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Why you shouldn’t DIY Collision Repairs

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Why you shouldn’t DIY Collision Repairs

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In this age of information overload, there is bountiful information on the internet on DIY for practically almost every activity. Even those that are better left to professionals. Inasmuch as some of them are amazing ways to save money, there are some things just too important to leave to DIY. Collision repairs is one of them.

A car can be damaged in a lot of different ways, as a result of a collision. Of course, it all depends on the severity of the “crash”. It can sometimes be just a simple dent or even a few scratches. Unfortunately, when it comes to collision repairs, that is the best case scenario. In the worst case scenario, your car could be so damaged that not even the most skilled collision repairs technician would be able to fix it.

collision repairs
Collision  repairs in Phoenix, AZ

Regardless of how serious the collision was, there is one thing that we would never recommend, and that is trying to fix the damage yourself. There are countless reasons why this is one of the worst ideas you could have. Even if you feel up for it, and you think that the internet would always be there to help you, collision repairsare not that simple. Even if you think that fixing things yourself is going to save you a lot of money, you will see that on the long run that is exactly the opposite.

Most people who choose to fix the damage themselves, without even talking or consulting with a professional, are more than convinced that the job is going to be a piece of cake. More than that, they somehow believe that if they raid their bathroom and use a plunger and some spray paint, the car will be as good as new. Thaat’s not how collision repairs work, guys!

Let us just explain why that is completely wrong. Even if the only visible damage is a superficial dent, the collision could have left the car far more damaged. Sometimes, the entire frame of the car may need to be straightened, repaired or even replaced. That is a problem that an amateur would never be able to fix or even notice.

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Fix this collision damage without hassle near you

One thing every car owner should keep in mind is the fact that their vehicle does not just need to look pretty, but it also needs to be safe. This is exactly why the only way to deal with collision repairs is to take the car to an auto body shop and let professionals take care of it.

We know that finding a reliable auto body shop is an incredibly difficult task. We know that there are a lot of shops out there that do a poor job, so if you want to leave your car in good hands, you just need to give us a call. Sam’s Auto Body & Paint is actually known for taking on projects that other auto body shops didn’t even want to hear about.

There’s no need to struggle to fix the damage yourself when you could have your car fixed by the best auto body shop in Phoenix, Arizona. We are here to do the collision repairs for you and to make your vehicle not only pretty, but also safe.

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Sam’s Auto Body and Paint: Fix Dents, Dings and Scratches Easily

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006Sam’s Auto Body and Paint would love to work on your car, removing all of the dents, dings, paint transfers, deep scratches, and other body and paint damage that may have happened to your car. Today we’d like to take a moment to remind you just how much better you will feel when your car is looking better! It won’t increase the performance of your engine. But driving around with those dents and scratches isn’t always a good idea.

We work with insurance

A lot of dents, dings, scratches, and body damage is covered by insurance. Especially if the damage is caused by an accident or collision. Some damage doesn’t need to be fixed right away, or insurance companies won’t want to work with you to get it fixed, but we work with nearly every insurance company to get you what you need!

How Damage Affects Mood

Some of us see our cars as an extension of ourselves. Some of us consider our cars to be our babies, our pride and joy. We don’t want you to have hurt pride or cringe at the sight of your car because a shoddy auto body shop got their hands on it. We want to repair as much of the damage as humanly possible, providing great quality work at reasonable prices. Seeing your car all beat up or with faded paint is sure to remind you of that fender bender, the time you hit a light pole, or whatever caused the problem. We’d like to help wipe those memories away quickly and efficiently.

How Damage Affects Efficiency

It usually doesn’t affect your car much, but depending on the size and location of a dent or ding, it can cause increased drag, and more severe body damage can lead to internal problems, scraping parts, or other less-than-desirable effects. Faded paint may expose your car to the elements, causing rust and erosion! Proper maintenance of the body of your car is almost as important as keeping the engine running smoothly.

Damage dodge front end body repairAesthetic problems

We’ve all seen those cars driving around with bumpers falling off, car doors nearly crushed, and wondered how they’re still driving! We don’t want you to be that driver. And we’d love to do what we can to get you back on the road looking great. We’ve been known to take on projects other companies refuse to work on. And we take cars which would have been sent to the scrap yard and repairing them to great conditions! The real pros can take almost anybody or paint damage and bring the life back into the car!

