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The Exceptional Auto Body Shop in Phoenix You Need to Visit

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The Exceptional Auto Body Shop in Phoenix You Need to Visit

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Auto Body Shops are the last place you want to take your car to. I mean, when you get your car for the first time, never would you have imagined it disfigured. Somehow we feel the car could be beautiful forever. But, life is full of unintended events. And your car might be caught up in one of such events.

It doesn’t have to be the reason your mood goes south, or your bank balance for that matter. If you know the best auto body shop to take your car to, you won’t believe the results that will come to you. Results both in the body of your car and in the amount of money to spent getting the fix.

This is where Sams Auto Body and Paint come into the picture. 

If you haven’t had a paint job done on your car, get ready to be persuaded as to why you out to give it a chance at least once! Sam’s Auto Body And Paint will never overcharge or cut corners since we want to provide the best bodywork for every customer.

This is our job, our livelihood, our career, our passion, so let us treat you like family and get your car back on the road in no time.

1. Maintenance

With age, paint fades and rust can start eating up your vehicle. The structural integrity of some auto bodies can begin to suffer after time and replacement or repairs are needed, but no collision was involved. This makes it hard to afford since insurance companies don’t often work with repairs of this nature. Never fear, our competitive prices will ensure you get the work done at an affordable rate!

2. Improvements

Sometimes you want to add some spoilers or replace your rood or hood, or you want to increase the strength of your chassis or add extra support to hold a bigger motor in your vehicle. Muscle cars sometimes require additional bodywork when altering the original motor or other mechanics. You can turn any car into a beast with the right bodywork.

3. Collision Repair

Auto body repair can be costly and scary, but don’t fear when a mechanic tells you that you may need some repairs on your body. The body of your car is almost as important as the engine and gas tank, so don’t skimp on the body repair.

Bodywork from a collision can be as simple as repairing some dents or cracks, but it can get as intense as straightening the entire frame or repairing (or replacing) entire panels on your car. No one wants to drive around with a gash out of the front of their car, but it can be hard to find a reliable body shop. Look no further! From fender benders to T-boning, we can fix (nearly) anything. We will be upfront with you as to if the work can be done, but we’ve been known to repair vehicles other shops wouldn’t touch!

Professional auto bodywork

Also, we provide your machine with more than an auto body paint job. We could restore it to its original color, give some vinyl, stripes, or custom color, or other details all on your demand!

Give us a call today and get started and you’ll be proud of the appearance of your car. You. Will. Be. Dazzled!

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Here are Some Priceless Auto Body Repair Tips

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Useful Auto Body Repair Tips

Accidents are unfortunate. It is disheartening that the car body is damaged, do you still have to fret over the cost of repair. What should you know about auto body repair so you can avoid spending a lot of money doing the wrong things? How can you handle the expense? Here are some useful tips for you.

Choice of Auto Body Repair Shop

Read online ratings and reviews on auto body repair shops that are based on customer feedbacks. Do well to search the internet for real customer reviews from real people. And if you live in Phoenix, Arizona, you don’t need to spend hours on the internet to find out that Sams Auto Body and Paint is the best auto body repair shop near you. With these real customer reviews, you can make your choice of an auto body repair shop.

Cost of Auto Body Repair

Auto repairs can be expensive. Check your auto insurance policy for your collision deductible. Then get an estimate from a qualified auto repair shop. If the cost of repair costs a lot more, you may want to put off filing the claim. If not, file away, keeping in that your insurance premium may increase on your next renewal.

If you decide to repair your car, the following tips will be useful:

  • Search the internet to find a good auto body repair shop.
  • Certifications are important. They prove that the repair facility trains their staff on proper repair procedures. Certifications also prove that the repair shop is equipped with the right knowledge and skill required to carry out quality and complete repairs on your car.
  • Condition description, damaged parts, and charges should be on paper and signed. This should include a clause of notification if work exceeding what was agreed on is t be done.
  • If you do not understand anything or notice a discrepancy, ask questions.
  • On picking your car, compare your written estimate to the final bill you are given to confirm they match. If there is a discrepancy, ask the auto repair shop about it.

You may need a Rental Car

While repairing your car, there may be need for you to rent one. Know what your insurance policy offers for car rentals. Make decisions accordingly to avoid future fees or even debts.

