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Be Prepared: Emergency Road Kits to own

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Be Prepared: Emergency Road Kits to own

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About three weeks ago, I was driving on a wide straight road with hardly any other vehicle for miles. The temptation to go over 70 miles per hour was strong. I manage to resist for the first 30 minutes. After then, I finally gave in and went past 70, almost hitting 90 mph. All of a sudden, steam sprayed out from under the hood. It was so thick I could barely see the hood of my car.

After slowly and carefully eased the car onto the shoulder, I got out to investigate – although I already knew – what had suddenly gone wrong. Using my shirt as an insulator, I popped the hood and investigated. I didn’t like what I saw. It meant I couldn’t drive the car any longer if I hope to keep it alive.

I could only hope and wait for the next vehicle to drive by. After what felt like an eternity, a car passed by. The driver though hardly spared me a glance. Uttering some obscenities, I got back in my vehicle to wait for the next vehicle. It was a hot day, I believe it was somewhere around 90 to 95 degrees. I was sweating bullets. I have never felt a less breezy day. I was getting very thirsty and hungry and I started noticing the sun sinking towards the horizon. I thought about my life and what a fool I’d been to go faster than the state of the car would allow.

A reflection in my rear view mirror caught my attention, I swiftly got out of the car and stood at the center of the road. I’d gotten to that point where I thought It was either this truck was going to run me over or stop. That wasn’t necessary though, because, mercifully it came to a halt. After explaining my ordeal to the driver, he agreed to give me a lift, what’s more, he suggested towing my vehicle with his. I couldn’t believe my luck. You may have noticed I haven’t said anything about my phone, that’s because it was practically useless. The battery was dead long before I embarked on the trip.


What’s the point of my story? The point is if I’d been better prepared – I was never prepared to begin with – it would have made me wait a lot more bearable. If not for the timely arrival of the other driver, my story would’ve probably been starred on the TV Shows ‘I Survived’ or worse ‘A Thousand Ways to Die’. This is not a situation anyone wants to find himself in, especially someone with health problems.

Emergency road kits – starter pack

This is why it’s important to have emergency road kits with you. Even if you’re not going on a long drive like I did, even if it’s just a short distance, it’s important to have them with you. Always. The essential emergency kits to have with you include:

  1. A gallon of water (more if possible)
  2. Snacks such as Energy bars (its advisable to have more with you)
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Flashlight and some spare batteries
  5. Jumper cables
  6. Towels and blankets
  7. Ice scraper (if it snows a lot in your area)
  8. Motor oil

Emergency road kits should have a permanent spot in your vehicle. You may have to change the water in the gallon(s) every week just ensure some gallons of water are in your vehicle. The same thing goes for other consumables like snacks. They have to be replaced when their expiration dates are close. You put these items in a box – nothing fancy – and strap it securely in the trunk or anywhere with enough space.

If you don’t have time to assemble these items, you can simply purchase an emergency road kit from a retail or an online store. Although they are complete in their contents, you may have to add to the kit, depending on what you feel is necessary.

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Insurance junk and your auto collision problem

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Oh, yeah when they came up to you selling their insurance company, insurance policies, low premium rates and how they care about your best interest and all that you believed. You were moved and touched. That’s all junk. When it comes right down to the point where they should play their part and do everything they professed, their so-called core values and ethics are thrown out the window.

Insurance Companies junk

You may have read and heard a lot on the internet about how insurance companies have put smiles on the faces of their customer, nope, that’s all a stunt. In the real world, they don’t give 2 cents about your best interest. How else are they going to make their money if they actually did?

Insurance and your auto collision problem

After a collision, they present you with a list – Direct Repair shop list – of auto body repair shops they recommend. You’re going through this list and thinking “why is ABC Auto Body Shop not here? I know those guys, they might be pricey but the quality of service is top notch – a sterling A-grade”. Do you want to know why? They prefer shops that service cars at low prices. The parts are absolute junk, it’s they don’t fit in your car or aren’t made or recommended by car manufacturers. All just so they will save money on the cost of repairing your vehicles. They’ll do what they can to make you pick a shop from that DRP list even when you know what you want.

Most reputable body shops have strained relationships with insurance companies. You can figure out why that’s so.

