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Auto Restoration: The Complete Restoration Process (2 of 4)

Auto Restoration

In our last post we discussed the state of a truck we were asked to restore and discussed the pride we take in our work. Today we’re going to show you the preparation work that was done on the truck before the harder work began.

Above we see the truck in its initial state. It’s a little worse for wear, but when we’re done, you won’t be able to recognize it. Below you can see a little more of the sides and that the bed of the truck has been removed. This is done to prepare each and every part for painting.

Once the truck is cleaned of debris, certain parts are removed to allow access. It also allows us to inspect every inch of the truck for structural damage or problems. Certain problems will lead to the need to fully replace parts of the body or the engine itself. The major issues with this truck related to the outer work. There were some areas we needed to address—seen in the images as the dark gray areas as well as some issues with head lights. Much of the truck is still very functional, but it needs a makeover of sorts.

Before the car sees a new coat of paint, we have to prep everything. All rust, dings, dents, and other imperfections need to be addressed and taken care of so the paint will adhere correctly, the body will stay intact, and the truck will look like new with minimal work! Rust or scratches that are not properly prepared will lead to imperfections in the paint job and it will lead to the paint not adhering properly in the long term.

Our technicians use the best tools and equipment available for every job to provide the best final result. We thoroughly clean the metal with the appropriate chemicals and tools (like wire brushes and power brushes) to remove all rust or other related damage.


The car is sanded and filler is placed as needed to handle areas in which the paint needed to be removed. Every piece of the truck that will require paint or work is inspected, sanded, filled, and many parts are removed before the painting can begin.

This truck has had the main portion of the truck bed removed before the painting can begin—so paint will be the first big step and we’ll discuss that in the next post. Stay tuned and we’ll give some detailed instructions on how the paint job goes down.

Sam’s auto Body and Paint is here for all of your restoration needs at great prices to keep you and your baby on the road for as long as possible.

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