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Paint job for your Car Body: Keep it shiny

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When people show off their cars, the shiny body is one of the most attractive features of the car. I mean, these days, if your car can’t throw off a very sharp reflection, then there’s probably a problem with the paint job. You can easily tell if a car is brand new from how shiny the body is. And the same goes for a car that has been repainted. You can spot a bad paint job from a mile away.

If you care for your car body and you want it to shine all year round, you should read this post. It’ll be cool to say there’s a secret to it, but there really isn’t. In fact, we’re giving this away to our blog readers for free. Read on.

Paint job for your Car Body: Keep it shiny

This is exactly why our suggestion would be for them to show their love by trying Sam’s Auto Body & Paint’s auto painting services. It would be the makeover their car needs and since their car only deserves what is best, then it would be only fitting to ask our team of experts for help.

auto painting

Although auto painting does not seem to be such a big deal, it is highly important for it to be done right, by a professional and with the right kind of products. If done right, an auto painting may even spare the owner of ever having to take the car to an auto body shop for the same type of treatment in the future. This is mainly because most of the paint brands we use here at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint offer a lifetime warranty. When this lifetime warranty is combined with our extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians, it leads to some of the best paint jobs in Phoenix, Arizona.

Reasons to do Auto Painting

There are countless various reasons why someone would take their car to an auto body shop for auto painting. The most obvious reason would, of course, be the fact that the car is the lucky survivor of a collision and it needs some touching up. When it comes to scratching and areas with chipped paint, auto painting becomes really tricky. First of all, we need to match the color of your car.

Paint Blending

This means that most of the times we even have to contact the manufacturer so that we can order the same type of paint. Second of all, in auto painting, there is a technique that is called paint blending, a technique that seems to be ignored by most auto painting shops. Basically, a skilled technician would make sure that the new coat of paint doesn’t have harsh lines or defined edges. These harsh lines make the paint job incredibly obvious, whereas if the paint is properly blended, the car will look as good as new.

Weather damage

One other reason why people resort to auto painting for their cars is weather damage. When a car spends most of its time outside in the sun and rain, its paint can fade and lose shine. However, there is no need to feel sorry for it, because it can be fixed by our amazing auto painting technicians. No matter why or how you want to change the paint on your car, all you need to do is give us a call and we will take care of the rest!

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8 Reasons You Need A Paint Job

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The desire to stand out is almost primal. In some cases, you have no choice but to stand out. Especially in business. If you have commercial vehicles you use in your business, they have to be branded. It’s in cases like this that you’d get interested in custom paint jobs.

On the other hand, you may be a private car owner and just want your ride to look good. It’s sort of a reflection of ourselves.

Paint Jobs

Let’s discuss basic paint jobs and if you’ve been considering a new paint job before now, you’ll be rushing down to Sam’s Auto Body for a fresh paint job on your car, truck, or SUV.

collision repair
Rejuvenation: Awesome paint job
Rejuvenation: Awesome paint job

1. Age

Maybe your car has had a lot of internal work, and your car is running better than it did when you first bought it, or all of the guts are in good shape but the outside is scratched, sun damaged, wind damaged, or just faded it may be time for a new coat of paint!

2. Change

Sometimes the factory paint color is great and fine, but it can get boring if everyone else has the same color car! We can provide you with custom colors so you stand out! Never lose your car in a parking lot again, and turn heads at work, at the store, and on the highway! You don’t need to add pinstripes, flames, or racing stripes, but something a little different from factory defaults can be refreshing and fun.

3. Vintage

Some vintage vehicles look best in specific colors—and those colors can be hard to come by. We can obtain or mix nearly any color you could imagine to fit your desires.

4. Damage

As discussed in our earlier blogs, good bodywork ends in a great paint job. If you’ve suffered scratched, dings, or frame damage, your old paint job may suffer during the process, and we can repair your paint to the original luster (factory colors or custom).

5. Repair Bad Work

If you tried to paint your car yourself, or a less-than-superior company tried their hands at it, we can undo what they did and you’ll leave happy.

6. Improve Car Value

If you’re trying to sell your car, a paint job can increase your car value! Your vehicle will look like-new, and no one can complain about discolored paint or other aesthetic problems. WARNING: Consider the Blue Book Value of the car before investing money. Don’t spend more on the car than you’ll get out of it in the end.