There’s a video about it

In a very foul mood, Ron Perretta owner of Professionals Auto Body speaks his mind about insurance companies in a YouTube video, calling them dishonest. You can find it below. He describes the replacement parts DRP shops use for repairs as junk and imitations.

He goes on to say “insurance companies are bad, they think they can kick you around until you do what they want like they do their contracted shops.”

When you notice your insurance company trying to kick you around, dump them, you can do better. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated. Instead look for an insurance company that has a cordial relationship with reputable auto body repair shops.

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Where to find the best Dent Removal Service in Phoenix?

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When it comes to dent removal, believe it or not, there is an incredibly easy way to do it. Which will also guarantee that your car will look absolutely amazing once you are done. It might seem a bit forward to people who are used to doing things themselves. And especially for those who are always eager to experiment with some new things on their vehicle. But this method definitely includes taking the car to an auto body shop.

Auto Dent Removal in Phoenix

dent removal

Other than being seen by a professional, your car has no chance of recovering. We are sorry to tell you this: But no matter how complicated it might seem and no matter how much your ego will be hurting, if your car has been dented as a result of a collision (even if the collision was with a bird or with a shopping cart), you need to take the vehicle to be seen by a professional.

Professional Dent Removal Service

And since we are talking about professionals, you should know that Sam’s Auto Body & Paint has the honor of working with some of the most talented mechanics and auto repair technicians in the area. We pride ourselves in having on board such well – trained experts who are able to fix any type of issue.

In fact, one of our main reasons why our auto body shop is so popular not only in Phoenix but in the surrounding area as well as the fact that our repair technicians are so dedicated and set on fixing any type of problem. There have even been cases where a client managed to get his car fixed with us after he had been turned down by other auto body shops in the area. The bottom line is that our auto repair technicians are unbelievably professional. And that they are also innovative and dedicated to doing an amazing job each and every time.

Dent Removal is a complex art

The main reason why the only way to deal with dents is to take the vehicle to an auto body shop is the fact that dent removal usually implies several steps. These steps have the purpose of determining if the vehicle has just suffered that dent. Or if it has extensive damage and, therefore needs extensive repairs. If the damage that is hidden to the eye is not fixed properly, then the car might end up with serious issues later. It might rust, it might break down or it might run poorly, causing other collisions in traffic.

You should never postpone getting your car checked by a professional. Especially when we are talking about the best professional in the field. All you have to do is give us a call. Or even come with the vehicle at the shop so that our technicians can take a look at it.

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Where are the trustworthy Auto Body Shops?

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As a car owner and even as a driver there are few things more nerve-wracking than trying to find a reliable and trustworthy auto body shop. The main reason this is actually a difficult task is the fact that there are a lot of so-called auto body shops out there who are not only unable to fix any kind of damage done to a vehicle but are actually capable of doing even more damage. The bottom line is that you definitely can not leave your car or any car for that matter in unprofessional hands because otherwise, you might end up with a lot more problems on your hands than you initially had.

Trustworthy Auto Body Shop

Automotive Paint Services Phoenix Arizona Auto Body Services by Sam s Auto Body and Paint Phoenix Metropolitan and Surrounding Areas

We have already established the fact that finding a professional and reliable auto body shop is quite difficult. One other thing you should know is the fact that you will need to be patient in order to find just the perfect fit for you and your vehicle. The first step in finding the right auto body shop is, believe it or not, asking around. It is incredibly important to ask your friends or family if they have come across a trustworthy auto body shop, especially if you know someone who is mechanically inclined. Since everyone these days has a driving license and a car, you will most certainly get a few names.

How to find one…

#1 Check online reviews

Once you get the names of a couple of auto body shops in town, you need to get online and see what other people apart from your friends and family have to say about them. You should look for online reviews and you should compare them. Of course, a lack of online reviews could be a red flag, but if the company in question has a lot of negative reviews, then you definitely need to pick someone else to help you out.

#2 Compare prices and services


Trustworthy Auto body shop

Now that you have also checked the online reviews all you have to do is to compare the auto body shops in terms of prices and services. See how much everything costs, see what their services include and, most importantly, see if they are willing to give you a free quote.