If you have insurance, get us in touch with your agents to start the repair work today. If your damage is not covered by insurance, let us know and we’ll discuss the cost and your options. Even without insurance, we’re the best around and offer amazing prices.

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Auto Body Damage due to collision

Heads Up: Traffic is about to get risky tomorrow

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so you may be faced with a lot of traveling and traffic situation this holiday season. We’d like to give you some warnings of things that may happen during your travels which may lead you into our doors for automotive paint and body repair.

1. Shopping Dangers

From shopping carts to people who can’t park, you may be faced with some dents and dings from fellow travelers and shoppers. Most of these problems should be small, but we can easily take care of them to ensure your ride looks the best it can before trips to see family. Don’t let a rogue shopping cart leave an eyesore, ruining your Christmas spirit.

2. Increased Traffic

With more people out shopping, coming into town, and having time off from work, there’s bound to be more traffic than the rest of the year, and this will obviously increase the risk of accidents. Rest assured that you will still get the same attentive care from us in December as you would in June. The customer comes first and we will try to make sure the job fits your budget or works with your insurance company. Still be caution, but don’t let it ruin Christmas.

3. Nit Picky Family

Some family members may look down on you if you have discoloration, rust, dents, and dings in your car. Keep them quiet with a fresh coat of paint (or paint matching to cover problem areas) and let us remove all the dents and dings—they may even think you sprung for a new car since last year.

4. Accidents at Home

From kids running around, to and from vehicles, to decreased parking space, you may have similar problems as you will when you’re out shopping. Minor damage may plague your car by the time New Year’s is over—but don’t panic or yell at your nieces and nephews for throwing a football into your door panel, most small damage can be fixed easily and completely for a reasonable price. Accidents happen, so no need to freak out about door dings or nudges from bumpers.

Be ready for Holiday Traffic with us

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and would like to welcome you to our shop for any and all automotive body and paint repairs you may have for the rest of the year. We won’t let needed bodywork or basic scratch and dent repairs ruin your Christmas cheer, so come on down with any and all problems you’d like us to look at. Have a safe and happy holiday season, and keep checking back for more blogs from Sam’s Auto Body and Paint.

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Car Paint Job Phoenix: All about Auto body beauty

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auto paint and bodyWe love painting cars, making them look newer, repairing any discoloration or other paint problems. We also love custom paint jobs which help show the individuality of the driver. In a perfect world, everyone could afford (and would like to have) a custom paint job. Your vehicle is a great way to express yourself, not just a way to get from point A to point B.

Why not help your car-loving friends express their love of their car and their individuality by paying for a custom paint job through Sam’s Auto Body and Paint? We’d love to help your loved ones have the car of their dreams! Paying for some touch-up work on an older car that’s seen better days can boost the morale of your loved ones. Adding some special touches like stripes, hood paintings, decals, and other smaller changes can make it harder to lose a car in the parking lots while adding a little flare. Young people with their first car may want a new paint job to show off their ride to their friends—making an old car look cooler.

Why you should repaint your car

Some of us neglect to get our cars repainted because “what’s the point?” The point is, fresh paint can actually be a good thing to do for your car. Paint does more than make the car look a certain way, the right paint job will also help protect the body of the car. This isn’t to say that a fresh paint job will keep dents from happening, but it can decrease the chance of rust spots and other problems. We’ve all seen faded spots on our cars and the texture changes. When left unchecked, these spots can lead to other damage like corrosion, rust, and more.

auto paint service phoenix

Auto paint job

Auto body paint job in Phoenix

Start the new year with a fresh coat of paint on your automotive baby, or help someone else get a new paint job. A gift like this will be much more appreciated than another sweater, socks, or a blender. Spend the money to get your car lovers something they really want.

You can also talk to us about restoring the body of older cars, improving bodywork, adding on special parts and pieces (spoilers, body kits, etc) or just do something simple like adding a really awesome decal to your ride to make it yours again.

Factory paint jobs are so boring, so make life exciting again with fresh colors. We can paint match nearly any color, but we can also do colors all throughout the rainbow and everything in between. Ask today about your color and pattern choices and we’ll make sure you leave happy.

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4 Amazing Perks of Sam’s Auto Body Restoration Service

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sams auto body and paintIf you’re reading this, you’re probably considering starting up a new project that has to do with restoring a car. This may be to restore a car that had some previous body problems or you’re looking into restoring an older car that needs some tune-ups and a little work in the body.

