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Auto Body Modifications!

We’ve talked a lot about auto body painting, maintenance, and repairs and we’ve touched on muscle cars, so today we’re going to bring up some interesting improvements customers may be asking for! Keep reading for some great ideas and if we missed something, let us know or talk to our technicians at Sam’s Auto Body and Paint!

  1. Spoilers: When they fit the needs, size, and shape of the car, spoilers can increase the aerodynamic functions of your vehicle! They look awesome and can be helpful. A lot of cars on the market for every day drivers have smaller spoilers to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency. Who doesn’t love saving gas and money, right? Sports cars to sedans are seen with some sort of spoiler.
  2. Louvered hoods: This style of modification has become fashionable in the last few years. These vents were once only used as function-only, but as car engines improve they are less necessary and more visually appealing—bringing back memories of an older time.
  3. Air extractors: These are an evolved form of the louvered hoods, but feature less vents at a larger size.
  4. Ram Air Hoods: Sometimes these resemble a nose-like feature at the front of the hood of a car, but it serves a purpose! It catches air that is going over the hood, allowing high pressure air to escape. It’s a little like supercharging at high speeds. They were common in racing years ago and give a car an interesting look.
  5. Cowl Induction: This “pop up scoop” modification allows some of the high pressure air that collects near the windshield to go into the vehicles engine. It can be as efficient as a ram air hood, and offers both function and a great look.
  6. Fender Flares: These extend the fender well and provide a great look while protecting the vehicle from dirt, rocks, and other flying debris. They are often added to trucks that are using larger-than-standard tires.

Stay in touch and we’ll talk about replacing hoods and trunks with different materials (like fiberglass) and we’ll continue to show you work we’ve done on vehicles clients have brought in.

While cosmetic alterations aren’t covered by insurance, it can be a great way to improve the look and function of your vehicle! Don’t forget that we work with nearly all insurance companies to get you back on the road after collisions or other body damage. Sam’s is here to help you and your loved ones. No one wants to drive around in a beat up car, van, SUV, or truck—and a lot of common auto body damage will rapidly affect your road safety.