7. Selling

Sometimes a car salesman can make much more money off of a vehicle when it’s in a specific color. Some dealerships will have a car in the customer’s choice of color from another location, but decrease the time and money spent in getting that car to you by using our services!

8. Business Cars

If you’re looking to use your car for business or advertising, you may want to have the paint job redone so it’ll attract customers. A beautiful car advertising a wonderful company will gain more customers than a faded, scratched up the car.

If you desire a work of art, we’ll give you that. No matter what you may need, Sam’s Auto Body and Paint has you covered. Getting a paint job has never been easier.

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How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car in Phoenix, AZ?

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This is going to sound like a topic, but in an increasingly globalized world in which everything is on the internet, if we try to do a search for how to paint a car in a professional way we find a lot of tutorials that give us tips to paint the vehicle yourself with “professional results.”

But unfortunately, no matter how much they promise you, no matter how much skill and implication you dedicate, and no matter how much material you bought, the result will never be worthy of a factory car. Neither for quality of finish nor for durability.

Repairs are Simplified

A few years ago, and also now but to a lesser extent, going to the trade school to receive the necessary training to be a vehicle painter almost guaranteed you a job, and that guild’s devotion to their work made the simple task of painting a car as the last step of repair in a handicraft.

Today, in an economic context where economies of scale is popular, with the prices of the cheapest parts of vehicles are mass-produced and globally-distributed, even sharing platforms with other brands, repairs are increasingly simplified.

The work that the plater used to do based on working the metal to take it to its original state is now often limited to changing the panel to a new one, or it is filled with a few kilos of putty. A more drastic but cheaper repair if we talk about total costs.

Painting a Car is not Cheap

Painting a car is not a cheap process if we stick to the prices of brands or companies specializing in painting vehicles. But why? Well, for the work to be of quality it is necessary to have, in addition to the personnel with the appropriate qualification, the material, and the facilities.

The price of painting is approximately only a quarter of the cost of a job well done.

The price of the paint can be around, depending on the price that can be achieved and the quality of the materials, between 400 and 700 dollars. The big difference in price lies in the amount of work hours spent on preparing the body.

The working hours exclusively for the painting process range from 17 to 22, to which we would have to add another 3 or 5 hours for the disassembly and assembly of parts, pilots, etc.

They also estimate that with a price between 70 and 100 dollars per hour of work in good brand dealers in Phoenix, the total amount could rise to a range that goes from 1000 dollars to 2000 dollars, plus VAT and more Materials price.

In any case, this would be in a hypothetical situation in which the car plate was perfect, without having to repair or mask anything. Simply disassemble, prepare and paint. To get to know the right price you will have to take the car to the workshop and they can evaluate it in detail.

What is needed for a professional paint job?

Paint booth photo truck body work

Although there are many offers of “professional painters” that leave cars as new, it is vital that we do not get carried away by excessively good offers. It may be that cheap jobs can pay off at first, it is possible that if we look closely we will find details that give away a mediocre job that possibly in the not too distant future begins to show why it was so cheap.

Sometimes we simplify our reasoning about the prices of things thinking exclusively about the cost of materials, but many more things have to be taken into account in painting work. The cost of painting is only about a quarter of the price of a job well done. Let’s talk about them.

Qualified staff

Perhaps this is the only point in common between those who do professional painting work and those who do not. A qualified painter, with all his qualifications, his skill and his experience can paint cars in his house, but there he doesn’t have everything he needs to make the finish really good.

Professional painters usually receive training courses from manufacturers of paint products on the new materials used. Their experience thus increases and they can undertake cutting-edge work that a “normal” painter may not know how to do exactly, what blowing pressure to use, exact proportions of the mixture.

Auto Painting

Material for Repairs

Welding equipment, putty, orbital sanding machines, proper lighting, masks, suits, glasses, gloves, paper and tape to cover. Many elements are required that make the difference between something well done and something simply done.

Surely you have ever seen a vehicle that had part of the exhaust pipe painted in the same color as the bodywork, right? That is a job just done, not well done.

Auto Car Elevator

To leave everything ready before painting with an elevator can make things much easier. Can you do a good job without an elevator? Of course, but they can also be done without the specific tools of some brands, although it is not the most appropriate precisely.

