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5 Reasons Why You Should Use this Free Ad Medium

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Auto Dent repair auto body repair and paint

5 Reasons Why You Should Use this Free Ad Medium

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Thinking about getting your business vehicle a new coat of paint? Or maybe not?

You should though. And we will tell you why.

But if you are thinking about doing it:

Sam’s Auto body and Paint would be honored to help keep the body of your work vehicle in top shape and we’d be honored to help spread the word of your business with decals, custom paint jobs, and more.

It is Probably Time to Spruce up the Old Business Car or Truck

Today we’d like to talk a little bit about why you should choose us for your auto body and paint work for your company car, as well as why it might be a good idea to spruce up the old truck, car, or SUV you use to advertise and transport yourself, clients, and employees.

1. Pride

Show that you have pride in your business and that you are a successful company with beautiful paint and auto body work for your company vehicle. This goes for town cars used by the company to transport clients, a car your company has given you to travel, or a vehicle you and your other employees use to get to the job. Keeping this vehicle clean, running smooth, and looking new is a great way to boost morale as well as the clients’ confidence in choosing you.

2. Free advertising

Once your company name, logo, phone number, or more are on your vehicle, people will take notice. People stuck in traffic may see your car or truck nearby and think “yes, I need that service in my life, I’ll have to remember their name,” and your car parked in parking lots, at your home, or even at your place of business will draw attention as well. Mobile marketing works!

Auto Dent repair auto body repair and paint

3. Improve your image

If you can afford a car specifically for your company (personal vehicle you use to advertise, trucks or cars to transport employees, etc) then customers will take notice. You will look more professional! No one wants to hire gardeners, cleaning companies, or locksmiths in unmarked vans or trucks, do they?

4. Efficiency

If you have vehicles your employees use to get to and from the job, it’ll be easy to keep track of how much money you are using for gas, how often you travel, and more. Keeping these vehicles in top shape, dent free, scratch free, and with long-lasting paint will be one less thing you have to worry about—leaving you free to worry about other things.

5. We work with insurance companies

Be it your personal auto insurance or your company insurance, if your vehicle is insured we will work with you and the insurance company to get your vehicle back on the road, looking great!

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Paint Matching: Help Your Car Get Over Its Horrible Past

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It’s always funny to see a car with mismatching paint. From a certain perspective, it’ll look like a futuristic attempt at car body paint art. But when you look closely, you see it for what it is: a bad paint job.

Sometimes this happens to a vehicle that has been through a collision. That’s fine, even the best of drivers can find themselves in a collision. But it’s better to leave it where it belongs – in the past. Don’t let your vehicle scream: “I was in a collision!”

Bodywork and paint matching
Bodywork and paint matching

Paint Matching

So your car has suffered some superficial damage that needs fixing. No matter if it stood in the way of a rogue shopping cart at the mall, or if you were paying too much attention to your phone and your eyes were not exactly on the road, you can count on us to fix the damage and restore your car to its former glory. In our experience, there are not many auto body shops that find paint matching to be an important thing, but we are here to argue against that.

Paint matching can also be done when the car is not in for a full paint job. These are the cases when only a certain area or certain areas need some touching up. If we would be talking about a full paint job, then paint matching would have actually been useless, because the chances of you noticing the different shade would be slim to none.

WOW! Looks brand new!

However, given the fact that we are only talking about minor scratches in some areas of the car, paint matching is crucial. Otherwise, if the auto body shop you are entrusting your vehicle with, skips this step, you would end up owning a car that is too – shaded. It is obvious that if the new paint is noticeably different from the old one, the work done by the repair technician is also visible. Your car will not be looking as new. Instead, it would look like it has been patched up, and that is not a desirable look at all.

Now, if you want to make sure that your car ends up in the right hands then you should definitely give us a call. Sam’s Auto Body & Shop has years of experience in working with damaged cars and in fixing all types of dents and scratches. We always make sure that our work is of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on always being able to perfectly match any type of paint. In some cases, we even end up contacting the manufacturer. This is how dedicated we are to making your car look like new again.

Don’t let your car live in the past, give a  fresh coat of paint – full body paint job that matches of course. It makes your car look new, like the collision or those rough times never happened at all. With Sam’s Auto Body and Paint, your car will be restored to its shiny glossy state.

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The Smartest Thing to Do When You Crash Your Car

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Collision damages; you didn’t mean to, but it happened. That’s why it’s an accident. Don’t beat yourself up. Accidents occur every day.

