation arises it could be terrifying to think what it will cost. It’s better you know the extents of the damage but no worries most of the time it’s not an unreasonable amount. The body on your car say the condition of your vehicle if the body is damaged, so is the vehicle. Don’t cheat your vehicle or yourself. Riding in a damaged vehicle is never appearing.

Repairing Dents

Most of the time, about body repair, consist of repairing dents. However, there is a situation that is far costlier and severe. The truth is! It’s almost always cosmetics details and they are quite affordable. If you have dings and dents don’t worry. They can easily be fixed and your vehicle will look like new. Plus, you won’t have to give up an arm and a leg. The secret is to find an auto body shop that knows what they’re doing.

Sam’s Auto Body and Paint are always honest with customers. Whether it’s just a few dent that needs repair or a more detailed project the customer will know what to expect. We can even repair extreme cases that other auto body shops have turned down.

Auto Body Improvements

Now that we covered all the likely scenario, let’s talk about the upgrades. If you’re into the crowd that likes to add performance features to their vehicles and your own custom touch. Well, you came to the right place! It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle it is, from a 2 door Honda or a classic muscle car. We have seen them all! Not only can you upgrade exterior design but we can also help you increase performance. Down to the biggest projects like interior detailing. Yes, we can perform body work on any part of your vehicle engine included.

Everything mentioned can add to auto body repair. It’s obvious at this point that Sam’s Auto Body and Paint is knowledgeable about their craft. The most reputable auto body repair shop in the valley. What problem your vehicle has had our professional will make your vehicle look like new.

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Fresh Paint and Decal for Business Vehicles

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As an owner, a manager or employee of a local business or franchise who knows the value of advertisement, you would want to advertise your place of employment while having a beautiful vehicle to get you to and from your job. It’s a great way to take your company’s name practically everywhere you go. 

Sam’s Auto body and Paint would be honored to help keep the body of your work vehicle in top shape and we’d be honored to help spread the word of your business with decals, custom paint jobs, and more. With a new year fast approaching, it may be time to spruce up the old business car or truck. Today we’d like to talk a little bit about why you should choose us for your auto body and paint work for your company car, as well as why it might be a good idea to spruce up the old truck, car, or SUV you use to advertise and transport yourself, clients, and employees.

  1. Pride: Show that you have pride in your business and that you are a successful company with beautiful paint and auto body work for your company vehicle. This goes for town cars used by the company to transport clients, a car your company has given you to travel, or a vehicle you and your other employees use to get to the job. Keeping this vehicle clean, running smooth, and looking new is a great way to boost morale as well as the clients confidence in choosing you.
  2. Free advertising: Once your company name, logo, phone number, or more are on your vehicle, people will take notice. People stuck in traffic may see your car or truck nearby and think “yes, I need that service in my life, I’ll have to remember their name,” and your car parked in parking lots, at your home, or even at your place of business will draw attention at well. Mobile marketing works!
  3. Improve your image: If you can afford a car specifically for your company (personal vehicle you use to advertise, trucks or cars to transport employees, etc) then customers will take notice. You will look more professional! No one wants to hire gardeners, cleaning companies, or locksmiths in unmarked vans or trucks, do they?
  4. Efficiency: If you have vehicles your employees use to get to and from the job, it’ll be easy to keep track of how much money you are using for gas, how often you travel, and more. Keeping these vehicles in top shape, dent free, scratch free, and with long lasting paint will be one less thing you have to worry about—leaving you free to worry about other things.
  5. We work with insurance companies: Be it your personal auto insurance or your company insurance, if your vehicle is insured we will work with you and the insurance company to get your vehicle back on the road, looking great!

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Pinstriping: Paint and Vinyl Options for Detailing

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DSCF5984We’re going to spend some time in the coming weeks talking about different types of body detailing using color, paint, vinyl, and other materials. These are cosmetic changes that, unless you ask a small child, has no effect on the speed at which your car can travel, but it will turn heads, drop jaws, and make your car more unique.

The idea of pinstriping is common on older models of cars, often after they have had some body work done, including a new paint job. This type of work is found on motorcycles, cars, and trucks alike, making them a common addition, but every job is different.

Most pinstriping jobs are done by applying thin lines of paint or other materials in intricate and sharp patterns. Commonly, it’s done with a lot of curvy lines, vaguely mimicking a tribal tattoo. Larger areas like motorcycle fuel tanks, hoods, roofs, or trunks feature a symmetrical pattern whereas doors and other areas of the car may not feature symmetrical patterns, but it’s usually mirrored on the opposite side of the vehicle. Some of the pinstripe jobs are done to accent unique features and textures in the car, like raised sections of the hood or side panels of the vehicle. Blacks, white, silver, and red are common themes but it’s available in as many color combinations as you can imagine!

At first glance, many of these jobs “look all the same,” as some may think, but they’re not! When done correctly, they are all different, individually designed, and beautiful. Some artists in body shops to all of it by hand, whereas others design the pattern using vinyl transfers or stencils. The level of customization is up to the vehicle owner, so if you’re considering this type of artwork, have your ideas ready and our auto body experts will help you get the paint job and detailing of your dreams!