Paint booth

The booths are possibly the most expensive and, at the same time, vital material that we are going to find throughout the process. Also known as paint ovens, the booths have a double function. On the one hand, they maintain an environment free of particles since they absorb the air and filter it to prevent both the impurities in suspension from the environment being deposited in the pieces that we want to treat and that they go outside.

On the other hand, the booths maintain a constant temperature inside to control or accelerate the drying processes of the paint. Another relevant function is the good lighting inside the cabin to have an impression as accurate as possible of the state of work we are doing.

Pneumatic installation

Needless to say, but to paint we need air to throw the paint from the gun to the part we are working with. But not only that, because the tools like drills, radials or sanders that we can use in the repair process also work with air.

With a compressor and a hose we can manage, of course, but professionals need an environment where they have air intakes to connect to depending on the work area they are using. In addition, to power the entire installation without running out of pressure, in the professional workshops the typical compressor with wheels is not used, an industrial one is needed.

This is the painting process

Man in Overall Suit in Room

Preparing the surface

The first step in painting a car is to prepare the surface. Applying paint hands on a careless surface is a guarantee of imminent disgust. Either by undertaking a repair or by rejuvenating the appearance of the body, the sheet must be treated.

If the surface is not well finished, putty and sand should be applied until we have a uniform finish. The sanding process of the putty has its substance and so that the paint that we are going to apply later grips correctly and does not reveal impurities, we must sand from coarser to a finer grain. Ideally, start with a P-80 grit sandpaper and finish with a P-240, passing between them a P-150.

Before painting, prepare

And now that we have the surface with a perfect finish we start painting. Well no, it’s still too soon for that. Before we have to leave the surface even more perfect and for this, we are going to use the rig.

Painting a car is more than spraying paint. First, you have to repair, prepare and homogenize the surface

The rig is a product that we will apply on the caulked surface that acts thanks to its mixing with a catalyst. After allowing it to dry during the hours indicated by the manufacturer (about 8 hours usually), it must be sanded with a very fine grade to give it a perfect finish and equalize the entire surface by homogenizing the parts of sheet metal with which they are masked, for example. Now it works with even finer grain: P-400, P-600 and P-1000.

When everything is ready you have to clean the piece completely, first removing solid waste with a good blow and then passing a cloth with a degreasing agent. So that the particles suspended in the air do not deposit again in the piece to be painted, it is necessary to have a booth with a particle filtration system.

Time to paint

With everything ready, it’s time to apply the paint. Obviously the first of all is that the color chosen is appropriate. If we want an identical finish to the series we will have to know exactly the tone, and for this we can resort to a sticker that is placed in some hidden place of the cabin as the frame of the doors where the color code of the painting is shown.

The paint is applied in successive layers , the first one being a layer applied very smoothly. This is done to discover imperfections and to ensure the good grip of the paint. In case any mistake has been made it is always easier to solve if the first layer is light.

After allowing the first one to dry according to the indications in a controlled environment without particles in the air and with a homogeneous temperature, the rest of the layers are applied.

The final bit: varnish

Fresh black paint job!
Fresh black paint job!

To provide a shine that dazzles as soon as you take it out of the workshop you have to use a good varnish that enhances the work that has been done during this time. Typically, two coats of varnish are applied but allowing to dry well between hands.

If all this we have told you is done step by step and with the appropriate materials we will have guaranteed a first level result for the vehicle, but of course, that to achieve it we must have all the materials, products and personnel that allow it. And all that has a price.

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Repairing Your Auto Body After An Accident

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Repair Your Auto Body After an Accident

An auto body with imperfections is not the most aesthetic. If the imperfections are only small superficial scratches, a corrective product or a sticker of any design is enough to camouflage them. On the other hand, if after an accident, the body of your car has suffered more than scratches, such as a bump, for example, you must hand in the hands of a specialist in body repair in Rennes to repair it.

Car Collision Repairs Before

Work is done by an Auto Body Repair Technician

Painting the bodywork of a vehicle is not the only activity of Auto Body Repair Technician. They also diagnose the damage suffered by the body after a car accident. They then take care of dismantling all the destroyed and damaged elements. To repair them, they carry out a dent repair, planing, and sanding. If the items can not be repaired, he will replace them. In addition to this work, the body repairer must always carry out a check to ensure that any repairs he has made to the bodywork comply with the standards established by the manufacturer.

