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Auto Body Repair

So many people forgo body repair when it’s not from an accident or collision. It can be pricey considering it doesn’t always affect how the car runs but it’s worth it! Our prices will beat those of our competitors so don’t be afraid to come in for an estimate or even to show us the estimate from another company. In the long run, certain damage can affect your car’s performance and definitely affect how great it looks and how amazing you look in it. Aesthetics of your car matter, especially if you plan on selling it one day.

Collision Repair

Phoenix is a desert, we all know this, but not everyone thinks about the damage that can be caused in such a climate! Sun, sand, and wind damage can slowly eat away at paint and metal! Rust is a whole other problem! Small holes caused by rust or edges made jagged by rust are no problem for us! No one needs a rusty door to cut open an ankle or a leg! Keep your children and grandchildren safe when going out in the old truck or car!

Wear and tear of a vehicle can cause all sorts of structural damage! Maybe your car needs additional support for the engine, a new hood or trunk door, or your roof has become weak from weather-related damage. Maybe you’ve had some issues with neighbor kids and baseballs, or shopping cart collisions, or you got in a low speed fender bender in a parking lot. Whether you’ve got an insurance claim or not, we can fix these smaller issues with ease, at an affordable price!

Front bumpers, rear bumpers, doors, roofs, fenders, side panels, frames, and more are no problem with our skilled and certified technicians! We’ve been doing this for over 3 decades! Your car will look like new: dent and scratch free!

If you want to get modifications done to the body of your car, call us and we should be able to work something out. We offer total rebuild services alongside our general repair services. So the next time you want to build a muscle car, race car, or give your car a little extra oomph or strength, contact us!

If you hit a pole or other car with your door, or bump into a wall, street light, or other minor body damage incident occurs, look no further. We’re here to fix all matters of auto body issues at the right price with high quality results!

Was your car a victim of a falling tree limb, structural collapse of a car port or garage, hail, or other weather-related damage? We’ve got your back on this and your car will look great when we’re through!