#3 Skip all the headache and make this one phone call

As we have mentioned before, finding the right auto body shop can lead to a headache. However, you could spare yourself all this trouble if you gave us a call. Thankfully for you, you don’t need to look for the best auto body shop in town because you have already found it! Sam’s Auto Body & Paint has years of experience in this business. More than that, we pride ourselves in working with the best trained and most skilled professionals.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services and that we will be able to make your car run and look just like new!

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auto painting

Where to get Professional Auto Body Paint Job in Arizona

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Auto body problems

Having your vehicle scratched, dented or damaged in any way is probably every driver’s and car owner’s nightmare. This is exactly why people always do their best to have a decent driving style. And why they are extra careful with their cars. We even came across car owners who refused to park their vehicles in areas where they were could be damaged. However, as much as everybody wants to help it, accidents are bound to happen sooner or later. Auto body paint job to the rescue.

Body work and repairs all completed.

Car body professional paint job

But we can’t always avoid it…

We all know the worst case scenario in which the car gets damaged in a traffic collision. This could result in it being in quite a rough shape afterward. One thing that most drivers and car owners do not take into account is the fact that their vehicle might get damaged from anything. Even from the elements, such as sunlight and rain. Well, regardless the type of damage and its source, the great news is that here, at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint we have the best-trained team of professionals who can fix your vehicle in no time. And when it comes to auto painting, you should also know that we are the best auto body shop in the area. We can deal with restoring your vehicle.

Auto body paint job

It is incredibly important for any auto painting project to be done professionally, by trained painting technicians. If you resort to a can of spray paint, you might end up causing more damage. Any automotive paint job that is not professionally done can definitely end up looking absolutely awful. And it can also temporarily cover up some issues that an expert would notice right away.

For instance, if the car’s paint is chipped and the car itself has started to rust, covering that area up will only temporarily fix the issue. In reality, the rust will keep eating away and compromising the car. This is exactly why, no matter the circumstances, your vehicle should always be looked at by a professional.

Professional Auto body painting

And speaking of professionals, you should know that Sam’s Auto Body & Paint has the most dedicated and best-trained team of experts that is always equipped to deal with any kind of issue. In fact, our painting technicians are so knowledgeable that they have managed to fix problems that other auto body shop had couldn’t. We solve problems other auto body shops turned down.

Apart from having the most amazing staff in the area, our company also boasts with having the lowest prices on the market. We guarantee that we are the most affordable auto body shop in town. However, you shouldn’t take our word for it, but come by and pay us a visit! You can rest assured that your car will be in great hands!

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What getting an Auto Restoration service means for your car

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For a great auto restoration to be done, patience is required. Because it is a long process that takes a couple of days to be completed. Old and relatively new cars that have suffered some damage from the sun, water, or any other sort of damage require auto restoration to get back it’s normal factory appearance.

Auto Restoration

However, the cases where a relatively new vehicle needs to go through an auto restoration process are pretty rare. This is because the paint used on modern cars is incredibly resistant. It can withstand a high amount of sun damage, water damage. And can even get scratched much harder. Now, regardless of the age of the car, an auto restoration should not be put off for a long time. Because the damage can easily spread. So as soon as you have taken the car to an auto body shop and had a repair technician have a look at it, you should also ask him to schedule the auto restoration process.

Otherwise, if you leave your car in the sun for too long, if it is already rusted or scratched, then like we said before, the damage might spread and you might have a lot more work to be done on it. Of course, a lot more work also means a lot more money, so in the interest of saving you both some time and some money, you should hurry up.

Dents, Scratches, and Scruffs

An auto restoration process will also imply getting rid of any dents, scratches or scuffs on the surface of your car. That is apart from dealing with any paint issues that might need to be fixed. So if you have ever accidentally bumped into a wall (or if a rogue shopping cart has ever bumped into your car) you should consider yourself lucky. Because these issues are about to be fixed.


Apart from fixing any dents that your car might have any repair technician in charge with an auto restoration will have to sand it all down and get rid of other issues. Such as rust. If left as it is, rust can easily eat away your vehicle and turn it into an unsafe car. Believe it or not, there are a lot of problems that rust could cause your car. So it would be best if you could take care of it as soon as you notice it.

Now you now know when and why your car will need auto restoration. You’d also want to know where to get the best done on your car. It is at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint, the best and most experienced auto body shop in Phoenix. Let’s restore your car to its former glory.