Tips for finding an Auto Body Repair Technician in Phoenix, AZ

Car Collision Repairs After

Because an Auto Body Repair Technician usually works in a garage, finding a reliable Auto Body Repair Technician is like looking for the most reliable garage. 

So to repair your auto body, you can do a search on the Internet, check if the comments of users are positive rather than negative and then visit the site to get an idea. 

Check if the garage is well maintained and its prices are clearly displayed in front of the sign. Sams Auto Body and Paints, a service provider that performs auto body repairs and auto body painting in Phoenix, AZ, also advise you to note if the Auto Body mechanic was fast or took long to make a diagnosis of the damage.

A competent auto body mechanic will find immediately how he will proceed to the repair of your body and will give you a quote without much delay. He takes the time to listen to you and answer all your questions without hurry. He can also explain the work to be done. Finally, he will not make any repairs and will not order any part without having your consent.

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How to Keep Auto Body in Perfect Condition | Prevent Corrosion & Damages to Paint

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Keeping the auto body in perfect condition is something that any vehicle owner wants for their vehicle very much. First, because the auto body in perfect condition gives a good and complete picture of what our car is; second because a body and its impeccable painting maintain the market value of our vehicle among the highest possible values. However, the inclemency of the weather and external factors that damage the metal, make us run the risk of suffering corrosion, or deterioration of the paint.

We can see the two problems as two versions of one. For example, a “Chinita” fired against our car can make a slight wound to the paint, and from there we can suffer corrosion; or, a corroded part can begin to eat the paint little by little. how we can manage this is to take good care of the body both daily and in longer periods.

Four Children Washing Silver Toyota Prius

Maintenance of Auto Body Paint in Perfect Condition: Washing the Car

Washing the car is a task that raises different passions: there are those who love and dedicate a good part of it on Sunday morning, and there are those who hate it and prefer the rain to wash the car. We are going to focus on those two extreme characters, and in the end, we will realize that it is better to buy a car from the first, than from the second.

Washing a car with a sponge

How do you wash the car to take care of the painting? With care and patience. On the body we can find bird droppings, remains of (thousands of) insects, tree resins, tar spots, industrial dust particles, soot particles, and in general everything we can imagine, and all those remains affect the paint as much as the metal.

  • Washing the car is often a good way to keep the paint in perfect condition and prevent corrosion.
  • It is better to wash the car by hand if we can do it or find where, because we will be less aggressive than what we can get at a car wash.
Carwashed Black Sedan
  • Before starting, soften. As in any case of accumulated or encrusted dirt, it is best to first soften the remains with plenty of hot water.
  • The lower parts of the car, tires, and tires accumulate a lot of dirt and it is convenient to be conscientious in our cleaning. Can you use water under pressure? Yes, although being purists it will always be more aggressive than a soft sponge, but it will be a faster process and, if we want, effective. The reality is that if the dirt is soft enough, we will clean it perfectly with a sponge.
  • We will always clean the body from top to bottom, without exerting much pressure (because we have already softened the remains and stains), constantly rinsing the sponge and using a soap indicated for the paint, with the correct pH.
  • Once clean, we rinse the car thoroughly, thoroughly. Do not skimp water so that we do not have traces of soap.
  • We dry the car with a microfiber cloth.

What not to do

  • Rub the stains and debris dry, because we can scratch the paint.
  • Let the stains and, especially the remains like bird droppings, insects, resins … remain long embedded in the paint.
  • Let the car dry in the sun. This damages the paint a lot and is one of the most frequent causes of wear.

Washing the car by hand is a task that takes time. Maybe the option of the car wash is the most comfortable, but the reality is that finding one of them that is perfectly regulated is complicated, at least in some areas. We can find them with defective brushes, with some deficiency of, for example, soap (which does not have), and a number of possible problems. They really take much less time, but like everything in life, it depends on what we want to achieve. Clean car, caring and always in perfect condition? Only a car without dirt? We choose. We will finish now with some tips to avoid or correct the possible corrosion of the body.