What you can do if your recently repaired car develops faults:

  • Some car problems may arise just a few months after you repair. If so, use your warranty, get to the auto repair shop, if it is a good one, it will fix the problem under the warranty.
  • Keep all paper works and receipts. The auto body repair shop will require these to assist you.

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What Happens to your Car Warranty when you have a Car Accident?

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Accidents are a daily occurrence in The United States. Most people are insured to some degree at least. However, there are some restrictions even with the best insurance policies. As a car owner, there some questions you should know the answers to: does my car warranty cover all kinds of damage? Is a warranty null when there is an accident? What s the best warranty for me?

auto paint and body repair
What happens to your car warranty in this case?

Does my car warranty cover all kind of damages?

There are different kinds of car warranties. They are the bumper to bumper warranty, the powertrain warranty, and the extended car warranty. The extended car warranty is a good option especially for owners of older vehicles. This is relatively more expensive but with an older car, the cost balances the cost of frequent repairs. This warranty covers most major car part like the Powertrain warranty. The powertrain warranty covers expensive car parts like the driveshaft, engine, transmission and other major parts.

How much does the bumper-to-bumper warranty cover?

This is especially common for new cars. This warranty although sold through the car dealership is backed by the manufacturer.  It covers the car parts from the back bumper to the front, but doesn’t cover the car bumpers, ironic isn’t it?

The bumper to bumper warranty provides repairs for issues like oils leaks but does not cover wear of seating material and seatbelts, car body scratches and cracks in glass. It is obviously not then best option for old vehicles.

Is a warranty null when there is a car accident?

In a warranty contract, there are lists of instances where a manufacturer can void a car warranty. If your car is damaged totally, consider your warranty lost. If you have been running lights or have been using your car as an off road vehicle, you will lose your warranty. Same applies if your car has been damaged as a result of neglect, flood or fire.

Before you agree to a contract, read it well to identify all clauses and their implications. It would also help to find out all you can about the warranty package. Find out what it covers and what would void it.

To ensure your warranty stays, take care of your car and drive with caution. Talk to the professionals in Sams Auto Body Shop to learn more about this.

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Here is one more Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

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We have a lot of gift choices in life but has anyone ever thought of gifting a dent repair or custom paint job? That is what will make yours stand out. It isn’t a gift choice most people think about and what’s more – it lasts for a very long time in the hearts of your loved ones and on the bodies of their cars.

So how about a Dent Repair or Custom Paint job for Valentine?

If someone you are shopping for has a project car that could use some body work or paint, why not offer to pay for some of that work as a present? This will be a gift they will remember for years to come. And our results are guaranteed to last. This means they can’t regift. And they won’t forget how much they mean to you since you offered to help get their baby to showroom quality!

Fresh black paint job!
Fresh black paint job!

Custom paint jobs or decals can be a great gift for anyone! Pay for your mom to get her old car repainted so she’ll stop losing it in parking lots. Or get some racing stripes done for your dad or brother. Offer up some cool detailed paint work for your car-loving friends to help separate their beautiful car from the rest. You can also help turn any boring car into one that will turn heads! This is great for newer drivers or someone on your list who just got their first car!

Repair work can be a great gift, as well. Sometimes we neglect the small dents, scratches, dings, and spots where paint has worn off because it’s not vital for driving. Offer up some cosmetic changes to make any driver proud to drive their car again. Dent free is the way to be!

What about your Parents? You love them too, don’t you?

Pay your parents back for all those years of dents and dings in their cars when you were learning to drive. Give them the gift of a beautiful car with any of our services!

While we do work with insurance companies to repair body and paint damage to as little cost to you as possible, we also deal in auto body and paint work without insurance claims. We will still guarantee the best price around because not all bodywork is an emergency. But the right paint job and a dent free car can give you a confidence boost. And that’s a boost to do almost anything you set your mind to. Let us get your car looking great again!

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3 Ways We Can Give Your Car a “New Year, New Me” Gift

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Have you ever wondered just how it is possible for a car to go into an auto body shop all messed up and come out looking as if it was new? Of course it’s not magic! It just involves some dedication, hard work and a lot of knowledge. We are going to tell you about a few auto body repair techniques that we use here at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint.

