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Gift a Loved One an Auto Body Repair this Christmas

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Fresh black paint job!

Fresh black paint job!

Christmas day is coming! The biggest shopping day has come and gone. So now it’s time to crack down and start finishing up that shopping! Why are we, an auto body shop, talking about Christmas shopping? We’ll tell you why! We get that some people are hard (if not impossible) to shop for, especially the car aficionados on our lists. We’d like to help you get some more people crossed off your list, if not just some ideas for gifts for yourself!

If someone you are shopping for has a project car that could use some body work or paint, why not offer to pay for some of that work as a Christmas present? This will be a gift they will remember for years to come. And our results are guaranteed to last. This means they can’t regift and they won’t forget how much they mean to you since you offered to help get their baby to show room quality!

Custom Paint jobs

Custom paint jobs or decals can be a great gift for anyone! Pay for your mom to get her old car repainted so she’ll stop losing it in parking lots or get some racing stripes done for your dad or brother. Offer up some cool detailed paint work for your car loving friends to help separate their beautiful car from the rest. You can also help turn any boring car into one that will turn heads! This is great for newer drivers or someone on your list who just got their first car!

Repair work

Repair work can be a great gift, as well. Sometimes we neglect the small dents, scratches, dings, and spots where paint has worn off because it’s not vital for driving. Offer up some cosmetic changes to make any driver proud to drive their car again. Dent free is the way to be!

Gift them a Great new look on their car

Pay your parents back for all those years of dents and dings in their cars when you were learning to drive. Give them the gift of a beautiful car with any of our services!

While we do work with insurance companies to repair body and paint damage to as little cost to you as possible, we also deal in auto body and paint work without insurance claims. We will still guarantee the best price around. Because not all body work is an emergency. But the right paint job and a dent free car can give you the confidence boost to do almost anything you set your mind to. Let us get your car looking great for the new year!

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3 of the Awesome Auto Body Work we do

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At Sam’s Auto Body Shop, it’s evident we handle Auto Body work. We want to talk about that in this post. We hope you enjoy it and learn a thing or two from what we know.

If you haven’t had a paint job done on your car, get ready to be persuaded as to why you out to give it a chance at least once! Sam’s Auto Body And Paint will never overcharge or cut corners, since we want to provide the best body work for every customer. This is our job, our livelihood, our career, our passion, so let us treat you like family and get your car back on the road in no time.

1. Maintenance

With age, paint fades and rust can start eating up your vehicle. The structural integrity of some auto bodies can begin to suffer after time and replacement or repairs are needed, but no collision was involved. This makes it hard to afford since insurance companies don’t often work with repairs of this nature. Never fear, our competitive prices will ensure you get the work done at an affordable rate!



2. Improvements

Sometimes you want to add some spoilers, or replace your rood or hood, or you want to increase the strength of your chassis or add extra support to hold a bigger motor in your vehicle. Muscle cars sometimes require additional body work when altering the original motor or other mechanics. You can turn any car into a beast with the right body work.

3. Collision Repair

Auto body repair can be costly and scary, but don’t fear when a mechanic tells you that you may need some repairs on your body. The body of your car is almost as important as the engine and gas tank, so don’t skim on the body repair.


Body work from a collision can be as simple as repairing some dents or cracks, but it can get as intense as straightening the entire frame or repairing (or replacing) entire panels on your car. No one wants to drive around with a gash out of the front of their car, but it can be hard to find a reliable body shop. Look no further! From fender benders to T-boning, we can fix (nearly) anything. We will be upfront with you as to if the work can be done, but we’ve been known to repair vehicles other shops wouldn’t touch!

Also, we provide your machine with more than an auto body paint job. We could restore it to its original color, give some vinyls, stripes, or custom color, or other details all on your demand!

Give us a call today and get started and you’ll be proud of the appearance of your car. You. Will. Be. Dazzled!

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Auto Body Damages to look Out for this Holiday

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Thanksgiving was just last week. And we are gradually transitioning into the hustle and bustle of the Christmas shopping period. So you may be faced with a lot of traveling this holiday season. We’d like to give you some warnings of things that may happen during your travels which may lead you to our doors for automotive paint and body repair.

Auto Body Damage could be really annoying

Auto Body Damage could be really annoying

1. Shopping Dangers

From shopping carts to people who can’t park, you may be faced with some dents and dings from fellow travelers and shoppers. Most of these problems should be small, but we can easily take care of them to ensure your ride looks the best it can before trips to see family. Don’t let a rogue shopping cart leave an eyesore, ruining your Christmas spirit.

2. Increased Traffic

With more people out shopping, coming into town, and having time off from work, there’s bound to be more traffic than the rest of the year, and this will obviously increase the risk of accidents. Rest assured that you will still get the same attentive care from us in December as you would in June. The customer comes first and we will try to make sure the job fits your budget or works with your insurance company. Still be caution, but don’t let it ruin Christmas.

3. Nit Picky Family

Some family members may look down on you if you have discoloration, rust, dents, and dings in your car. Keep them quiet with a fresh coat of paint (or paint matching to cover problem areas) and let us remove all the dents and dings—they may even think you sprung for a new car since last year.

4. Accidents at Home

From kids running around, to and from vehicles, to decreased parking space, you may have similar problems as you will when you’re out shopping. Minor damage may plague your car by the time New Year’s is over. But don’t panic or yell at your nieces and nephews for throwing a football into your door panel. Most small damage can be fixed easily and completely for a reasonable price. Accidents happen, so no need to freak out about door dings or nudges from bumpers.