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Collision Damage: Get your car up & running in no time

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018Our automobiles are very important to our daily lives. Most of us need to drive to get to work, to raise our families, to get food and other supplies. And sometimes we just need to get out of the house and get to driving. Cars help us take vacations, move from place to place, and transport things we want and need. When something happens (say, Collision damage) to the body of your vehicle, you may be in a bind. We get your car back to you as quick as possible. And we make sure the job is done right the first time. You won’t be coming back to us complaining of shoddy work because we don’t rush. But we know what we’re doing.

Don’t get crippled by Collision Damage

No one looks forward to a collision—but they happen. From being the victim of a careless driver to malfunctions in breaks, or simple mistakes, your car can take a lot of damage. We take in work other shops may consider “impossible.” We’ve seen cars from learning drivers hitting street lamps and we’ve seen much more severe accident results, but we can repair almost anything to get you back on the road without breaking your wallet.

How we can help you

Truck Front end damage beforeWe work with almost every insurance company around, and our high-quality results and highly trained technicians guarantee the best work at the lowest cost to you. Collision repairs are usually covered by insurance, so don’t hesitate to call us and get started on getting your car back on the road. We treat every customer like we’d want to be treated. We never skip steps, we don’t cut corners, and we will always be honest with you.

Dent, Fender damage, all kinds of bodywork

While engine work isn’t our forte, all realms of bodywork are (within reason) right up our alley! Frame damage? We’ve got you. Huge dent in your fender? No problem. Read end collision, side impact, fender benders, and more? We will always do our best to restore your vehicle as best we can to get you on the road—from repair to paint.

Sometimes emergency repairs aren’t related to vehicle collisions! Sometimes nature is against us. Trees can fall, hail will surprise you, and other non-vehicle related accidents can happen, leading to damage to your vehicle. We’ve seen hoods banged up from all sorts of falling debris and whether it occurred while you were driving or not, we are willing to take on just about any project—even at short notice. We understand how important your car is, and we know the struggle of trying to find the right shop at the right time. We work quickly and efficiently to save you time, money, stress, and your sanity.

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Minor Damage Repair: Dents, Dings, Scratches

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020 (3)Minor damage occurs to all of our cars, and sometimes it’s hard to notice, other times it’s just unsightly. From weather damage to shopping cart collisions or scraping of something in your garage, minor damage happens. Sometimes we don’t even remember where that dent or ding came from, but life happens and we’ll help you move on from all of that minor damage and get you back on the road looking great.

Dents, Dings, and Creases

A lot of things can cause dents. We’ve all been there. You’re out shopping and you lose control of your cart, or someone neglects theirs and it bumps into your car. Sometimes you bump into another car ever so slightly or you hit your door on someone else’s car (or something in your garage). Sometimes you end up with one of those weird creases instead of what you’d call a dent or a ding. These can be especially hard to remove without the right tools. These can also be more visible, but take completely different steps to repair than dents.

018Bypass the commercial products that claim to “magically” remove dents and stop using your gross bathroom plunger to try to remove dents at home. Bringing it to a professional will keep the cost low and the repairs looking wonderful. Everyone encounters some dents now and then, and while they don’t affect how your car runs it can be a bit unsightly and get on our nerves. Bring in your car for professional dent removal today!


Scratches appear for all sorts of reasons, from scraping a low hanging tree to hitting your keys or other sharp objects against your doors, scratches are no fun. Again, there are products out there that claim to fix scratches and miraculously match your cars paint. Most of these don’t work or they don’t work enough. Bringing your baby to us to remove scratches is your best option because we can buff out some scratches, and when the paint is involved we have the truly perfect match for your car. Don’t let ugly scratches put you in a foul mood anymore.

Sam’s Auto Body would love to help you get your car back to looking beautiful and dent free! Bring your car in for any dents, dings, creases, and scratches and we’ll help you forget about that door thing or that dent from losing control of a shopping cart, or the scratches from fumbling with your keys in the dark after work.

Don’t forget that we can do restoration work, paint jobs, and all manner of auto body work for all makes, models, and styles of vehicles, so come on in and let’s talk about what you need to be done.

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Auto Insurance Companies: Your convenience or theirs?

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Insurance companies take responsibility for the damages

Insurance companies pay for repairs at the shop of your choice

Most auto body repair shops work side by side with insurance companies. Ours is no exception. It is a smooth way for the insurance companies to operate, as well as serve their clients conveniently. But whose convenience? Let’s discuss this.