3 Ways We Can Give Your Car a “New Year, New Me” Gift


auto body repair

This is one of the easiest, simplest and cheapest auto body repair techniques to fix a damaged car. However, “damaged” may not be the best word for it. This technique is generally used when it comes to minor damage to your car. We are talking here about minor to moderate scratches that can occur in various ways. It may be an errant shopping cart, a poor first cycling attempt your kid had, or even an unsuccessful parking attempt (we don’t blame and we definitely don’t want to judge anyone).

The bottom line is that when it comes to auto body repair, a skillful technician could fix these minor problems by buffing out any scuffs that might appear on the paint surface.

2. Dent repairs

Dent repairs

Believe it or not, as far as auto body repair goes, dents are the most frequent problems we need to fix. If you are lucky enough to only have a minor dent and no damaged paint, this issue is definitely not a problem to a professional.

Of course, this auto body repair technique is a bit more complicated and it takes longer than a simple buffing, but in the end your car will look as good as new. The metal can be easily put back into place (this requires some pulling, pushing and even a gentle massage from time to time) and made to look as if nothing had happened.

3. Fender bender

The second most frequent problem we need to fix here at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint is fender benders. The best course of action in this case would be replacing the dented or damaged fenders, so that the owner can avoid any long – term issues such as chipping or corrosion. However, considering the fact that replacing the fender is more expensive, most car owners ask us to repair the damaged ones.

This auto body repair technique is a bit more complicated and it includes more steps. The fender is first straightened then it is sanded all the way to the metal. The area is coated with a body – filler which needs to cure. After it has cured, the body – filler is also sanded until the surface is smooth. The last step of this auto body repair technique is the paint job and after that, the fender will surely look great.

The bottom line is that you can count on us, regardless of how serious the damage is. There are a lot more auto body repair techniques that we frequently use in order to fix any kind of problem. If you need our help, don’t hesitate to call, or even pay us a visit at 22018 N 24th Ave Phoenix, Arizona 85027.

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How about “New Year: New Car?” 

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New Car? Do you like this?

How about “New Year: New Car?”

We’ve just broken the surface of the new year, so why not follow up that motto of “New Year: New Me” with “New Year: (Like) New Car?” We’d like to help you restore project cars or get your daily vehicle back up to their beauty this year. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about how we can help you start the new year off right, by fixing your car up.

Small damage

Minor dents that don’t prevent the car from operating correctly and don’t affect opening and closing doors or windows can just be a drag. Be it from shoddy work from other auto body shops, minor accidents, or things insurance won’t cover, we’d like to help you get those dings, dents, and scratches out. If your insurance won’t cover it, you can still afford our services! We won’t charge an arm and a leg to get out a few dents and scratches! If your car looks great, you’ll feel great. Go into the rest of this year with a great car.


Major damage

We hope nothing bad happened to your vehicles over the holidays, but if they did, you probably found it hard to find someone to work on it before the New Year began. We can take care of you! With our quick quotes and work, we can get you in and out faster than the competition, and you can forget about what happened to your car, and move on with this beautiful new year!

Presents and Projects

We know some young people may have been gifted cars for Christmas, or you may want to pick up your project vehicle back up! We can get your youth a fresh paint job to reflect their personality and help them stay proud to keep their car in great repair. Also, we can help you work out those dents, dings, and paint problems on retro vehicles you labored over in 2018!

New Insurance? No Problem

If you’ve done work with us in the past (or even if you haven’t), and you’ve changed insurance companies at the start of this year (or ever), you don’t have to worry about us being able to work on your baby!

We work with nearly every insurance company in the state, even ones our competition may not work with! Our quality work, low prices, and professionalism help us keep up with different insurance plans and companies so you don’t have to do all of the leg work!

We won’t make you jump through hoops and wait months for a repair—those rentals can cost a fortune and they’re not your car, are they?

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Our Relationship Needs to Get Better this Year: Here’s Why

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It’s a new year and we will love to wish you a very Happy 2019! We are sure you will be saved on the road this year, and in situations when your Auto Body needs a special touch of beautification, you will remember Sam’s Auto Body and Paint.

In case you did not do business with us last year, that’s okay. We are sure for some good reasons, you could not. Or maybe you thought you shouldn’t. In that case, we are sorry that maybe somehow we didn’t convince of how great a decision it is to have us handle your Auto Body needs.

