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Any Use for A Custom Painted Company Vehicle?

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Auto Dent repair auto body repair and paint

Any Use for A Custom Painted Company Vehicle?

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As a business owner with a company vehicle that proudly displays my company info, I can’t overemphasize the importance of having one of these for your company. Sure enough, I’ll be able to talk about the benefits that comewith with custom painting your company vehicle with your business details and colors, but overemphasizing it, no. I’ll just let you get to it right now.

Free Advertisement

Well, the paint job isn’t free, but once it’s done you have a moving and for your company. A fresh paint job followed by your company name, phone number, location, or logo can help bring business. Don’t just slap that logo on any vehicle, make sure the paint job is fresh and beautiful and the work is long lasting!

Custom Colors

Consider custom color paint jobs to match your company name or logo to help people recognize your brand! Try two-toned paint jobs, detailed stripes or patterns, or bright colors to draw attention! If it’s something out of the ordinary, people are more likely to remember it. If the colors of your car match the color of a print or online advertisement, potential customers will remember that name from when they were driving to work. It’s all about recognition.

Company Rides

If you have a company car but it’s not a mobile advertisement, you may still want a specific paint job. Why have a white sedan as your company commuter car when you can spruce it up with a deep black or a classic red? Impress clients and feel great turning heads in your beautiful car. We offer lifetime warranties on all of our work, so once you get that car to the true beauty it can have, you’ll be coasting confidently. Drive clients around in a piece of art instead of a boring piece of transportation equipment.

Whatever paint ideas you can think up, we are well experienced in this business that we can bring those ideas to life! The only limit is your imagination.


Keeping a company car clean and in good repair is a great way to improve your image. If the truck that arrives at a job is covered in rust, dents, and body damage it will evoke a certain feeling towards the customer. It can also make them think you buy junkers just to save a buck because you’re not good enough to make a decent profit. Even a 10-year-old car can look amazing when in good physical repair!

By the way, you can see that the answer to the big question up there is a monumental Yes.

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Dent is removed after collision repair

What to do about your Auto Collision Damage today

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Welcome to our blog today! Sams auto body and paint shop: Our team of experts is at your disposal to give you a helping hand with your car. You can count on us to bring your vehicle back to its initial state, both from an aesthetic and from a functional point of view. Today, we are talking about auto collision damage and what can be done about it.

Auto Collision damage

We understand just how unpleasant a collision can be. We also understand how much you care about your car and that you would never want to see it dented, scratched or, God forbid, even in a worse state. However, drivers and car owners alike know that collisions, although highly unpleasant and nerve – wracking, can definitely happen. We’ve even had incredibly experienced drivers bring their vehicles to our shop because of minor collisions . As tough as it might be to accept, collisions are bound to happen and nobody is out of harm’s way in this department.

Auto Body Damage could be really annoying

Auto Body Damage could be really annoying


Auto Collision repair

You wouldn’t believe the number of car owners who had to do collision repairs on their cars because of a rogue shopping cart in the mall parking lot. These things could happen to anyone. Apart from rogue shopping carts, your vehicle could also be damaged in traffic or even while it is parked.

With an Excellent Auto Body Shop…

However, you should know that all these problems can surely be fixed if you have a trustworthy and professional auto body shop to work with. Thankfully, when it comes to collision repairs , you have come to the best place. Sam’s Auto Body Shop is by far the best shop not only in Phoenix, but in the neighboring areas as well. We have years of experience in this field and we pride ourselves in working with some of the most skilled and knowledgeable repair technicians in the area.

Sams Auto Body and Paints

In fact, we have such an amazing team of experts that we were able to successfully take on some projects that were initially turned down by other auto body shops. You can surely count on us to turn your car from dented and scratched to amazing looking in no time. We can do anything from dent repairs, to auto body repairs, to paint matching and paint blending . When we will be done with your car, it will certainly look like new.

Dent is removed after collision repair

Dent is removed after collision repair


More than that, we can guarantee that you will not be able to find a more affordable auto body shop anywhere in the area. We have the best prices and the most professional services. We work with highly superior products, with top of the line equipment and we have mastered the most innovative collision repairs techniques.

All you need to do is give us a call or simply bring your vehicle to the shop so that our experts can take a look at it and properly assess the situation.