How to avoid corrosion in the body

Classic Brown Vehicle Parked Beside Trees
  • It is convenient to immediately repair any damage that has penetrated the surface sheet, that is, exposing the metal. Once the surface is “perforated”, the metal is perfectly exposed to corrosion. If we have a little touch or detect something in the body, let’s try it as soon as possible.
  • In addition, if the car is repaired for any reason, always check the condition of the anti-corrosion product layers. It is one more measure of caution.
  • If you live in an area of sea, and as an extra ball if you use the car on a dirt road or on a beach (do not do it because it is forbidden!) You should check that there are no remains of sand on the ground or inside the car. In addition, the saltpeter should be cleaned quickly, the same (although it is another case) that the salt that you can accumulate in a road trip if you pass through stretches of road with snow.
  • Washing the car is often a way to keep the body safe from corrosion. For more references, scroll up in this article.

For auto body paint job, maintenance, and care contact our auto body mechanics and technicians in Phoenix, AZ.

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How the Spring Season Can Damage Your Car Paint

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How the Spring Season Can Damage Your Car Paint

Springtime is a very beautiful time. After the snow and cold, the sun is refreshing and warming. For drivers, its a pleasant time. After spending months driving in the cold, having to deal with snowy roads, for a break you want to enjoy some warmth. Apart from the colorful flowers, birds chirping and clear skies, spring ushers in some paint damaging forces.

If you want to keep up the immaculate painting of your car, you’ll have to know those forces that act to damage your car’s paint. Let’s consider some common signs of spring you should be wary of.

Pavement Debris

Race Car, Race Track, Dirt Road, Car, Racing Car, Fast

This is quite common in areas that experience a lot of snow. Due to frequent use of road plows and salt, some spots on the pavement may become loose. This rough debris can be picked up by the tires of moving vehicles and shot to your car hoods or bumpers. This will cause chipping, flaking, or even worse body corrosion.

To prevent this, you have to act fast. Once you notice a chip, use a matching touch up paint from a dealership to conceal it. Before using the paint, make sure the surface is clean. So clean any dust or dirt on the surface of the spot you want to paint on. You can only do this a few times. If the chipping is on several parts of the car, then the touch up begins to look tacky. It’s time you take your car to an auto repairs shop and get the finish smooth again.

Tree Sap

During spring, trees drip sap. If you park your car under one and it drips sap on it. You should get it off quickly with some alcohol. If you leave it on the car, and the sun bakes it, it then crystallizes on the car’s surface leaving that spot unpleasant.

The only way to get is off is by using alcohol and rubbing it off with a microfiber. You should also consider not parking your car under a tree if you can help it.

Bugs and Bird Droppings

Flying bugs can get splattered on your car and ruin your car finish. These bugs contain acids and when it’s splattered on your car and is baked by the sun, can corrode your car finish. To prevent this, wash off the splatter as soon as possible with soapy water and then rinse it off.

Bugs are not the only flying creatures that could ruin your car paint, birds do too. Or rather, bird droppings. Bird droppings contains some things like uric acid and residues that can discolor your car. Don’t leave them on your car, clean them off as soon as possible using damp cloth.


Spring, Tree, Flowers, Meadow, Tree Trunk, Sunlight

They appear harmless but they aren’t to your car. They can scratch your car paint. Because they are very tiny, they can get into your car’s pores and settle. If this continues for a while, they deposited pollen can release acids and this results in color fading. To get rid of this, wash your car with warm soapy water and rinse the car.

If you’ve been dealing with these problems and it telling on your car’s finish, simply get it to an auto repair shop. Sam auto body and paint is happy to help you with this. We are qualified to get your paint back to factory condition, so you’d enjoy your ride this spring.

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Why Does My Car Paint Peel?

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Car Paint Peels: What Causes it?

Cars get us where we want to be. Well, some places we want to be. I mean,  you cannot drive to the Bahamas, except you’re in the Bahamas.

I own a convertible and I absolutely love my baby. I’m sure you love yours too. You wash and wax it faithfully. If there are some scratches on the painted body, you get some touch-up paint to cover it up.

All is good until you notice some peels on the car body, now you’re really concerned. You feel betrayed, you take such good care of your car, why would the paint peel? To under why this happens, you need to know about the different layers that form your car finish.