Where’s the best Auto Body Shop near you?

Best Auto Body Repair

As a responsible car owner and user, it’s your duty to know the best auto body shop in town. You don’t want to come up empty when you’re in dire need of one. It is called Sam’s Auto Body and Paint and we are the best in the business. Choosing another will be a bad mistake. Seriously, a really bad one. You don’t want to make it.

Seriously, why should you choose us?

Sam’s Auto Body & Paint has years of experience in this field and is, without a doubt the best auto body shop not only in Phoenix but in the surrounding areas as well. In fact, there have been several occasions where we had customers from neighboring areas bring in their vehicles to be looked at by our highly professional repair technicians.

And speaking of our repair technicians, you should also know that we pride ourselves in having on board some of the best trained and skilled professionals. Our experts are able to come up with effective solutions to any type of problem, no matter how serious it might be. There have even been customers who were turned down at some point by other auto body shops and they managed to get their vehicles fixed here, at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint.

Our auto body shop also has some amazing auto painting technicians. Our experts are able not only to fix your car, but also to make it look like new again. With our paint matching and paint blending techniques, we can assure you that the results will be absolutely amazing. You will have a safe car that is also incredibly great looking. Who could say no to that?

Automotive Paint Services Phoenix Arizona Auto Body Services by Sam’s Auto Body and Paint Phoenix Metropolitan and Surrounding Areas

We offer the BEST PRICES too!

One other thing you should keep in mind when it comes to Sam’s Auto Body & Paint is the fact that we have the best prices in town. We understand that any auto body work that needs to be done on your car has the potential of making a hole in your budget. This is exactly why we have made it our goal to have the lowest prices on the market. We guarantee that you will not be able to find a cheaper auto body shop anywhere near the Phoenix area.

Next time you need the services of auto body professionals for minor scratches, dents, or major projects like resprays, or you got in an accident, you shouldn’t be lost. The first thought should be Sam’s Auto Body and Paint. We deliver the best body and paint jobs. Just come by our auto body shop or give us a call to get your car the best treatment possible.

We hope when you need Auto Body Repairs and Painting in Phoenix, you think about Sam’s Auto Body and Paints.

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Auto Crashes in 2019? We can fix that Auto body

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Auto Body repair is more necessary nowadays than it has ever been. More people own cars today than has ever been recorded in history. Unfortunately, the reality of accidents exists and we damage our possessions. Auto body repair can restore a damaged vehicle. It’s also important to see how our lives become restricted without your car. Let’s go over some of the advantages auto body repairs.

So the reality of collision happens often through someone lifetime. On a good note from the view of an auto body repair company. Most of the incident we see aren’t serious. However, there are exceptions and before you declare your vehicle totaled. look at Sam’s Auto Body and Paint portfolio and let their seasoned professional give you a second opinion. Their restoration server can be considered artwork.

Auto body repair coverage

Insurance company exists for this purpose. They send the inspector to assess the damage. Once this is happening they will release a large portion of the repair funds. If not all the funds. Sam’s Auto Body and Paintwork with a wide variety of insurance companies. Know all too well how to deal with an insurance agency. It’s better if you don’t have too. Focus on receives your car like new.

Now if the vehicle needs further repair for mechanical issues that are not our ability. However, we are the best auto body repair service and can restore some of the worst damage possible to factory appearance. Your car becomes personal and valued possession with more time. If you have an older model, there’s no problem as we design our own custom pieces to match the original.

Auto body repair for weather

Hey not always are vehicle damaged because of automobile accidents. Nature turns against us at times and can cause many damages on her own. Tree fall in storms and its common problem in the valley with all wind gust that comes in. It happens often. We accustomed to repair damage from other nature. Trust that you’re dealing with professionals.

We have experience with the worst damage is possible. That’s not to be understated. We’ve taken jobs that had been turned away by other professional. Told to declare as totaled. And restore them to original factory look. Free quotes are available for our customer as we focus on the best plan to restore your car. Free quotes also let you gauge the competition.