Most times it involves a collision of one vehicle with another. What happens in a situation where the collision is caused by you. And the collision damage is done to your vehicle by your vehicle? Tricky, right?

This is the picture: the situation where you hit your vehicle with another one of your own vehicles. That can really suck. At the moment it happens, you have no one to blame but yourself. And you so badly want to fix the damage or it will remain there as a constant reminder of one mistake you made.

At this point, it doesn’t help to get angry with yourself or start looking for the fault. Yeah, searching for the fault helps so that the collision won’t repeat itself.  You learn from your mistakes to avoid doing them again. In the end, though, you still have to fix the collision damage done to your car.

Many times, people don’t think it’s important to fix damage done to the body of a car quickly.

Collision damages may look mild on the outside, but often times they don’t reveal what may have happened to the vehicle’s interior. It might just be a small dent or a scratch, but you never know.

The way vehicles are built nowadays, you can’t expect them to be like the 80’s vehicles we knew. A hard jolt can upset an interior electrical system and lead to a chain of malfunctions.

In other words, you fix one problem today only to have another one tomorrow. Which means more money out of your pockets.

Now, what’s the quick and effective solution to Collision damages?

You don’t have to spend too much money. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine (extra stitches you may have to make later).

The solution: Take your vehicle to an Auto body repair shop. It’s that simple. But not so simple. Here’s what I mean: One doesn’t just take one’s vehicle to any Auto Body body repair shop. Make sure to find an Auto body repair shop that is

  • properly equipped to handle collision damages
  • excellent and quick in service delivery
  • highly trained and strictly professional
  • sees things from your angle and is willing to give you a good deal.

If you live in Phoenix, AZ, you’re in luck. You don’t have to ask around for recommended auto body repair shops, do an internet search or drive around town to find one for yourself. Sams Auto Body and Paint is your friendly Auto Body repair shop neighbor.

Why should you take your collision damage problems to Sams Auto Body and Paint?

Besides being all this

  • properly equipped to handle collision damages
  • excellent and quick in service delivery
  • highly trained and strictly professional
  • sees things from your angle and is willing to give you a good deal

and more, we are more than a decade experienced in handling your collision problems. So why don’t you call us today and we will make you smile. Your mistake doesn’t have to stare you in the face all week.

Read more on what services we have to offer you this summer.

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Auto Body Paint: What is Paint Blending?

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Have you heard of Paint blending? You probably have but most people are not quite clear on what that is. If you are one of them and you want to know what it is before you pay for it, you are in the right place.

What is Paint Blending?

Most vehicles are made of separate sections that professionals call panels. All these are welded or bolted together to form a single motorized unit. If there are scattered damages to an auto body such as dents from hailstones, paint blending has to be used.

No matter how insignificant the damage, you should always have your car looked at by a professional. A professional will not overlook Paint blending.

Thankfully, Sam’s Auto Body & Paint is here to give you a helping hand and to make your car look just like new. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality services in town. And we work with the most experienced and professional experts in the field.

Paint jobs: New look or refurbishment

No matter if you have decided to completely change the look of your car, or if you simply want to cover up some scratches, there is a very important step in every paint job process. This step should never be ignored because otherwise, the car might end up looking less than ideal. Of course, we are talking about paint blending. This step basically ensures the fact that the paint job is not visible and that your car does not look patched up.

Paint Blending

Paint blending
Paint blending

Even if you are fortunate enough to come across a highly professional auto body shop that gives special attention to perfectly match the color and the shade of the paint, the paint blending process is still important. Even if you do have the same color, there might still be some well-defined edges and ridges. If not attended to properly, they will give away the fact that the car has been painted. This is exactly why the paint job needs to be done professionally. That is only where paint technicians are able to perfectly hide these ridges and rough edges. This way, your vehicle will look just like new and the work done will not be noticeable at all.

Where to find Paint Blending Professionals?

Now that you know just how important the paint blending process is, you should also make the right decision and have your car looked at by a professional. In case you were wondering, the best paint blending experts are working at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint. There is no other auto body shop capable to do paint jobs as amazing as the ones done here. More than that, apart from having the best-trained painting technicians, we also have the most affordable prices. We have made a goal to always have low prices and we have actually managed to achieve that goal.