Layers that Form Your Car Finish

Your car’s finish was formed by different layers of coating:

The Primer

This is also called undercoat. This is the first coating applied to the surface of your car body. It gets the surface ready for further coatings. It protects the surface and ensures that other coatings stick to the surface of the metal.

The Base Coat

This coating is applied after the primer. It is the main paint. It gives the car it’s characteristic color. The base coat could be metallic, pearlescent, or solid paint.

The Clear Coat

This is a transparent and glossy coating. It is the final coating for your car. This coating helps to protect the car from abrasion and UV rays.

Now you know what forms your car finish and how each coating functions to protect the car body. What causes the paint to peel or delaminate?

Why does Delamination occur?

This occurs when a layer of coating or all layers of coating stop adhering to the metal surface of the car. This results in the flaking and eventual peeling of the paint. Some of factors contribute to this problem are:

  1. Improper Preparation of the Painted Surface: This usually occurs if the painting was done properly.  It could be as a result of uneven application of one of the coatings. It could also be caused by improper finishing of the metal panel of the car. If any of the aforementioned is the culprit, then after a while the paint may no longer adhere to the surface causing it to peel or delaminate.
  2. A Break in Paint Seal: A scratch or peel on the car paint can deteriorate to delamination. This is possible because an exposure caused by a chip or scratch on the coatings may allow moisture to get in thereby causing rust formation. This reduces the adhesive strength of the coatings and gives way to delamination. Under some external influence like high-pressure washing,  a chip may be totally blown off leaving a larger area exposed for delamination to occur.

Can Parts Affected by Delamination be Repaired?

Paint peeling cannot be completely avoided. It’s important you pay attention to observe the paint peels in time for repairs. Some factors will determine the if the damage can be repaired.

It’s important to know how serious the damage is, a light scratch could be repaired with a touch-up paint. But in case of serious peels, the affected area has to be repainted.

The size of the damage should be considered too. If it’s a coin sized damage, it can be easily retouched but if the damage is on different parts of the car body,  it will be best to repaint the whole body of the car.

If your car has unsightly peels it may be best you get it to an expert for repairs. Even if it is a little touch-up or body repainting, an expert is in the position to take care of that. At Sam’s Auto Body and Paint, we have experienced technicians with the right facilities to restore your vehicle’s finish back to appropriate conditions.

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Paint Matching: Help Your Car Get Over Its Horrible Past

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It’s always funny to see a car with mismatching paint. From a certain perspective, it’ll look like a futuristic attempt at car body paint art. But when you look closely, you see it for what it is: a bad paint job.

Sometimes this happens to a vehicle that has been through a collision. That’s fine, even the best of drivers can find themselves in a collision. But it’s better to leave it where it belongs – in the past. Don’t let your vehicle scream: “I was in a collision!”

Bodywork and paint matching
Bodywork and paint matching

Paint Matching

So your car has suffered some superficial damage that needs fixing. No matter if it stood in the way of a rogue shopping cart at the mall, or if you were paying too much attention to your phone and your eyes were not exactly on the road, you can count on us to fix the damage and restore your car to its former glory. In our experience, there are not many auto body shops that find paint matching to be an important thing, but we are here to argue against that.

Paint matching can also be done when the car is not in for a full paint job. These are the cases when only a certain area or certain areas need some touching up. If we would be talking about a full paint job, then paint matching would have actually been useless, because the chances of you noticing the different shade would be slim to none.

WOW! Looks brand new!

However, given the fact that we are only talking about minor scratches in some areas of the car, paint matching is crucial. Otherwise, if the auto body shop you are entrusting your vehicle with, skips this step, you would end up owning a car that is too – shaded. It is obvious that if the new paint is noticeably different from the old one, the work done by the repair technician is also visible. Your car will not be looking as new. Instead, it would look like it has been patched up, and that is not a desirable look at all.

Now, if you want to make sure that your car ends up in the right hands then you should definitely give us a call. Sam’s Auto Body & Shop has years of experience in working with damaged cars and in fixing all types of dents and scratches. We always make sure that our work is of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on always being able to perfectly match any type of paint. In some cases, we even end up contacting the manufacturer. This is how dedicated we are to making your car look like new again.

