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Easy fix for Collision Damage problems

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We talked about Collisions some months ago and that was a great post. Some of our new readers may have missed the amazing info we shared. So we decided to improve it and share with you guys again.

Collisions, most of the time, are unintentional. Accidents occur every day. And 9 times out of 10, it involves a collision of one vehicle with another. What happens in a situation where the collision is caused by you. And the collision damage is done to your vehicle by your vehicle? Tricky, right?

This is the picture: the situation where you hit your vehicle with another one of your own vehicles. That can really suck. At the moment it happens, you have no one to blame but yourself. And you so badly want to fix the damage or it will remain there as a constant reminder of one mistake you made.

Collision damage: Hitting one vehicle with another one of your own vehicle sucks

Hitting one vehicle with another one of your own vehicle sucks

At this point, it doesn’t help to get angry with yourself or start looking for the fault. Yeah, searching for the fault helps so that the collision won’t repeat itself.  You learn from your mistakes to avoid doing them again. In the end, though, you still have to fix the collision damage done to your car.

Many times, people don’t think it’s important to fix a damage done to the body of a car quickly. Collision damages may look mild on the outside, but often times they don’t reveal what may have happened to the vehicle’s interior. It might just be a small dent or a scratch, but you never know. The way vehicles are built nowadays, you can’t expect them to be like the 80’s vehicles we knew. A hard jolt can upset an interior electrical system and lead to a chain of malfunctions. In other words, you fix one problem today only to have another one tomorrow. Which means more money out of your pockets.

Now, what’s the quick and effective solution to Collision damages?

You don’t have to spend too much money. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine [extra stitches you may have to make later]. The solution: Take your vehicle to an Auto body repair shop. It’s that simple. But not so simple. Here’s what I mean: One doesn’t just take one’s vehicle to any Auto Body body repair shop. Make sure to find an Auto body repair shop that is

  • properly equipped to handle collision damages
  • excellent and quick in service delivery
  • highly trained and strictly professional
  • sees things from your angle and is willing to give you a good deal.

If you live in Phoenix, AZ, you’re in luck. You don’t have to ask around for recommended auto body repair shops, do an internet search or drive around town in the heat of summer to find one for yourself. Sams Auto Body and Paint is your friendly Auto Body repair shop neighbor.

Why should you take your collision damage problems to Sams Auto Body and Paint?

Once your collision damage looked like this

Once, your collision damage looked like this

But after Sams Auto Body and Paint repair shop worked on the body, we had this:

Collision damage completely repaired

Now, your car looks straight outta the factory

In this case, the driver hit his truck with his own trailer. But with the way his truck looks now, he can easily forget it ever happened.

Besides being all this

  • properly equipped to handle collision damages
  • excellent and quick in service delivery
  • highly trained and strictly professional
  • sees things from your angle and is willing to give you a good deal

and more, we are more than a decade experienced in handling your collision problems. So why don’t you call us today and we will make you smile. Your mistake doesn’t have to stare you in the face all week.

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The Perfect Auto Body Repair for your Vehicle

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Auto Body Repair comes in several different styles. Each style is specially designed to suit your Auto Body needs. Regardless of your type of vehicle or make, there us an Auto Body Repair technique already designed to make your vehicle look as good as new.

Auto Body Repair can make this Dodge damaged front end look new

Auto Body Repair can make this Dodge damaged front end look new

Here is the finished job by Sams Auto Body repair

Here is the finished job by Sams Auto Body repair

There are also many reasons for auto body repair. It can be simple or complex. Regardless of your need, there is a style that fits. Let’s go on a path of discovery to auto body repair. And show you some of the miraculous job performed by Sam’s Auto Body and Paint; easily the best auto body repairs professional in Phoenix.

Auto Body Repair Techniques

Auto body repair doesn’t always be scary. I know that the situation that brought you to needing auto body repair was scary. Now that’s it’s over with you starts thinking if enormous amount everything is going to cost you. Minor damage is the most common problem seen. If you have more serious damage than don’t worry. It’s fixable and remembers miracles. Sam’s has the craftsmen ship to restore even the most damaged vehicles that others have turned away.

Auto Body Repair Phoenix

If the problems are minor come on down. We’re always giving discounts a dent repair is easy. Most people think it’s going to cost them a lot. The truth is most dents popped back into place. Don’t worry its ok, it doesn’t cost much at all. It proper maintenance overall for your vehicle. As you know the road can be a scary place full of obstacles. Common sense will tell you the exterior of your vehicle has taken the brunt of the blows thrown its way.

What about those who want to install performance parts on their vehicle and give a added flare. Auto body repair also installing body kits. Popular with the street racing crowd. Those vehicles are truly a work of art. The same vehicles in the local area have been through Sam’s shop. Now that you understand that collision repair doesn’t always must be negative. You won’t freak out when someone says calmly I having work done because it’s an upgrade job.

Sam’s Auto Body and Paint

Take your time when looking for collision repair. Many mistakes committed when rushing into a situation. Research is the best way to find out your budget and expense of damage. A professional can always give you an estimate and even tell you of worth repairing. If looking to install aftermarket parts make sure they’re made for that model.