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We set new standards for Professional Auto Bodywork

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We handle auto bodywork at Sams Auto shop to a level of excellence that we set new standards for the industry. But if you’re thinking of doing business with us or have us look over your vehicle, but can’t talk to us directly, you can read this post to decide on what exactly your vehicle needs. 

If you haven’t had a paint job done on your car, get ready to be persuaded as to why you out to give it a chance at least once! Sam’s Auto Body And Paint will never overcharge or cut corners since we want to provide the best bodywork for every customer.

This is our job, our livelihood, our career, our passion, so let us treat you like family and get your car back on the road in no time.

1. Maintenance

With age, paint fades and rust can start eating up your vehicle. The structural integrity of some auto bodies can begin to suffer after time and replacement or repairs are needed, but no collision was involved. This makes it hard to afford since insurance companies don’t often work with repairs of this nature. Never fear, our competitive prices will ensure you get the work done at an affordable rate!



2. Improvements

Sometimes you want to add some spoilers or replace your rood or hood, or you want to increase the strength of your chassis or add extra support to hold a bigger motor in your vehicle. Muscle cars sometimes require additional bodywork when altering the original motor or other mechanics. You can turn any car into a beast with the right bodywork.

3. Collision Repair

Auto body repair can be costly and scary, but don’t fear when a mechanic tells you that you may need some repairs on your body. The body of your car is almost as important as the engine and gas tank, so don’t skimp on the body repair.

Bodywork from a collision can be as simple as repairing some dents or cracks, but it can get as intense as straightening the entire frame or repairing (or replacing) entire panels on your car. No one wants to drive around with a gash out of the front of their car, but it can be hard to find a reliable body shop. Look no further! From fender benders to T-boning, we can fix (nearly) anything. We will be upfront with you as to if the work can be done, but we’ve been known to repair vehicles other shops wouldn’t touch!

Professional auto bodywork

Also, we provide your machine with more than an auto body paint job. We could restore it to its original color, give some vinyl, stripes, or custom color, or other details all on your demand!

Give us a call today and get started and you’ll be proud of the appearance of your car. You. Will. Be. Dazzled!

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Collision Repair: Before and After with the Best Professionals

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Auto collisions are accidental, and like all accidents have the tendency to happen to anyone. But what do you do and whom do you turn to for repairs after your vehicle has been involved in one?

Before a Collision Repair

Having your car regularly checked for minor faults by professionals (but if you’re sure of your own skills, then you can do it yourself) will go a long way in preventing expensive accidents and collision repairs. Many drivers don’t care about the state of their vehicles; they’re good as long as it takes them from point A to point B. Accidents do happen, yes, but we can do all within our power to prevent it.

After the collision and before the collision repair

After the collision and before the collision repair

After a Collision Repair

If anyone else was involved in the accident, exchanging insurance information with them will be the smart thing to do. If you’re fortunate enough that no one was involved, check your car for the extent of the damage. In an occasion where you or your car are in no shape to drive, call an auto body repair shop that offers towing services.

When in the auto body shop, the mechanic will examine your car for the cost it will take to fix the damages incurred from the collision. Keep an open mind though, some collision repairs are more expensive than replacing the damaged car, so you might want to think along these lines.

Dent is removed after collision repair

Dent is removed after collision repair

The Right time for Collision Repairs

Not taking your car for repairs after a collision can be detrimental to your car and your safety. Although the damage may look cosmetic, the injury could be more than what you see. That’s why you need to have it looked over by auto body mechanics to ensure that the car is in an acceptable driving condition before you get behind the wheel.

Moreover, any insurance on your car may run void if you wait too long to have it fixed.

After a collision, the windshield is bound to break, or luckily, crack. Paying no attention to this can result in far more expensive repairs than you bargained for. The cracks on the windshield, if left to the prevalent climatic conditions could result in a more extensive damage on your windshield. The glass which would have been otherwise easily repaired for a small fee would have to be totally replaced for a larger amount of money.

Your tires are most easily affected by a collision. It’ll be wise to have them checked for their alignment. Mounting the road with poorly aligned tires puts your safety and other road users at risk.

A quote goes like this “a stitch in time saves nine”. Waiting and hesitation have never done anyone good on repairs and maintenance.

Collision Repairs in Phoenix

For 35 years and still counting; you can count on Sam’s Auto Body and Paint to restore your car to its former glory after a collision. They have been serving the Phoenix area for all kinds of auto body work.