So if you are interested in an absolutely amazing paint job all you need to do is bring your vehicle over so that our experts can take a look at it and make it look like new. We would be more than glad to help you improve the aspect of your car. And spend as little as possible.

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Auto Body Collision – What to Do When Your Car Has Been Rear-Ended

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It is very annoying to see your car damaged from being rear-ended in traffic or in a parking lot. Those who’ve had this experience can attest testify to that. If your car has never gotten rear-ended, you’ll want to keep it that way and hope it never happens to you.

Sometimes the damage sustained from a Rear-end collision may not be immediately noticed. Because you can’t notice this doesn’t mean it’s not there. There are three major issues to look out for after a Rear-end Collision, they include:

  • Wheel Alignment issues
  • Hidden body damage
  • Trunk issues

Wheel Alignment Issues

This problem is easily noticed. After a collision, you might feel your vehicle slightly steering to the side, feel the wheels wobbling as you drive or vibrations as you wheels pull again each other. This is a serious safety concern. A time may come where you’ll have to swerve very quickly, but your car will not respond as well as it should. This puts your safety, passengers and other road users at risk. Don’t hesitate, don’t even mull it over, just bring it in for repairs at the first sign.

Hidden Body Damage

The car doesn’t appear to be damaged? That’s a good thing for the exterior. This will minimize the cost if repairs if there is significant damage underneath the bumper. Modern vehicles use bumpers made of plastic, plastic while able to cave withstand breakage, may not provide adequate protection for parts under it. That’s why you should check. If you feel a professional should look at it, then do so. Their professional opinion is something you can rely on this scenario.

Trunk Issues

We’ve received reports from car owners about the trunk of their car malfunctioning. Cases where the trunk suddenly opens and blocks out visibility to the rearview mirror. This is a safety concern. If your trunk behaves in a similar manner or doesn’t open and close as it once did prior to the Rear-end collision, bring it in for examination. The rear cabin must have sustained damage and may need repairs or replacement. While it will not affect your driving, it still needs attention. Moreover, an issue like this will lower the monetary value of your car – if you’re planning on selling it.

In some cases, there are other minor issues to look for. Although minor, they have long-term effects on the performance of your car. Without closer examination, it may not be easy to tell. If your car was recently involved in a rear-end collision, bring it in for inspection. It will be worth your time.

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How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Insurance Companies During Auto Body Repairs

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Having a damaged car body is very upsetting. What could be more upseting is when you need your insrance company to help with the repairs as promised and they don’t deliver for one sort of bureaucratic nonsense or the other.

Oh, yeah when they came up to you selling their insurance company, insurance policies, low premium rates and how they care about your best interest and all that you believed. You were moved and touched. That’s all junk. When it comes right down to the point where they should play their part and do everything they professed, their so-called core values and ethics are thrown out the window.

collision repair

You may have read and heard a lot on the internet about how insurance companies have put smiles on the faces of their customer, nope, that’s all a stunt. In the real world, they don’t give 2 cents about your best interest. How else are they going to make their money if they actually did?

After a collision, they present you with a list – Direct Repair shop list – of auto body repair shops they recommend, you’re going through this list and thinking “why is ABC Auto Body Shop not here? I know those guys, they might be pricey but the quality of service is top notch – a sterling A-grade”. Do you want to know why? They prefer shops that service cars at low prices. The parts are absolute junk, it’s they don’t fit in your car or aren’t made or recommended by car manufacturers. All just so they will save money on the cost of repairing your vehicles. They’ll do what they can to make you pick a shop from that DRP list even when you know what you want.

Most reputable body shops have strained relationships with insurance companies. You can figure out why that’s so.

In a very foul mood, Ron Perretta owner of Professionals Auto Body speaks his mind about insurance companies in a YouTube video, calling them dishonest. You can find it below. He describes the replacement parts DRP shops use for repairs as junk and imitations.

He goes on to say “insurance companies are bad, they think they can kick you around until you do what they want like they do their contracted shops.”

When you notice your insurance company trying to kick you around, dump them, you can do better. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated, instead look for an insurance company that has a cordial relationship with reputable auto body repair shops.

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Automotive Service Excellence | 5 Questions About ASE Answered

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5 Questions About ASE Answered

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is a nonprofit organization set up to improve the quality of automotive services by training and certifying professionals. This organization was set up in 1972 and it operates to date. So if you’re worried about the services to be offered by a professional and you want to know how quality he/she is, simply ask if he/she is ASE certified. Let’s walk you through the answers to the following questions to help you really know about ASE.

