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Does the Size of Your Car Help In Collision Safety?

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Does a Car’s Size Affect It’s Collision Safety?

Accidents are prone to occur. Your ability to obey all rules of traffic just slightly reduces the risk, just slightly. What can be done? You want to know if your vehicle can help minimize the risk of fatality during a crash or collision. Even if it does reduce the risk of fatality, will the car survive the crash?  What kind of car has high safety features? You may have kids, what kind of cars would be recommended?

It’s important to note that if safety features are your main concern, you may not get to have your dream car. That isn’t a problem? Good then. Let’s see some factors to consider.

auto paint and body repair

The Vehicle’s Momentum

There’s a reason small vehicle drivers are scared of big trucks. It’s not just the size, it’s the momentum. Momentum is the product of the mass of a body and it’s velocity. This just means that the impact a truck moving at 12mph will have on a brick wall will be greater than that of a sedan moving at the same velocity. This is because of the weight of a truck.

In a collision incident, a smaller car will suffer more than a bigger one. This is because the bigger vehicle transfers it’s weight to the smaller one on collision. So, you want to consider getting a car that’s not so little. In this case, it’s better a truck that a convertible.

Size of The Vehicle

The size of a vehicle translates to it’s weight. Larger vehicles have the ability to absorb force on impact more than their smaller counterparts. Have you ever seen an accident involving a truck and a salon car, then you’d understand. Evidently, the salon car suffers more than the truck. This is simply because, during head on collisions, the truck having a wider hood has a bigger crash zone than the smaller car. So, a bigger car is in order.

Modern Cars

Here, size is not really important. With newer cars come newer and more sophisticated safety features. We’re not just talking about front airbags, we’re talking about side, rear and side-curtain airbags. Dope right?

There are other safety features in newer cars like back up cameras and sensors. This feature prevents you from colliding with any object at your rear-end.

There are also electronic stability controls that stops your car from spinning out of control.

Now you can see that there are cars with safety features and sometimes, size is irrelevant. Just go with an option that works for you and your family. Your primary concern may be the environment. Well, there are cars that are environmentally friendly. You could get one of those.

No matter the safety features installed in a car, accidents occur and if it isn’t fatal your cars suffer. If that is the case, be glad because your car served you well. Return the favor by taking it to a good auto repair shop for some repairs. Sam Auto Body and Paint is happy to help.

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The Smartest Thing to Do When You Crash Your Car

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Collision damages; you didn’t mean to, but it happened. That’s why it’s an accident. Don’t beat yourself up. Accidents occur every day.

Most times it involves a collision of one vehicle with another. What happens in a situation where the collision is caused by you. And the collision damage is done to your vehicle by your vehicle? Tricky, right?

This is the picture: the situation where you hit your vehicle with another one of your own vehicles. That can really suck. At the moment it happens, you have no one to blame but yourself. And you so badly want to fix the damage or it will remain there as a constant reminder of one mistake you made.

At this point, it doesn’t help to get angry with yourself or start looking for the fault. Yeah, searching for the fault helps so that the collision won’t repeat itself.  You learn from your mistakes to avoid doing them again. In the end, though, you still have to fix the collision damage done to your car.

Many times, people don’t think it’s important to fix damage done to the body of a car quickly.

Collision damages may look mild on the outside, but often times they don’t reveal what may have happened to the vehicle’s interior. It might just be a small dent or a scratch, but you never know.

The way vehicles are built nowadays, you can’t expect them to be like the 80’s vehicles we knew. A hard jolt can upset an interior electrical system and lead to a chain of malfunctions.

In other words, you fix one problem today only to have another one tomorrow. Which means more money out of your pockets.

Now, what’s the quick and effective solution to Collision damages?

You don’t have to spend too much money. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine (extra stitches you may have to make later).

The solution: Take your vehicle to an Auto body repair shop. It’s that simple. But not so simple. Here’s what I mean: One doesn’t just take one’s vehicle to any Auto Body body repair shop. Make sure to find an Auto body repair shop that is

  • properly equipped to handle collision damages
  • excellent and quick in service delivery
  • highly trained and strictly professional
  • sees things from your angle and is willing to give you a good deal.

If you live in Phoenix, AZ, you’re in luck. You don’t have to ask around for recommended auto body repair shops, do an internet search or drive around town to find one for yourself. Sams Auto Body and Paint is your friendly Auto Body repair shop neighbor.

Why should you take your collision damage problems to Sams Auto Body and Paint?

Besides being all this

  • properly equipped to handle collision damages
  • excellent and quick in service delivery
  • highly trained and strictly professional
  • sees things from your angle and is willing to give you a good deal

and more, we are more than a decade experienced in handling your collision problems. So why don’t you call us today and we will make you smile. Your mistake doesn’t have to stare you in the face all week.