Sam’s Auto Body and Paint are the best professionals in metro Phoenix area. The work speaks for itself. The people everywhere. Have raved about their quality work. The portfolio is extensive so of the most jaw-dropping restorations. The customers have cried when the damaged vehicle comes back to life. No matter if it’s a wreck or just an upgrade count on Sam’s Auto Body and Paint to fill all your auto body repair needs.

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Dent repairs: tricky or not?

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When it comes to dents and dent repairs, most car owners cringe at the thought of their vehicle ever suffering any kind of damage. Sometimes, dents can occur even in the least likely situations. You might think that you safely parked the car at the supermarket and that nothing bad can happen, but you might want to think again: what if a shopping cart gets “lost” and bumps into your car, or what if a terrible driver decides to park next to you? Both of those cases would result in you having to take the car at an auto body shop for dent repairs.

dent repairs

The great news is that if you choose the right professional shop, your car will be looking as good as new in no time. Depending on how serious the damage is, the shop might even be able to do paintless dent repairs. These are actually the best case scenario when it comes to fixing dents. They occur when the damage is superficial and the paint is not at all chipped or scratched. This is mainly because most automotive paints used these days are incredibly resilient and durable. So we can only talk about paintless dent repairs when it comes to superficial dents.

For an experienced technician, paintless dent repairs are not at all tricky and can take just a couple of minutes. However, car owners should keep in mind that this only applies when the dents are repaired by an experienced technician. Otherwise, no matter how skilled you think you are, or how easy it may seem, dent repairs are not something you can do in your driveway, unless you couldn’t care less how your car will look after you’re done with it.

collision repairs

The reason why paintless dent repairs can be incredibly tricky for the regular DIYer is the fact that the dent is somehow repaired from the inside. This means that the person who is in charge with the dent repairs may need to remove a lot of parts that just get in the way. This is a piece of cake for a professional, but it could be a nightmare for someone with zero experience.

The bottom line is that regardless how serious the damage is, dent repairs will always be complicated for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. This is exactly why you should always get your car to an auto body shop. And if you want your car to be fixed at the best auto shop in Phoenix, Arizona, then you should give us a call. Sam’s Auto Body & Paint will be more than happy to do some dent repairs on any vehicle. We guarantee that your car will look as good as new once we are done with it!

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Collision Repair Phoenix

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Collision Repair

Nobody ever thinks they’ll get into a car accident, but it happens to the best of drivers. Whether you’ve been a victim of a hit-and-run, a fender bender, a read-end collision, someone lost control of the wheel, or any number of situations ending in a collision, we can help you get back onto the road in great shape.

Collision Repair Phoenix

Collision Repair Phoenix

We work with most insurance companies in the area, meaning there is usually little to no out-of-pocket expenses to our insured customers. Accidents happen, and we want to make sure your vehicle is in great shape to get back onto the road. A bad body job can lead to increased damage if you were to end up in an accident later on. Metal can be incredibly resilient, but when the work isn’t done correctly the metal becomes weaker. The whole point of a sturdy body in your vehicle is to keep you safe should a collision occur. Don’t let a lesser body shop do a poor job (for the same cost or higher). Always bring your car to the best shop in town to get great work done.

Collision Repair

Today we’ll talk a little bit about some of the common collision damage we see here at our shop.

  • Read end collisions: If someone failed to hit their brakes in time or, for any other reason, has collided with the back of your car, you may be facing some whiplash as well as damage to the rear of your car. This can result in minimal damage to your rear bumper, but it can also lead to damage to the rest of the body (read doors, trunks, panels, etc). Usually, the driver who collided with the front car is at fault and responsible for the damages.
  • Head on: Two cars who collide at the front of the car can end up fatal, depending on speed and the cars. These accidents are harder to tell who is at fault, it depends on what is going on around them. These can result in a lot of damage to the engine of the car.
  • Single Car: This can include drivers hitting a barrier, wall, or other stationary object. The severity varies, and the damage can be minor or catastrophic. It can be tricky to get insurance to cover this damage—depending on what you hit and why.
Toyota Front end repair Collision Repair Phoenix

After Repair Is Complete

  • Side impact: We hear about t-boning and broadside strikes all the time. These can be especially dangerous if the driver hitting you is traveling at high speeds. The amount of damage is dependent on a lot of features—including materials and how well the body was made or maintained.
  • Sideswipe: These collisions often end up with less damage than the above 2. It often results in loss of mirrors and door damage as well as panel damage. Sometimes it’s as minimal as a few scratches and dents. Depending on the velocity and the amount of control the drivers have, this can be minimal damage.
  • Rollover: This can be a very scary type of accident. This happens when one car ends up flipped over. Smaller cars can be victims of this, but cars with higher profiles are more prone to them. Luckily, a lot of high profile cars (SUV’s, Jeeps, etc) have different body work and will sometimes incur less damage.
  • Multi vehicle: These are hard to tell who is at fault, as well, and it can get messy when dealing with insurance companies, and the type of damage can be minor to severe.


Collision Repair Phoenix

If you’ve been involved in a collision of some sort, give us a call and we’ll talk about repairing your vehicle to get it back on the road.

Sam’s Auto Body & Paint


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