Sam’s Auto Body & Paint Auto Body Restoration

Either way, taking a car that’s a little worse for wear and making it into a beauty can be very fun and rewarding. Most full restoration projects, when it entails the entire car inside and out, can be pricey and time-consuming. But today we’ll try to help you make your decision.

4 Amazing Perks of Auto Body Restoration Project

#1 Old cars look amazing

Who doesn’t love seeing old muscle cars driving down the road? Or old Ford trucks that look like the ones our grandparents or great-grandparents drove? They can turn heads everywhere they go because when they’re restored correctly, they just look amazing. One major step in restoring these old cars is making sure the body is both in good condition and looks great. Weakened welds, rust spots, and other body damage can make the car look bad and it can be dangerous to drive.

#2 Project cars make great bonding experiences

If you have a son, grandson, or even a daughter or granddaughter who is into cars, restoring an older car can be a lot of fun, and it can help them appreciate what it takes to keep a car looking and running great. Fixing up the engine and the other inner workings of a car can be a great summer project or just a great way to fill in time around holidays or after school or work.

#3 Don’t let bodywork intimidate you

Some people who restore cars will opt to do a lot of the bodywork themselves. It can be quite time- and energy-consuming to do this on your own and the tools can be costly to purchase and maintain. Bodywork is one of the most important things when working with cars. If you have one bad weld the whole engine can fall out. Leave the bodywork to us and you can rebuild the engine to your exact specifications desired. Getting this done by a professional is a great way to ensure the rest of the project runs as smoothly as possible.

#4 Older cars are solid

Before the popularization of fiberglass, polymers, and plastics used on cars, nearly the entire body was made of metal—especially steel. A lot of these old cars weigh a lot, but if the body is in good shape that thing is going to be solid which can, in some cases, increase the overall safety of the drive. Some people will just always prefer solid metal to a bunch of different materials.

Give us a call for all of your body work, even restorative work on older project cars. We’d love to see what you’re working with and help out how we can. We can accomplish a lot of tasks other companies won’t touch.

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Why you don’t notice your Car’s bodywork failing

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suv auto dent repairOver time we’ll all notice our car’s bodywork failing, from rust spots to random scratches, faded sections of paint to weakened support systems. We’re here to fix up your car to make it safer and more beautiful to keep your baby on the road!

How your car’s body damages seemingly for no reason at all

Weather Damage

Hail is known for causing tiny dents to giant holes in our cars, and we’re here to help! Hail damage, falling debris damage, and other damage caused by acts of nature are some of the most frustrating damage!

A lot of insurance companies don’t cover this since it’s not related to another driver. We’re here to help get those dents out and repair your auto body. So you can forget that hail storm ever happened!

Don’t forget about paint damage from too much sun exposure or other elemental damage!

Mystery Damage

One day you get out of your car and everything looks fine. But down the line, you’ll walk up to your car and notice a weird warp in your hood. Or a strange dent in a side panel.

Most of this type of damage is easy to fix and we’ll make sure to give you the best price to put that memory out of your head. We don’t need to know how it happened (in most cases) but we just want to see you satisfied.


Cars that have been taken off of the road for a while, older cars that are passed down person to person, and older cars being rebuilt can be major victims of rust and other deterioration. Most of this type of damage can be repaired. And we’d love the chance to show you what we can do.

Wear and Tear

Sometimes support structures or other features of your car start to weaken from years of use, improper care, or a change in the inner workings of the car.

Upgrading your engine may mean you need to upgrade the support systems of your car. Keep everything where it needs to be by keeping an eye on the body as a whole. Not just the dents and dings!

Read more

Stay tuned to read about some types of additions you can get put onto your car at an auto body shop like Sam’s! We’re looking forward to showing you some spoilers, hood improvements, and more.

Give us a call with your ideas, concerns, insurance information, and more to get started on your auto body repairs, improvements, paint jobs, and more. Our skilled technicians can’t wait for their next project. And we love seeing the smiling faces of our satisfied customers and clients.

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3 Flaws with that How-To Guide & ‘As Seen On TV’ product

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suv auto dent repair

As Seen On TV: Should you or should you not?

We’ve all seen those As Seen On TV products on TV late at night advertising the ability to remove scratches, paint match, and bring out dents.

But is it worth trying these countless products to save some money on auto body repairs and paint?

