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Automobile Body Repair as a Christmas Gift in 2020? Why Not?

Fresh black paint job!
Fresh black paint job!

Christmas day is coming! The biggest shopping day has come and gone. So now it’s time to crack down and start finishing up that shopping!

Why are we, an auto body shop, talking about Christmas shopping? We’ll tell you why! We get that some people are hard (if not impossible) to shop for, especially the car aficionados on our lists. We’d like to help you get some more people crossed off your list, if not just some ideas for gifts for yourself!

If someone you are shopping for has a project car that could use some bodywork or paint, why not offer to pay for some of that work as a Christmas present? This will be a gift they will remember for years to come. And our results are guaranteed to last. This means they can’t re-gift and they won’t forget how much they mean to you since you offered to help get their baby to showroom quality!

Gift 1: Custom Paint jobs

Custom paint jobs or decals can be a great gift for anyone! Pay for your mom to get her old car repainted so she’ll stop losing it in parking lots or get some racing stripes done for your dad or brother. Offer some cool detailed paintwork for your car-loving friends to help separate their beautiful car from the rest. You can also help turn any boring car into one that will turn heads! This is great for newer drivers or someone on your list who just got their first car!

Gift 2: Repair work

Repair work can be a great gift, as well. Sometimes we neglect the small dents, scratches, dings, and spots where paint has worn off because it’s not vital for driving. Offer up some cosmetic changes to make any driver proud to drive their car again. Dent free is the way to be!

Gift 3: Great new look on their car

Pay your parents back for all those years of dents and dings in their cars when you were learning to drive. Give them the gift of a beautiful car with any of our services!

While we do work with insurance companies to repair the body and paint damage to as little cost to you as possible, we also deal in auto body and paintwork without insurance claims. We will still guarantee the best price around. Because not all bodywork is an emergency. But the right paint job and a dent-free car can give you the confidence boost to do almost anything you set your mind to. Let us get your car looking great for the new year!

When Your Loved One’s Car Has Special Needs

Sometimes if you’re thinking of gifting an auto body repair related gift, take into consideration any special needs. For example, in situations where they’ve sustained collision damage.

Auto collisions are accidental, and like all accidents have the tendency to happen to anyone. But what can you for your friend this Christmas in this regard?

Before a Collision

Having your car regularly checked for minor faults by professionals (but if you’re sure of your own skills, then you can do it yourself) will go a long way in preventing expensive accidents and collision repairs. Many drivers don’t care about the state of their vehicles; they’re good as long as it takes them from point A to point B. Accidents do happen, yes, but we can do all within our power to prevent them.

After the collision and before the collision repair
After the collision and before the collision repair

After a Collision

If anyone else was involved in the accident, exchanging insurance information with them will be the smart thing to do. If you’re fortunate enough that no one was involved, check your car for the extent of the damage. On an occasion where you or your car are in no shape to drive, call an auto body repair shop that offers towing services.

When in the auto body shop, the mechanic will examine your car for the cost it will take to fix the damages incurred from the collision. Keep an open mind though, some collision repairs are more expensive than replacing the damaged car, so you might want to think along these lines.

Dent is removed after collision repair
Dent is removed after collision repair

The Right time for Collision Repairs

Not taking your car for repairs after a collision can be detrimental to your car and your safety. Although the damage may look cosmetic, the injury could be more than what you see. That’s why you need to have it looked over by auto body mechanics to ensure that the car is in an acceptable driving condition before you get behind the wheel.

Moreover, any insurance on your car may run void if you wait too long to have it fixed.

After a collision, the windshield is bound to break, or luckily, crack. Paying no attention to this can result in far more expensive repairs than you bargained for. The cracks on the windshield, if left to the prevalent climatic conditions, could result in more extensive damage on your windshield. The glass which would have been otherwise easily repaired for a small fee would have to be totally replaced for a larger amount of money.

Your tires are most easily affected by a collision. It’ll be wise to have them checked for their alignment. Mounting the road with poorly aligned tires puts your safety and other road users at risk.

A quote goes like this “a stitch in time saves nine”. Waiting and hesitation have never done anyone good on repairs and maintenance.

Collision Repairs in Phoenix

For 35 years and still counting; you can count on Sam’s Auto Body and Paint to restore your car to its former glory after a collision. They have been serving the Phoenix area for all kinds of auto bodywork.

We’ll fix your car after nearly any type of accident, from shopping cart scratches to collisions. You’d be hard-pressed to find a shop better than ours! We provide high-quality service at high speeds with high accuracy.

We are committed to the happiness and satisfaction of our customers and keep a staff of highly trained technicians in our staff, using the best equipment to best serve you! Call us today at 623-582-8232.