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Are you thinking about changing the color of your car?

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Are you thinking about changing the color of your car?

Things to know before you start

If you were thinking about painting the color of your car to a new color there should always be a few colors you should be cautious about. Some paints just don’t stay as clean looking as long, for example, the color black is the hardest color on a car to keep clean this is because any sort of dirt and debris that you are going to be driving in is going to show up on your paint a lot more than other colored cars. If you have any other colors on your black color vehicle the dirt and grime will stand out much more than normal. Especially with dust and dirt. This goes with white car paint as well. A lot of people think that having a white car will make it easier to keep clean but it’s actually the same case as Black. And this is because most things that you will encounter on the road or not white. This can give your car a white brownish tint we’re not taken care of. The easiest paint color to keep clean actually happens to be a champagne color. This is because the dust blends in with the car allowing it to appear cleaner longer.

After paint care

After your car is freshly painted you’re gonna wanna leave it alone for about a month. Somethings that are acceptable to do would be to wash the car by hand because car washing machines could apply to much pressure and take the paint up. You should always avoid wax in your car for three months and dry wiping. This is because waxing and polishing your car could possibly and potentially cause damage to the freshly added coat of paint. The paint needs to cure and it could be some time before you go back to your regular detailing habits on your car. You should always also try to avoid any harsh chemicals on your car surface.
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Here at Sam’s auto body and paint if you want your car painted the right way you came to the right place. When doing a full carbon job we stripped every piece off of the car ensuring we get behind and every nook and cranny possible. We take pride in the work that we do in care just as much Your car as you do. Feel free to give us a call at 623-582-8232. We also offer a 5% discount on all cash transactions. Don’t let your insurance company miss lead you to the wrong place call us!

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