We’d have to say “probably not,” but not just to make money. We care about our clients and we hate seeing people waste money on partial fixes or temporary solutions.

If you come to us, you will rest assured that the job will be done correctly the first time, every time. You won’t have to lift a finger to remove a dent; we will do all of the work.

As Seen On TV: Should you or should you not? Expert’s Advice

Today we’ll bring up some types of products and How To guides you may find online and in stores that promise results, and we’ll point out the flaws and why you may want to reconsider.

1. Dent removers

There are a ton of dent removing products on the market. Most of them just involve a suction cup and requires you to pull the dent out. This is a common process even in shops, but the equipment we have is of a much better caliber than the products you find in stores.

Besides, it may take you several tries to pop that dent out, using all of your strength, and you may get the bulk of the dent out, but you may be left with smaller dents and spots where the paint has come off. That brings us to the next product.

2. Paint matching products

Every now and then we’ve all seen commercials for products claiming to repair scratches to your paint job. This one tube can match any color flawlessly, or so they claim.

They may get close in some cases, but it’s more likely to just slightly mask the scratch temporarily. Proper scratch and dent removal paired with true paint matching technicians is the best way to go for lasting results.

3. How To Guides

Thanks to apps like Pinterest people are being exposed to a lot of “do it yourself” methods of fixing all sorts of things. Videos of people repairing dents and scratches in their cars are easy to find, but very little is explained as to how it works or how to actually do it.

One such example is the video floating around of someone pouring boiling water from a kettle onto a dented bumper. The video fails to inform the viewers what material makes up the bumper, and the comment section is filled with people telling stories of it not working.

Any technique found online should be tried with caution, but avoiding the Do It Yourself trial and error system is best. Have a professional do it for a foolproof fix, not a cheap fix that may cause more harm than good.

Bring in your car, truck, or other automobiles to us for everything from small dings and scratches to more severe body damage.


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Don’t lose your head over a Collision damage again

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You might have recently, for one reason or the other, your fault or not yours, been involved in an accident that cost you the beauty of your vehicle. Keep calm. All hell doesn’t have to break loose. And your car isn’t gone forever. You don’t need to cry or mourn the demise of your vehicle.

Something can be done about the body of your car

And we are not talking about Hollywood plastic surgeries. Unlike plastic surgeries, your car can be made to look exactly or even better than the work of the creator. The art has been perfected. And when you have the right professionals and skills at your disposable, that makes it very possible.

Possible means affordability when you talk to the auto body mechanic at Sam’s Auto Body and Paint shop in Phoenix, AZ.

With several years in experience and hundreds of satisfied customers to testify, this your best bet in getting your car back to shape and looking like the beauty you remember. Let’s talk about our auto body repair services.

Dent Removal

You want it all gone away. You want the dent to disappear. Yes, you want your car to look new as if nothing ever happened. There is good news for you. Your needs were met before you even had them. The technicians in Sams Auto body and paint know how to restore your car to its original beauty. They know an easy way to remove dents in your car and make it look brand new.

auto paint and body repair

In case this sounds unbelievable, you should only look at the pictures of previous work done by the talented and innovative technicians at Sams auto body and paint shop to understand fully.

It is very important to take your dented vehicle to an auto body shop. You may feel it will save you time and a few bucks to attempt removing the dent by yourself. But what if the damage was more extensive than that? One of the first steps involved in removing dents from vehicles is an inspection of the vehicles to determine the extent of the damage. If the vehicle was damaged beyond the obvious body parts and internal parts were damaged, it will be wise to address that.  If those parts aren’t fixed, the vehicle may perform poorly or develop problems later on. And while saving a few bucks in the present, more money will be lost in the future fixing those problems.

What to do about Dents

You should address your dent problems as soon as possible. And never be terrified of the prices, they are actually affordable. Bring cars for a check up occasionally. The best professionals in auto body repair in Arizona are willing to be your ‘genie’. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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Avoid deer collision

Tips To Avoid A Deer Collision

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Over the years, there has been an astounding growth in the Deer population. This and the fact that our society grows ever and continues to expand and encroaching deer habitats have been the cause of deer collisions. This has seemed to rise significantly over the years with hundreds of thousands of deer collisions reported every year. These statistics reveal that deer collisions are one of the leading causes of auto accidents in the United States. Although a car might just be colliding with an animal and may not seem like a big deal to you, there have been fatalities reported as well. Deer Collision.

