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Auto Painting: The Complete Restoration Process (3 of 4)

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Auto Painting: The Complete Restoration Process (3 of 4)

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Auto Painting

Welcome back to the journey of truck restoration! We’ve cleaned and prepped the truck for paint, and now it’s time to get to the fun part! Paint!

We’ve now brought the truck into the shop, cleaned and prepped. All of the scuffs, bumps, scratches, dings, and other texture issues are dealt with and it’s more than ready for paint! Our truck is rust free and ready for the next step.

Alongside the cleaning and sanding, we ensured the truck engine and other parts were clean and running smoothly before putting some of the truck back together and sealing everything before the paint job. We don’t need paint leaking into the most important part of the truck, now do we?

Anything that can be damaged by the paint we’re about to apply is removed or covered up. This usually includes gas caps, windows, hub caps, tires, bumpers, door handles, headlights, tail lights, and more. Covering is often done with masking tape or plastic/tarp and tape. Don’t worry, all of this will be replaced before you, the customer, pays a dime.

For this job we’ve decided to return the car to the white glory it once was in. White is a common color for cars and it’s a nice option for trucks for work or play. It’s easy to clean the, since some dirt will show very easily and be hard to miss during cleaning, but some kinds of dust do not show up easily—decreasing your need for washes!

It is important that all of the equipment is clean and properly working before a drop of paint touches the car. This will ensure a clean and even coating of all paints, primers, and sealers throughout the job.

Primer is applied to the car and allowed to cure. Times may vary depending on the type of primer, but this is a very vital step to ensure the paint adheres and dries properly. Sometimes you see cars driving around with just primer on their vehicles, showing how sturdy and important this layer is to your vehicle body.

After the primer is applied, the surface must be sanded down again to ensure the paint has no drips, bumps, bubbles, or other imperfections. The primed area is then cleaned using wax and something to remove grease and other dirt or grime.

Next week we’ll discuss the final painting process and discuss our guarantees and the pride and attention to detail in our work. We will also discuss final touches and show you the completed paint job. Thank you for reading our posts and following us on this journey from drab to fab for this lucky customer. Stick around and don’t forget to call Sam’s for all of your auto body and paint needs!

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