We’ll fix your car after nearly any type of accident from shopping cart scratches to collisions. You’d be hard-pressed to find a shop better than ours! We provide high-quality service at high speeds with high accuracy. We are committed to the happiness and satisfaction of our customers and keep a staff of highly trained technicians in our staff, using the best equipment to best serve you!  Call us today at 623-582-8232.


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Essential Emergency Kits to Carry Around with You

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About three weeks ago, I was driving on a wide straight road with hardly any other vehicle for miles. The temptation to go over 70 miles per hour was strong. I manage to resist for the first 30 minutes. After then, I finally gave in and went past 70, almost hitting 90 mph. All of a sudden, steam sprayed out from under the hood. It was so thick I could barely see the hood of my car.

After slowly and carefully easing the car onto the shoulder, I got out to investigate – although I already knew – what had suddenly gone wrong. Using my shirt as an insulator, I popped the hood and investigated. I didn’t like what I saw. It meant I couldn’t drive the car any longer if I hope to keep it alive.

I could only hope and wait for the next vehicle to drive by. After what felt like an eternity, a car passed by. The driver though hardly spared me a glance. Uttering some obscenities, I got back in my vehicle to wait for the next vehicle. It was a hot day, I believe it was somewhere around 70 to 75 degrees. I was sweating bullets. I have never felt a less breezy day. I was getting very thirsty and hungry and I started noticing the sun sinking towards the horizon. I thought about my life and what a fool I’d been to go faster than the state of the car would allow.

A reflection in my rear view mirror caught my attention, I swiftly got out of the car and stood at the center of the road. I’d gotten to that point where I thought It was either this truck was going to run me over or stop. That wasn’t necessary though, because, mercifully it came to a halt. After explaining my ordeal to the driver, he agreed to give me a lift, what’s more, he suggested towing my vehicle with his. I couldn’t believe my luck. You may have noticed I haven’t said anything about my phone, that’s because it was practically useless. The battery was dead long before I embarked on the trip.

What’s the point of my story? The point is if I’d been better prepared – I was never prepared to begin with – it would have made me wait a lot more bearable. If not for the timely arrival of the other driver, my story would’ve probably been starred on the TV Shows ‘I Survived’ or worse ‘A Thousand Ways to Die’. This is not a situation anyone wants to find himself in, especially someone with health problems.

This is why it’s important to have emergency road kits with you. Even if you’re not going on a long drive like I did, even if it’s just a short distance, it’s important to have them with you. Always. The essential emergency kits to have with you include:

  1. A gallon of water (more if possible)
  2. Snacks such as Energy bars (its advisable to have more with you)
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Flashlight and some spare batteries
  5. Jumper cables
  6. Towels and blankets
  7. Ice scraper (if it snows a lot in your area)
  8. Motor oil

Emergency road kits should have a permanent spot in your vehicle. You may have to change the water in the gallon(s) every week just ensure some gallons of water are in your vehicle. The same thing goes for other consumables like snacks. They have to be replaced when their expiration dates are close. You put these items in a box – nothing fancy – and strap it securely in the trunk or anywhere with enough space.

If you don’t have time to assemble these items, you can simply purchase an emergency road kit from a retail or an online store. Although they are complete in their contents, you may have to add to the kit, depending on what you feel is necessary.

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What to Look Out For After A Rear-end Collision

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It’s disappointing, frustrating, annoying even to see the appearance of your car tarnished. Those who’ve had this experience can attest testify to that. If your car has never gotten rear-ended, you’ll want to keep it that way and hope it never happens to you.

Sometimes the damage sustained from a Rear-end collision may not be immediately noticed. Because you can’t notice this doesn’t mean it’s not there. There are three major issues to look out for after a Rear-end Collision, they include:

  • Wheel Alignment issues
  • Hidden body damage
  • Trunk issues

Wheel Alignment Issues

This problem is easily noticed. After a collision, you might feel your vehicle slightly steering to the side, feel the wheels wobbling as you drive or vibrations as you wheels pull again each other. This is a serious safety concern. A time may come where you’ll have to swerve very quickly, but your car will not respond as well as it should. This puts your safety, passengers and other road users at risk. Don’t hesitate, don’t even mull it over, just bring it in for repairs at the first sign.