Insurance Companies

A lot of dents, dings, scratches, and body damage is covered by insurance, especially if the damage is caused by an accident or collision. Some damage doesn’t need to be fixed right away, or insurance companies won’t want to work with you to get it fixed. But we work with nearly every insurance company to get you what you need!

So you don’t have to worry about the quality of materials used. Because if your insurance company chooses the auto body repair shop for you, there’s a high likelihood they will choose a cheap shop. So they make as much as profit as possible. The possibility that a cheap auto body repair shop uses low standard materials is really high. Why take that risk when you have us?

How Damage Affects Mood

Some of us see our cars as an extension of ourselves. Some of us consider our cars to be our babies, our pride, and joy. We don’t want you to have hurt pride or cringe at the sight of your car. Because a shoddy auto body shop got their hands on it. We want to repair all of the damage, providing great quality work at reasonable prices. At the same time giving you a brand-new-looking car. Seeing your car all beat up or with faded paint is sure to remind you of that fender bender, the time you hit a light pole, or whatever caused the problem. We’d like to help wipe those memories away quickly and efficiently.

How Damage Affects Efficiency

It usually doesn’t affect your car much. But depending on the size and location of a dent or ding, it can cause increased drag. And more severe body damage can lead to internal problems, scraping parts. Also, it could cause other less-than-desirable effects. Faded paint may expose your car to the elements, causing rust and erosion! Proper maintenance of the body of your car is almost as important as keeping the engine running smoothly.

Damage dodge front end body repairAesthetic problems

We’ve all seen those cars driving around with bumpers falling off, car doors nearly crushed, and wondered how they’re still driving! We don’t want you to be that driver. And we’d love to do what we can to get you back on the road looking great. We take on projects other companies refuse to. Taking cars which would have been sent to the scrap yard and repairing them to great conditions! The real pros can take almost anybody or paint damage and bring the life back into the car!

If you have insurance, get us in touch with your agents to start the repair work today. If your damage is not covered by insurance, let us know and we’ll discuss the cost and your options. Even without insurance, we’re the best around and offer amazing prices.

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What to do after a rear-end collision

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It’s disappointing, frustrating, annoying even to see the appearance of your car tarnished. Those who’ve had this experience can attest testify to that. If your car has never gotten rear-ended, you’ll want to keep it that way and hope it never happens to you.

Sometimes the damage sustained from a Rear-end collision may not be immediately noticed. Because you can’t notice this doesn’t mean it’s not there. There are three major issues to look out for after a Rear-end Collision, they include:

  • Wheel Alignment issues
  • Hidden body damage
  • Trunk issues

Wheel Alignment Issues

This problem is easily noticed. After a collision, you might feel your vehicle slightly steering to the side, feel the wheels wobbling as you drive or vibrations as you wheels pull again each other. This is a serious safety concern. A time may come where you’ll have to swerve very quickly, but your car will not respond as well as it should. This puts your safety, passengers and other road users at risk. Don’t hesitate, don’t even mull it over, just bring it in for repairs at the first sign.

Hidden Body Damage

The car doesn’t appear to be damaged? That’s a good thing for the exterior. This will minimize the cost if repairs if there is significant damage underneath the bumper. Modern vehicles use bumpers made of plastic, plastic while able to cave withstand breakage, may not provide adequate protection for parts under it. That’s why you should check. If you feel a professional should look at it, then do so. Their professional opinion is something you can rely on this scenario.

Trunk Issues

We’ve received reports from car owners about the trunk of their car malfunctioning. Cases where the trunk suddenly opens and blocks out visibility to the rearview mirror. This is a safety concern. If your trunk behaves in a similar manner or doesn’t open and close as it once did prior to the Rear-end collision, bring it in for examination. The rear cabin must have sustained damage and may need repairs or replacement. While it will not affect your driving, it still needs attention. Moreover, an issue like this will lower the monetary value of your car – if you’re planning on selling it.

In some cases, there are other minor issues to look for. Although minor, they have long-term effects on the performance of your car. Without closer examination, it may not be easy to tell. If your car was recently involved in a rear-end collision, bring it in for inspection. It will be worth your time.

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