Avoid deer collision

You wouldn’t want to collide with this deer, would you?

These collisions don’t just hurt or kill the deer involved, but damages vehicles and poses a real threat to the health and safety if the driver and passengers  – all who are involved. The safest course is to avoid one completely.

Pay attention to warning signs

Deer habitats are notoriously famous for deer collisions. When you’re about driving into one, you’ll see warning signs on the side of the road. Deers are always on the move in their habitats so you’ll want to keep alert. Don’t let your attention waver. If you see one deer at the side of the road, it may mean there are more around; deer usually move in herds.

Drive Slowly

When in Deer country, you’ll have to drive slowly at a safe speed. 55mph/ 90kph is the recommended speed for these areas.  Driving slowly gives you an ample time to react to brake instead of swerving dangerously on the road.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

Don’t just pay attention to the road alone, you have to pay attention to the surrounding area for signs of deer. If you’re not alone, ask your passengers to do same and notify you of any movements. As earlier stated, one deer sighting may mean more in the area.

Use high beam headlights

When you’re driving through a deer habitat in the dark, use your high beam headlights. This gives you a farther view of the road.

Be extra careful at peak deer hours

Deer’s are usually active and move a lot during sunset to midnight and sunrise. Deer are being active when the light is partly or totally gone, partly contributes to the high rate of deer collision. If you find yourself driving during these times, you have to pay more attention,  be extra careful, be extra observative.

Honk in short blasts

If you come close to a deer that doesn’t seem to want to move, honk on your horn in short blasts. Do this only if you have enough distance between you and the deer and there aren’t other vehicles on the road. Doing so can confuse the deer and have a less than the desired effect.

No one likes a deer collision, least of all, the deer. You’d feel terrible if you collided with a deer. Even if you may not feel for the deer, you will feel for the damage it causes on your car. These damages can be costly to fix. Try to do yourself and passengers a favor and avoid one. Put these tips into practice when in deer country.

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What to Do Moments After a Collision

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What to Do Moments After a Collision

Your heart races, your hands shake, the adrenaline in your blood makes you see things a little bit clearer and above all, you’re thankful it’s not as bad as it could have gotten. That’s what happens after a collision. The shift, in reality, can stun you speechless and it’s easy to lose your head during this time and do things you shouldn’t do.

However, when it happens you should remember to keep calm. If you’re calm in any situation, you’ll be logical in your reasoning. Wading through difficult situations puts you at an advantage. Remember to keep calm and do the following when you find yourself in a collision accident.

Auto Body Damage due to collision

Auto Body Damage due to collision

Stop Driving

If your vehicle is still on the move when it happened, you’ll want to pull over. There’s nothing to gain by driving on when your car is damaged because one way or the other, sooner or later, the car will come to a halt and what better place for that but the scene of the Collison. Once you pull over, try to collect your thoughts and remember to keep calm. Taking deep long breaths is a great way to calm yourself.

Switch on Your Hazard Lights

Just before you exit your vehicle, turn on the hazard lights. The switch is usually labeled two concentric triangles. After turning on the lights, you and other occupants of the vehicle should get out in a safe and orderly fashion. Make sure not to put yourself in harm’s way when you all get out.

Call 911

Once out of harms ways, call 911. Don’t assume the other party has already made the call. Make the call yourself, it won’t hurt if multiple calls were made concerning the accident. When the cops arrive, cooperate with them and respond to their inquiries. They are well trained in handling road accidents.

Gather Important Info and Take Pictures

While this may seem unnecessary and work for the cops, you should do it as it can help speed up your insurance claim.

Don’t Play the Blame Game

While it’s important to discuss with the other party, it is also very important not to discuss who’s at fault and all. Be polite with them, remember they just went through the same experience. At this point after a collision accident, discussing who’s to blame can cause tempers to flare and that won’t do for anyone. Leave the conversation for your insurance agent.

Call Your Insurance Company

You should do this after calling 911. Your insurance company needs to know about the accident. Submit all the info you’ve been able to gather in their absence to them so that all the paperwork for the repairs of your car is done swiftly.

Call Sam’s Auto

Call us and we can have your car towed for you from the scene of the collision unless you feel your car is able to move from the scene. However, we advise you tow it so as not to damage the car further. We can also repair your car to its former glory once you finish everything with your insurance company.

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