Hidden Body Damage

The car doesn’t appear to be damaged? That’s a good thing for the exterior. This will minimize the cost if repairs if there is significant damage underneath the bumper. Modern vehicles use bumpers made of plastic, plastic while able to cave withstand breakage, may not provide adequate protection for parts under it. That’s why you should check. If you feel a professional should look at it, then do so. Their professional opinion is something you can rely on this scenario.

Trunk Issues

We’ve received reports from car owners about the trunk of their car malfunctioning. Cases where the trunk suddenly opens and blocks out visibility to the rearview mirror. This is a safety concern. If your trunk behaves in a similar manner or doesn’t open and close as it once did prior to the Rear-end collision, bring it in for examination. The rear cabin must have sustained damage and may need repairs or replacement. While it will not affect your driving, it still needs attention. Moreover, an issue like this will lower the monetary value of your car – if you’re planning on selling it.

In some cases, there are other minor issues to look for. Although minor, they have long-term effects on the performance of your car. Without closer examination, it may not be easy to tell. If your car was recently involved in a rear-end collision, bring it in for inspection. It will be worth your time.

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What to Do When Your Car is Stuck in Snow

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Although it’s April, a clear reminder that spring in full bloom, it still snows much to the disappointment of drivers. Yes, not only drivers are affected, but they receive the brunt of the whole situation.

Driving after a heavy snowfall is a dangerous affair. It’s not advisable, but well, we have to get somewhere. But it’s best to avoid it if you can. But what do you do when you can’t avoid it and are lucky enough to get your car stuck in the snow? – you’ve lucked out on fate if your vehicle is just stuck in snow rather than losing total control of your vehicle.

Here are a few tips to help get out of this unfortunate situation should you find yourself in one.

Shovel Out The Surrounding Snow

This should be the first thing on your mind. Shovel as much snow as you can from around your car, most especially the wheels. In the unavailability of a shovel, you can dig out the snow with your hands. Your hands should be gloved, of course, so you don’t catch a cold and your fingers freeze over.

Provide Your Tires With Enough Traction

At this point, the temptation to just get in your car and drive off is very strong. Don’t attempt it. The ground beneath your tires drive will only cause your tires to spin off dirt causing you to lose whatever little traction you had. What you want to do instead is to give your tires additional traction either by placing planks, pieces of wood, rocks, or dry sand just between the space between your tires and the ground – sort of like a wedge.

Get in Your Vehicle and Drive

You can attempt to dive your car now. But you can only do so with a bit of technicality involved if you want to successfully drive. Use a lower gear, most preferably the first gear to give your car the adequate torque and traction it requires to pull this off. Go easy on the gas pedal too. Don’t go all the way down, a moderate press is required. Try driving forwards, if your car can’t go forward, engage the reverse gear and try again. If it can’t go any further, engage your first gear again, keeping in mind that you have to be easy on the pedal. Alternate between reversing and forward drive till you’re able to drive past where you’re stuck.

Someone Can Pull You Out

If the worst comes to the worst, you can have a friend with a vehicle powerful enough pull you out. If not, you can call in a tow truck to tow your vehicle out of the snow.

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Dent is removed after collision repair

Working with your Insurance Company for Auto Body repair coverage

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So the reality of collision happens often through someone lifetime. On a good note from the view of an auto body repair company. Most of the incident we see aren’t serious. However, there are exceptions and before you declare your vehicle totaled. look at Sam’s Auto Body and Paint portfolio and let their seasoned professional give you a second opinion. Their restoration server can be considered artwork.

Auto body repair coverage

Insurance company exists for this purpose. They send the inspector to assess the damage. Once this is happening they will release a large portion of the repair funds. If not all the funds. Sam’s Auto Body and Paintwork with a wide variety of insurance companies. Know all too well how to deal with an insurance agency. It’s better if you don’t have too. Focus on receives your car like new.

Now if the vehicle needs further repair for mechanical issues that are not our ability. However, we are the best auto body repair service and can restore some of the worst damage possible to factory appearance. Your car becomes personal and valued possession with more time. If you have an older model, there’s no problem as we design our own custom pieces to match the original.

Auto body repair for weather

Hey not always are vehicle damaged because of automobile accidents. Nature turns against us at times and can cause many damages on her own. Tree fall in storms and its common problem in the valley with all wind gust that comes in. It happens often. We accustomed to repair damage from other nature. Trust that you’re dealing with professionals.

