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Gift a Loved One an Auto Body Repair this Christmas

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Fresh black paint job!

Fresh black paint job!

Christmas day is coming! The biggest shopping day has come and gone. So now it’s time to crack down and start finishing up that shopping! Why are we, an auto body shop, talking about Christmas shopping? We’ll tell you why! We get that some people are hard (if not impossible) to shop for, especially the car aficionados on our lists. We’d like to help you get some more people crossed off your list, if not just some ideas for gifts for yourself!

If someone you are shopping for has a project car that could use some body work or paint, why not offer to pay for some of that work as a Christmas present? This will be a gift they will remember for years to come. And our results are guaranteed to last. This means they can’t regift and they won’t forget how much they mean to you since you offered to help get their baby to show room quality!

Custom Paint jobs

Custom paint jobs or decals can be a great gift for anyone! Pay for your mom to get her old car repainted so she’ll stop losing it in parking lots or get some racing stripes done for your dad or brother. Offer up some cool detailed paint work for your car loving friends to help separate their beautiful car from the rest. You can also help turn any boring car into one that will turn heads! This is great for newer drivers or someone on your list who just got their first car!

Repair work

Repair work can be a great gift, as well. Sometimes we neglect the small dents, scratches, dings, and spots where paint has worn off because it’s not vital for driving. Offer up some cosmetic changes to make any driver proud to drive their car again. Dent free is the way to be!

Gift them a Great new look on their car

Pay your parents back for all those years of dents and dings in their cars when you were learning to drive. Give them the gift of a beautiful car with any of our services!

While we do work with insurance companies to repair body and paint damage to as little cost to you as possible, we also deal in auto body and paint work without insurance claims. We will still guarantee the best price around. Because not all body work is an emergency. But the right paint job and a dent free car can give you the confidence boost to do almost anything you set your mind to. Let us get your car looking great for the new year!

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Auto Body Paint: Good Christmas Presents?

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auto paint and bodyWe love painting cars, making them look newer, repairing any discoloration or other paint problems. We also love custom paint jobs which help show the individuality of the driver. In a perfect world, everyone could afford (and would like to have) a custom paint job. Your vehicle is a great way to express yourself, not just a way to get from point A to point B.

Why not help your car loving friends express their love of their car and their individuality by paying for a custom paint job through Sam’s Auto Body and Paint? We’d love to help your loved ones have the car of their dreams! Paying for some touch up work on an older car that’s seen better days can boost the morale of your loved ones. Adding some special touches like stripes, hood paintings, decals, and other smaller changes can make it harder to lose a car in the parking lots while adding a little flare. Young people with their first car may want a new paint job to show off their ride to their friends—making an old car look cooler.

Some of us neglect getting our cars repainted because “what’s the point?” The point is, fresh paint can actually be a good thing to do for your car. Paint does more than make the car look a certain way, the right paint job will also help protect the body of the car. This isn’t to say that a fresh paint job will keep dents from happening, but it can decrease the chance of rust spots and other problems. We’ve all seen faded spots on our cars, and the texture changes. When left unchecked, these spots can lead to other damage like corrosion, rust, and more.

auto paint service phoenixStart the new year with a fresh coat of paint on your automotive baby, or help someone else get a new paint job. A gift like this will be much more appreciated than another sweater, socks, or a blender. Spend the money to get your car lovers something they really want.

You can also talk to us about restoring the body of older cars, improving body work, adding on special parts and pieces (spoilers, body kits, etc) or just do something simple like add a really awesome decal to your ride to make it yours again.

Factory paint jobs are so boring, so make life exciting again with fresh colors. We can paint match nearly any color, but we can also do colors all throughout the rainbow and everything in between. Ask today about your color and pattern choices and we’ll make sure you leave happy.

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