What is the Function of ASE?

You want an excellent automotive service for your vehicles, ASE wants that too. To enable this, ASE certified professionals in the automotive repair and service industry in USA and parts of Canada.

The main function of ASE is to improve the quality of vehicle repair through testing automotive professionals and certifying competent ones. It ensures that there is training and certifications for every aspect of automotive service.

Who Does ASE Protect?

ASE protects the shop owner,  the automotive professionals and the consumers.

ASE tests and certifies automotive professionals to enable them show proof of their technical capabilities.  This certifications enable the shop owner to choose wisely before committing to a contract the professional. The testing and certifications of these automotive professionals also enables the consumer to know whose service to contract based on their level of expertise. So generally ASE works to protect the consumer,  the automotive professional and the the shop owner.

How is the ASE Certification Process?

The following requirements must be met before an automotive professional can be ASE certified.

  • Before an automotive professional can be certified by ASE he/she has to take and pass the ASE test.
  • Already a year on the job training
  • A 2 year degree in automotive repair.

The test is quite challenging.  A professional that is certified is required to take the test every 5 years to keep up with the technological advancements in his field.

a+ bbb rating

How are the ASE Tests Written?

These tests are segmented into the following subdivisions

  • Automobile
  • Heavy/medium truck
  • Truck equipment
  • School bus
  • Collision repair

The exams taken by these automotive professionals is designed to gauge to technicians knowledge of job related skills.

These ASE tests are written in workshops by all kinds of  professionals and executives in the automotive world.  These professionals and executives include:

  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Educators
  • After market manufacturers
  • Working technicians

Where Can I Find Professionals with ASE Certifications?

100% Lifetime Warranty on all auto paint and body work

At Sams Auto Body and Paints, our automotive services are rendered by professionals with ASE certifications. They are skilled and knowledgeable in their various fields. Our technicians are proficient in the use of quality automotive repair equipment. Our professionals are not only qualified to do the job, but they also have the desire to offer excellent automotive repair services. If your vehicle needs repair and you want to get to a place where it would be repaired excellently,  drop by and let us provide you with top-notch service.

Contact us to get your Auto Body fixed by ASE certified technicians.

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4 Amazing Reasons to Consider Custom Automotive Body Paint for your Company Vehicles

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As a business owner with a company vehicle that proudly displays my company info, I can’t overemphasize the importance of having one of custom automotive body paint for your company. Sure enough, I’ll be able to talk about the benefits that come with custom painting your company vehicle with your business details and colors, but overemphasizing it, no. I’ll just let you get to it right now.

Custom Automotive Body Paint – 4 Reasons Your Business Needs It

1. Free Advertisement

Well, the paint job isn’t free, but once it’s done you have a moving and for your company. A fresh paint job followed by your company name, phone number, location, or logo can help bring business. Don’t just slap that logo on any vehicle, make sure the paint job is fresh and beautiful and the work is long lasting!

2. Custom Colors

Consider custom color paint jobs to match your company name or logo to help people recognize your brand! Try two-toned paint jobs, detailed stripes or patterns, or bright colors to draw attention! If it’s something out of the ordinary, people are more likely to remember it. If the colors of your car match the color of a print or online advertisement, potential customers will remember that name from when they were driving to work. It’s all about recognition.

3. Company Rides

If you have a company car but it’s not a mobile advertisement, you may still want a specific paint job. Why have a white sedan as your company commuter car when you can spruce it up with a deep black or a classic red? Impress clients and feel great turning heads in your beautiful car. We offer lifetime warranties on all of our work, so once you get that car to the true beauty it can have, you’ll be coasting confidently. Drive clients around in a piece of art instead of a boring piece of transportation equipment.

Whatever paint ideas you can think up, we are well experienced in this business that we can bring those ideas to life! The only limit is your imagination.

4. Upkeep

Keeping a company car clean and in good repair is a great way to improve your image. If the truck that arrives at a job is covered in rust, dents, and body damage it will evoke a certain feeling towards the customer. It can also make them think you buy junkers just to save a buck because you’re not good enough to make a decent profit. Even a 10-year-old car can look amazing when in good physical repair!

By the way, you can see that the answer to the big question up there is a monumental Yes.