We have experience with the worst damage is possible. That’s not to be understated. We’ve taken jobs that had been turned away by other professional. Told to declare as totaled. And restore them to original factory look. Free quotes are available for our customer as we focus on the best plan to restore your car. Free quotes also let you gauge the competition.

Sam’s Auto Body and Paint

Sam’s Auto Body and Paint are the trusted professional for vehicle restoration in the Phoenix area. The competition doesn’t come loose. Sam’s superior service auto body repair has been known for quite some time. No one else has the reputation but more than anything else. they can’t even match the prices of Sam’s. Call today and bring hope back to your damaged vehicle.

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How we Work with Insurance to fix your Car

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Insurance companies take responsibility for the damages

Insurance companies pay for repairs at the shop of your choice


We work with insurance! A lot of dents, dings, scratches, and body damage is covered by insurance, especially if the damage is caused by an accident or collision. Some damage doesn’t need to be fixed right away, or insurance companies won’t want to work with you to get it fixed. But we work with nearly every insurance company to get you what you need!

So you don’t have to worry about the quality of materials used.Because if your insurance company chooses the auto body repair shop for you, there’s a high likelihood they will choose a cheap shop. So they make as much as profit as possible. The possibility that a cheap auto body repair shop uses low standard materials is really high. Why take that risk when you have us?

How Damage Affects Mood

Some of us see our cars as an extension of ourselves. Some of us consider our cars to be our babies, our pride, and joy. We don’t want you to have hurt pride or cringe at the sight of your car. Because a shoddy auto body shop got their hands on it. We want to repair as much of the damage as humanly possible, providing great quality work at reasonable prices. Seeing your car all beat up or with faded paint is sure to remind you of that fender bender, the time you hit a light pole, or whatever caused the problem. We’d like to help wipe those memories away quickly and efficiently.

How Damage Affects Efficiency

It usually doesn’t affect your car much. But depending on the size and location of a dent or ding, it can cause increased drag. And more severe body damage can lead to internal problems, scraping parts. Also, it could cause other less-than-desirable effects. Faded paint may expose your car to the elements, causing rust and erosion! Proper maintenance of the body of your car is almost as important as keeping the engine running smoothly.

Damage dodge front end body repairAesthetic problems

We’ve all seen those cars driving around with bumpers falling off, car doors nearly crushed, and wondered how they’re still driving! We don’t want you to be that driver. And we’d love to do what we can to get you back on the road looking great. We take on projects other companies refuse to. Taking cars which would have been sent to the scrap yard and repairing them to great conditions! The real pros can take almost anybody or paint damage and bring the life back into the car!

If you have insurance, get us in touch with your agents to start the repair work today. If your damage is not covered by insurance, let us know and we’ll discuss the cost and your options. Even without insurance, we’re the best around and offer amazing prices.

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Dishonest Insurance Companies – Avoid the Lot

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Oh, yeah when they came up to you selling their insurance company, insurance policies, low premium rates and how they care about your best interest and all that you believed. You were moved and touched. That’s all junk. When it comes right down to the point where they should play their part and do everything they professed, their so-called core values and ethics are thrown out the window.

You may have read and heard a lot on the internet about how insurance companies have put smiles on the faces of their customer, nope, that’s all a stunt. In the real world, they don’t give 2 cents about your best interest. How else are they going to make their money if they actually did?

After a collision, they present you with a list – Direct Repair shop list – of auto body repair shops they recommend, you’re going through this list and thinking “why is ABC Auto Body Shop not here? I know those guys, they might be pricey but the quality of service is top notch – a sterling A-grade”. Do you want to know why? They prefer shops that service cars at low prices. The parts are absolute junk, it’s they don’t fit in your car or aren’t made or recommended by car manufacturers. All just so they will save money on the cost of repairing your vehicles. They’ll do what they can to make you pick a shop from that DRP list even when you know what you want.

Most reputable body shops have strained relationships with insurance companies. You can figure out why that’s so.

In a very foul mood, Ron Perretta owner of Professionals Auto Body speaks his mind about insurance companies in a YouTube video, calling them dishonest. You can find it below. He describes the replacement parts DRP shops use for repairs as junk and imitations.

He goes on to say “insurance companies are bad, they think they can kick you around until you do what they want like they do their contracted shops.”

When you notice your insurance company trying to kick you around, dump them, you can do better. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated, instead look for an insurance company that has a cordial relationship with reputable auto body repair shops.

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