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Muscle cars are a part of American history! The 50’s brought a lot of GM muscle cars for showing off, racing, and impressing women! Keep that history alive with our help! We’ll help get that beat up Chevy into pristine shape (body and paint) so you can relive the glory days of automobiles! Keep them running smoothly and safely with frame realignment and adjustment, rust repair, and add a fresh coat of paint to make it look brand new. Get your new stock Chevy a muscle car engine and we’ll make sure the chassis is strong enough to hold this new engine and go the distance. You are in great hands for all your collision repair needs.

Imports can be fantastic cars—until something bad happens. Be it a crash, structural damage, or something simpler like a scratched bumper or door panel, we can fix it. If we don’t have the parts we’ll get them of fabricate them. We’ll even be able to paint match in most cases of unusual colors. We may not be able to get you the starter for your car when it goes, but we can fix the door if you bash it into another car or the hood if you’ve rear ended someone.

Classics. No one can deny the beauty of an old Ford truck like Granddad had! So many old cars go unloved for years because of structural damage, rust, and other issues. Once the paint wears off on some of these cars they’re hard to sell and they no longer turn heads. We love old cars just as much as you do so we’ll do what we can to buff out those scratches, hammer out those dings, and refresh that paint job to restore it to the glory it once knew!

If you think we’re all about the fancy and expensive cars, you’re wrong. If you’re a young adult with some dings or collision damage on your little Buick or 4-door Toyota, we care just as much about your car as the aforementioned classics and muscle cars! If you’re a soccer mom with a van and you got in an accident, we’ll get your frame damage straightened out, your bumper back in peak shape, or fix the paint scuffs from rowdy children to get you back on the road. If you’ve got an SUV that you take out in the desert for 4-wheel adventures, we’ll fix that sand damage and dents from rocks to keep it looking sleek in the city and functional on adventures! We treat all our clients equally, we want everyone to leave happy without feeling neglected, ignored, or robbed.