100% Lifetime Warranty on all auto paint and body workWhile this is often found on high end vehicles, motorcycles, muscle cars, and retro automobiles, it can be done to any vehicle. We won’t judge if you want to get your 2000 Honda Civic pinstriped! In fact, that’s something you don’t see every day! If you’re wanting to add some flare to your vehicle in a tasteful manner that doesn’t involve intricate patterns or commonly used details like racing stripes or flames, consider pinstripes for a classic, edgy, and unique look.

We guarantee the happiness of every customer and the longevity of our work on every vehicle we work on. Stay tuned and we’ll talk about paint jobs from unique colors, vinyls, decals, hand painted details, racing stripes, and more! Once we’re done talking about different types of custom paint jobs we’ll start talking about the types of body work we do here at Sam’s Auto Body!

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Auto Painting: The Complete Restoration Process (3 of 4)

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Auto Painting

Welcome back to the journey of truck restoration! We’ve cleaned and prepped the truck for paint, and now it’s time to get to the fun part! Paint!

We’ve now brought the truck into the shop, cleaned and prepped. All of the scuffs, bumps, scratches, dings, and other texture issues are dealt with and it’s more than ready for paint! Our truck is rust free and ready for the next step.

Alongside the cleaning and sanding, we ensured the truck engine and other parts were clean and running smoothly before putting some of the truck back together and sealing everything before the paint job. We don’t need paint leaking into the most important part of the truck, now do we?

Anything that can be damaged by the paint we’re about to apply is removed or covered up. This usually includes gas caps, windows, hub caps, tires, bumpers, door handles, headlights, tail lights, and more. Covering is often done with masking tape or plastic/tarp and tape. Don’t worry, all of this will be replaced before you, the customer, pays a dime.

For this job we’ve decided to return the car to the white glory it once was in. White is a common color for cars and it’s a nice option for trucks for work or play. It’s easy to clean the, since some dirt will show very easily and be hard to miss during cleaning, but some kinds of dust do not show up easily—decreasing your need for washes!

It is important that all of the equipment is clean and properly working before a drop of paint touches the car. This will ensure a clean and even coating of all paints, primers, and sealers throughout the job.

Primer is applied to the car and allowed to cure. Times may vary depending on the type of primer, but this is a very vital step to ensure the paint adheres and dries properly. Sometimes you see cars driving around with just primer on their vehicles, showing how sturdy and important this layer is to your vehicle body.

After the primer is applied, the surface must be sanded down again to ensure the paint has no drips, bumps, bubbles, or other imperfections. The primed area is then cleaned using wax and something to remove grease and other dirt or grime.

Next week we’ll discuss the final painting process and discuss our guarantees and the pride and attention to detail in our work. We will also discuss final touches and show you the completed paint job. Thank you for reading our posts and following us on this journey from drab to fab for this lucky customer. Stick around and don’t forget to call Sam’s for all of your auto body and paint needs!

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Paint Job: The Complete Restoration Process (1 of 4)

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Paint JobComplete Paint Job

For the next 4 weeks we are going to be talking about how you can get the best results for a long lasting repair from an auto body shop. Many of these steps we will discuss are overlooked by other paint and body shops for two reasons; they lack the knowledge of what should be done or they don’t care about the customer, only the payment. Either of these reasons can leave you with a bad paint job or a shoddy repair that can backfire in a matter of months or years. Full restorations and complete repaints require detailed steps and we make sure every car rolls out with confidence that the work that was done was completed by skilled professionals who care about what they are doing, and it doesn’t hurt that they also leave with a lifetime warranty on the work! If you’re shopping around for some body work, ask around for a Lifetime Warranty and ask about the small print or exceptions. Not many shops offer this, so ask questions to ensure they truly do offer the warranty you’re looking for. Shops that offer these warranties stand by their work and chances are, you will not have to act upon that warranty.

complete auto paint projectThroughout this blog and future entries you will see images of a truck going through the repainting and upgrade process. For the next few posts we will talk about what that process entails for this 15 year old truck. By the end of the process, the truck will look brand new and the Lifetime Warranty covers any and all paint defects as long as the current owner possesses the truck.

The images you are seeing in this entry is how the truck arrived to our shop—it is before any body work had been done by us. It had been the victim of some bad body work which we were here to save. This type of work is commonly referred to as hood before any auto body work is donea restoration, which is often done on older cars; however, we are not doing a full restoration because the age of the truck doesn’t require it. We are not fully removing everything down to the motor, which is often done to treat, fix, or repair rust or other frame and body problems the car might have with age.

Every project we take on is done carefully and with skill so you get the best work available in a timely manner. We will never cut corners to save money on our end. Our jobs include the paint and all other equipment of the highest quality. We ensure the job is done right every time and have been doing this for over 35 years and will continue doing it to continue to provide this service for our community.

The photos throughout this post shows the truck at the start of our project, so we start by finding and treating dings and dents. If this is not done correctly it can cause problems later on. You can’t have a brand new looking truck when there’s flaws, dings, dents, or waves in the body.

side body shot of the new complete auto body work body shouts to show the start of before auto body workback side of the truck auto paint project

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