Don’t let your car live in the past, give a  fresh coat of paint – full body paint job that matches of course. It makes your car look new, like the collision or those rough times never happened at all. With Sam’s Auto Body and Paint, your car will be restored to its shiny glossy state.

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Auto Body Paint: What is Paint Blending?

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Have you heard of Paint blending? You probably have but most people are not quite clear on what that is. If you are one of them and you want to know what it is before you pay for it, you are in the right place.

What is Paint Blending?

Most vehicles are made of separate sections that professionals call panels. All these are welded or bolted together to form a single motorized unit. If there are scattered damages to an auto body such as dents from hailstones, paint blending has to be used.

No matter how insignificant the damage, you should always have your car looked at by a professional. A professional will not overlook Paint blending.

Thankfully, Sam’s Auto Body & Paint is here to give you a helping hand and to make your car look just like new. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality services in town. And we work with the most experienced and professional experts in the field.

Paint jobs: New look or refurbishment

No matter if you have decided to completely change the look of your car, or if you simply want to cover up some scratches, there is a very important step in every paint job process. This step should never be ignored because otherwise, the car might end up looking less than ideal. Of course, we are talking about paint blending. This step basically ensures the fact that the paint job is not visible and that your car does not look patched up.

Paint Blending

Paint blending
Paint blending

Even if you are fortunate enough to come across a highly professional auto body shop that gives special attention to perfectly match the color and the shade of the paint, the paint blending process is still important. Even if you do have the same color, there might still be some well-defined edges and ridges. If not attended to properly, they will give away the fact that the car has been painted. This is exactly why the paint job needs to be done professionally. That is only where paint technicians are able to perfectly hide these ridges and rough edges. This way, your vehicle will look just like new and the work done will not be noticeable at all.

Where to find Paint Blending Professionals?

Now that you know just how important the paint blending process is, you should also make the right decision and have your car looked at by a professional. In case you were wondering, the best paint blending experts are working at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint. There is no other auto body shop capable to do paint jobs as amazing as the ones done here. More than that, apart from having the best-trained painting technicians, we also have the most affordable prices. We have made a goal to always have low prices and we have actually managed to achieve that goal.

So if you are interested in an absolutely amazing paint job all you need to do is bring your vehicle over so that our experts can take a look at it and make it look like new. We would be more than glad to help you improve the aspect of your car. And spend as little as possible.

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Car Paint Job Phoenix: All about Auto body beauty

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auto paint and bodyWe love painting cars, making them look newer, repairing any discoloration or other paint problems. We also love custom paint jobs which help show the individuality of the driver. In a perfect world, everyone could afford (and would like to have) a custom paint job. Your vehicle is a great way to express yourself, not just a way to get from point A to point B.

Why not help your car-loving friends express their love of their car and their individuality by paying for a custom paint job through Sam’s Auto Body and Paint? We’d love to help your loved ones have the car of their dreams! Paying for some touch-up work on an older car that’s seen better days can boost the morale of your loved ones. Adding some special touches like stripes, hood paintings, decals, and other smaller changes can make it harder to lose a car in the parking lots while adding a little flare. Young people with their first car may want a new paint job to show off their ride to their friends—making an old car look cooler.

Why you should repaint your car

Some of us neglect to get our cars repainted because “what’s the point?” The point is, fresh paint can actually be a good thing to do for your car. Paint does more than make the car look a certain way, the right paint job will also help protect the body of the car. This isn’t to say that a fresh paint job will keep dents from happening, but it can decrease the chance of rust spots and other problems. We’ve all seen faded spots on our cars and the texture changes. When left unchecked, these spots can lead to other damage like corrosion, rust, and more.

auto paint service phoenix

Auto paint job

Auto body paint job in Phoenix

Start the new year with a fresh coat of paint on your automotive baby, or help someone else get a new paint job. A gift like this will be much more appreciated than another sweater, socks, or a blender. Spend the money to get your car lovers something they really want.

You can also talk to us about restoring the body of older cars, improving bodywork, adding on special parts and pieces (spoilers, body kits, etc) or just do something simple like adding a really awesome decal to your ride to make it yours again.

Factory paint jobs are so boring, so make life exciting again with fresh colors. We can paint match nearly any color, but we can also do colors all throughout the rainbow and everything in between. Ask today about your color and pattern choices and we’ll make sure you leave happy.

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