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The Exceptional Auto Body Shop in Phoenix You Need to Visit

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Auto Body Shops are the last place you want to take your car to. I mean, when you get your car for the first time, never would you have imagined it disfigured. Somehow we feel the car could be beautiful forever. But, life is full of unintended events. And your car might be caught up in one of such events.

It doesn’t have to be the reason your mood goes south, or your bank balance for that matter. If you know the best auto body shop to take your car to, you won’t believe the results that will come to you. Results both in the body of your car and in the amount of money to spent getting the fix.

This is where Sams Auto Body and Paint come into the picture. 

If you haven’t had a paint job done on your car, get ready to be persuaded as to why you out to give it a chance at least once! Sam’s Auto Body And Paint will never overcharge or cut corners since we want to provide the best bodywork for every customer.

This is our job, our livelihood, our career, our passion, so let us treat you like family and get your car back on the road in no time.

1. Maintenance

With age, paint fades and rust can start eating up your vehicle. The structural integrity of some auto bodies can begin to suffer after time and replacement or repairs are needed, but no collision was involved. This makes it hard to afford since insurance companies don’t often work with repairs of this nature. Never fear, our competitive prices will ensure you get the work done at an affordable rate!

2. Improvements

Sometimes you want to add some spoilers or replace your rood or hood, or you want to increase the strength of your chassis or add extra support to hold a bigger motor in your vehicle. Muscle cars sometimes require additional bodywork when altering the original motor or other mechanics. You can turn any car into a beast with the right bodywork.

3. Collision Repair

Auto body repair can be costly and scary, but don’t fear when a mechanic tells you that you may need some repairs on your body. The body of your car is almost as important as the engine and gas tank, so don’t skimp on the body repair.

Bodywork from a collision can be as simple as repairing some dents or cracks, but it can get as intense as straightening the entire frame or repairing (or replacing) entire panels on your car. No one wants to drive around with a gash out of the front of their car, but it can be hard to find a reliable body shop. Look no further! From fender benders to T-boning, we can fix (nearly) anything. We will be upfront with you as to if the work can be done, but we’ve been known to repair vehicles other shops wouldn’t touch!

Professional auto bodywork

Also, we provide your machine with more than an auto body paint job. We could restore it to its original color, give some vinyl, stripes, or custom color, or other details all on your demand!

Give us a call today and get started and you’ll be proud of the appearance of your car. You. Will. Be. Dazzled!

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Here are Some Priceless Auto Body Repair Tips

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Useful Auto Body Repair Tips

Accidents are unfortunate. It is disheartening that the car body is damaged, do you still have to fret over the cost of repair. What should you know about auto body repair so you can avoid spending a lot of money doing the wrong things? How can you handle the expense? Here are some useful tips for you.

Choice of Auto Body Repair Shop

Read online ratings and reviews on auto body repair shops that are based on customer feedbacks. Do well to search the internet for real customer reviews from real people. And if you live in Phoenix, Arizona, you don’t need to spend hours on the internet to find out that Sams Auto Body and Paint is the best auto body repair shop near you. With these real customer reviews, you can make your choice of an auto body repair shop.

Cost of Auto Body Repair

Auto repairs can be expensive. Check your auto insurance policy for your collision deductible. Then get an estimate from a qualified auto repair shop. If the cost of repair costs a lot more, you may want to put off filing the claim. If not, file away, keeping in that your insurance premium may increase on your next renewal.

If you decide to repair your car, the following tips will be useful:

  • Search the internet to find a good auto body repair shop.
  • Certifications are important. They prove that the repair facility trains their staff on proper repair procedures. Certifications also prove that the repair shop is equipped with the right knowledge and skill required to carry out quality and complete repairs on your car.
  • Condition description, damaged parts, and charges should be on paper and signed. This should include a clause of notification if work exceeding what was agreed on is t be done.
  • If you do not understand anything or notice a discrepancy, ask questions.
  • On picking your car, compare your written estimate to the final bill you are given to confirm they match. If there is a discrepancy, ask the auto repair shop about it.

You may need a Rental Car

While repairing your car, there may be need for you to rent one. Know what your insurance policy offers for car rentals. Make decisions accordingly to avoid future fees or even debts.

What you can do if your recently repaired car develops faults:

  • Some car problems may arise just a few months after you repair. If so, use your warranty, get to the auto repair shop, if it is a good one, it will fix the problem under the warranty.
  • Keep all paper works and receipts. The auto body repair shop will require these to assist you.

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