Sam’s Auto Body and Paint

Sam’s Auto Body and Paint are the trusted professional for vehicle restoration in the Phoenix area. The competition doesn’t come loose. Sam’s superior service auto body repair has been known for quite some time. No one else has the reputation but more than anything else. they can’t even match the prices of Sam’s. Call today and bring hope back to your damaged vehicle.

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Quick, Efficient and Affordable Auto Collision Repair in Phoenix

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Welcome back to the best and most professional auto body shop In Phoenix!

Our team of experts is at your disposal to give you a helping hand with your car. You can count on us to bring your vehicle back to its initial state, both from an aesthetic and from a functional point of view.

We understand just how unpleasant a collision can be

We also understand how much you care about your car and that you would never want to see it dented, scratched or, God forbid, even in a worse state. However, drivers and car owners alike know that collisions, although highly unpleasant and nerve-wracking, can definitely happen.

We’ve even had incredibly experienced drivers bring their vehicles to our shop because of minor collisions. As tough as it might be to accept, collisions are bound to happen and nobody is out of harm’s way in this department.

004 (3)

You wouldn’t believe the number of car owners who had to do collision repairs on their cars because of a rogue shopping cart in the mall parking lot. These things could happen to anyone. Apart from rogue shopping carts, your vehicle could also be damaged in traffic or even while it is parked.

Auto Body Shop

However, you should know that all these problems can surely be fixed if you have a trustworthy and professional auto body shop to work with. Thankfully, when it comes to collision repairs, you have come to the best place. Sam’s Auto Body Shop is by far the best shop not only in Phoenix, nut in the neighboring areas as well. We have years of experience in this field and we pride ourselves in working with some of the most skilled and knowledgeable repair technicians in the area.

In fact, we have such an amazing team of experts that we were able to successfully take on some projects that were initially turned down by other auto body shops. You can surely count on us to turn your car from dented and scratched to amazing looking in no time. We can do anything from dent repairs, to auto body repairs, to paint matching and paint blending. When we will be done with your car, it will certainly look like new.

collision repairs

Sam’s Auto Body and Paints

More than that, we can guarantee that you will not be able to find a more affordable auto body shop anywhere in the area. We have the best prices and the most professional services. We work with highly superior products, with the top of the line equipment and we have mastered the most innovative collision repairs techniques.

All you need to do is give us a call or simply bring your vehicle to the shop so that our experts can take a look at it and properly assess the situation.

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Collision Repair Shop

Sams Auto Body and Paint’s Easy Auto Body Repair

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suv auto dent repair

Over time we’ll all notice our cars body work failing, from rust spots to random scratches, faded sections of paint to weakened support systems. We’re here to fix up your car to make it safer and more beautiful to keep your baby on the road!

Weather Damage

Hail is known for causing tiny dents to giant holes in our cars, and we’re here to help! Hail damage, falling debris damage, and other damage caused by acts of nature are some of the most frustrating damage! A lot of insurance companies don’t cover this, since it’s not related to another driver. We’re here to help get those dents out and repair your auto body and help you forget that hail storm ever happened!

Don’t forget about paint damage from too much sun exposure or other elemental damage!

Mystery Damage

One day you get out of your car and everything looks fine, but down the line you’ll walk up to your car and notice a weird warp in your hood or a strange dent in a side panel. Most of this type of damage is easy to fix and we’ll make sure to give you the best price to put that memory out of your head. We don’t need to know how it happened (in most cases) but we just want to see you satisfied.


Cars that have been taken off of the road for a while, older cars that are passed down person to person, and older cars being rebuilt can be major victims of rust and other deterioration. Most of this type of damage can be repaired and we’d love the chance to show you what we can do.

Wear and Tear

Sometimes support structures or other features of your car start to weaken from years of use, improper care, or a change in the inner workings of the car. Upgrading your engine may mean you need to upgrade the support systems of your car. Keep everything where it needs to be by keeping an eye on the body as a whole, not just the dents and dings!

Stay tuned to read about some types of additions you can get put onto your car at an auto body shop like Sam’s! We’re looking forward to showing you some spoilers, hood improvements, and more.

Give us a call with your ideas, concerns, insurance information, and more to get started on your auto body repairs, improvements, paint jobs, and more. Our skilled technicians can’t wait for their next project and we love seeing the smiling faces of our satisfied customers and clients.

Sam’s Auto Body & Paint


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