Fix Auto Body Damages Easily

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. And we would like to welcome you to our shop for any and all automotive body and paint repairs you may have for the rest of the year. We won’t let needed bodywork or basic scratch and dent repairs ruin your Christmas cheer. So come on down with any and all problems you’d like us to look at. Have a safe and happy holiday season! And keep checking back for more blogs from Sam’s Auto Body and Paint.

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How is Auto Body Repair done by Experts?

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Does it seem to you like magic when a very messed up car goes to an auto body shop and comes back looking like it was new? Of course, it’s not magic! It just involves some dedication, hard work and a lot of knowledge. We are going to tell you about a few auto body repair techniques that we use here at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint.

Before we worked our magic

Before we worked our magic

1. Buffing

This is one of the easiest, simplest and cheapest auto body repair techniques to fix a damaged car. However, “damaged” may not be the best word for it. This technique is generally used when it comes to minor damage to your car. We are talking here about minor to moderate scratches that can occur in various ways. It may be an errant shopping cart, a poor first cycling attempt your kid had, or even an unsuccessful parking attempt (we don’t blame and we definitely don’t want to judge anyone).

The bottom line is that when it comes to auto body repair, a skillful technician could fix these minor problems by buffing out any scuffs that might appear on the paint surface.

2. Dent repairs

Believe it or not, as far as auto body repair goes, dents are the most frequent problems we need to fix. If you are lucky enough to only have a minor dent and no damaged paint, this issue is definitely not a problem to a professional.

Of course, this auto body repair technique is a bit more complicated and it takes longer than a simple buffing, but in the end, your car will look as good as new. The metal can be easily put back into place (this requires some pulling, pushing and even a gentle massage from time to time) and made to look as if nothing had happened.

After we worked our magic

After we worked our magic

3. Fender bender

The second most frequent problem we need to fix here at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint is fender benders. The best course of action, in this case, would be replacing the dented. Or replace the damaged fenders. So that the owner can avoid any long-term issues such as chipping or corrosion. However, considering the fact that replacing the fender is more expensive, most car owners ask us to repair the damaged ones.

This auto body repair technique is a bit more complicated and it includes more steps. The fender is first straightened then it is sanded all the way to the metal. The area is coated with a body-filler which needs to cure. After it has cured, the body-filler is also sanded until the surface is smooth. The last step of this auto body repair technique is the paint job. And after that, the fender will surely look great.

Who do you count on…?

The bottom line is that you can count on us, regardless of how serious the damage is. There are a lot more auto body repair techniques. Those we frequently use in order to fix any kind of problem. If you need our help, don’t hesitate to call. Or pay us a visit at 22018 N 24th Ave Phoenix, Arizona 85027.

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The Perfect Auto Body Repair for your Vehicle

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Auto Body Repair comes in several different styles. Each style is specially designed to suit your Auto Body needs. Regardless of your type of vehicle or make, there us an Auto Body Repair technique already designed to make your vehicle look as good as new.

Auto Body Repair can make this Dodge damaged front end look new

Auto Body Repair can make this Dodge damaged front end look new

Here is the finished job by Sams Auto Body repair

Here is the finished job by Sams Auto Body repair

There are also many reasons for auto body repair. It can be simple or complex. Regardless of your need, there is a style that fits. Let’s go on a path of discovery to auto body repair. And show you some of the miraculous job performed by Sam’s Auto Body and Paint; easily the best auto body repairs professional in Phoenix.

Auto Body Repair Techniques

Auto body repair doesn’t always be scary. I know that the situation that brought you to needing auto body repair was scary. Now that’s it’s over with you starts thinking if enormous amount everything is going to cost you. Minor damage is the most common problem seen. If you have more serious damage than don’t worry. It’s fixable and remembers miracles. Sam’s has the craftsmen ship to restore even the most damaged vehicles that others have turned away.

Auto Body Repair Phoenix

If the problems are minor come on down. We’re always giving discounts a dent repair is easy. Most people think it’s going to cost them a lot. The truth is most dents popped back into place. Don’t worry its ok, it doesn’t cost much at all. It proper maintenance overall for your vehicle. As you know the road can be a scary place full of obstacles. Common sense will tell you the exterior of your vehicle has taken the brunt of the blows thrown its way.

What about those who want to install performance parts on their vehicle and give a added flare. Auto body repair also installing body kits. Popular with the street racing crowd. Those vehicles are truly a work of art. The same vehicles in the local area have been through Sam’s shop. Now that you understand that collision repair doesn’t always must be negative. You won’t freak out when someone says calmly I having work done because it’s an upgrade job.

Sam’s Auto Body and Paint

Take your time when looking for collision repair. Many mistakes committed when rushing into a situation. Research is the best way to find out your budget and expense of damage. A professional can always give you an estimate and even tell you of worth repairing. If looking to install aftermarket parts make sure they’re made for that model.

Sam’s Auto Body and Paint are the best professionals in metro Phoenix area. The work speaks for itself. The people everywhere. Have raved about their quality work. The portfolio is extensive so of the most jaw-dropping restorations. The customers have cried when the damaged vehicle comes back to life. No matter if it’s a wreck or just an upgrade count on Sam’s Auto Body and Paint to fill all your auto body repair needs.

Sam’s Auto Body & Paint


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