Read more on what services we have to offer you this summer.

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Auto body and paint, ford paint job

Auto Body Collision – What to Do When Your Car Has Been Rear-Ended

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It is very annoying to see your car damaged from being rear-ended in traffic or in a parking lot. Those who’ve had this experience can attest testify to that. If your car has never gotten rear-ended, you’ll want to keep it that way and hope it never happens to you.

Sometimes the damage sustained from a Rear-end collision may not be immediately noticed. Because you can’t notice this doesn’t mean it’s not there. There are three major issues to look out for after a Rear-end Collision, they include:

  • Wheel Alignment issues
  • Hidden body damage
  • Trunk issues

Wheel Alignment Issues

This problem is easily noticed. After a collision, you might feel your vehicle slightly steering to the side, feel the wheels wobbling as you drive or vibrations as you wheels pull again each other. This is a serious safety concern. A time may come where you’ll have to swerve very quickly, but your car will not respond as well as it should. This puts your safety, passengers and other road users at risk. Don’t hesitate, don’t even mull it over, just bring it in for repairs at the first sign.

Hidden Body Damage

The car doesn’t appear to be damaged? That’s a good thing for the exterior. This will minimize the cost if repairs if there is significant damage underneath the bumper. Modern vehicles use bumpers made of plastic, plastic while able to cave withstand breakage, may not provide adequate protection for parts under it. That’s why you should check. If you feel a professional should look at it, then do so. Their professional opinion is something you can rely on this scenario.

Trunk Issues

We’ve received reports from car owners about the trunk of their car malfunctioning. Cases where the trunk suddenly opens and blocks out visibility to the rearview mirror. This is a safety concern. If your trunk behaves in a similar manner or doesn’t open and close as it once did prior to the Rear-end collision, bring it in for examination. The rear cabin must have sustained damage and may need repairs or replacement. While it will not affect your driving, it still needs attention. Moreover, an issue like this will lower the monetary value of your car – if you’re planning on selling it.

In some cases, there are other minor issues to look for. Although minor, they have long-term effects on the performance of your car. Without closer examination, it may not be easy to tell. If your car was recently involved in a rear-end collision, bring it in for inspection. It will be worth your time.

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4 Amazing Reasons to Consider Custom Automotive Body Paint for your Company Vehicles

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As a business owner with a company vehicle that proudly displays my company info, I can’t overemphasize the importance of having one of custom automotive body paint for your company. Sure enough, I’ll be able to talk about the benefits that come with custom painting your company vehicle with your business details and colors, but overemphasizing it, no. I’ll just let you get to it right now.

Custom Automotive Body Paint – 4 Reasons Your Business Needs It

1. Free Advertisement

Well, the paint job isn’t free, but once it’s done you have a moving and for your company. A fresh paint job followed by your company name, phone number, location, or logo can help bring business. Don’t just slap that logo on any vehicle, make sure the paint job is fresh and beautiful and the work is long lasting!

2. Custom Colors

Consider custom color paint jobs to match your company name or logo to help people recognize your brand! Try two-toned paint jobs, detailed stripes or patterns, or bright colors to draw attention! If it’s something out of the ordinary, people are more likely to remember it. If the colors of your car match the color of a print or online advertisement, potential customers will remember that name from when they were driving to work. It’s all about recognition.

3. Company Rides

If you have a company car but it’s not a mobile advertisement, you may still want a specific paint job. Why have a white sedan as your company commuter car when you can spruce it up with a deep black or a classic red? Impress clients and feel great turning heads in your beautiful car. We offer lifetime warranties on all of our work, so once you get that car to the true beauty it can have, you’ll be coasting confidently. Drive clients around in a piece of art instead of a boring piece of transportation equipment.

Whatever paint ideas you can think up, we are well experienced in this business that we can bring those ideas to life! The only limit is your imagination.

4. Upkeep

Keeping a company car clean and in good repair is a great way to improve your image. If the truck that arrives at a job is covered in rust, dents, and body damage it will evoke a certain feeling towards the customer. It can also make them think you buy junkers just to save a buck because you’re not good enough to make a decent profit. Even a 10-year-old car can look amazing when in good physical repair!

By the way, you can see that the answer to the big question up there is a monumental Yes.

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3 Ways We Can Give Your Car a “New Year, New Me” Gift

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Have you ever wondered just how it is possible for a car to go into an auto body shop all messed up and come out looking as if it was new? Of course it’s not magic! It just involves some dedication, hard work and a lot of knowledge. We are going to tell you about a few auto body repair techniques that we use here at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint.

3 Ways We Can Give Your Car a “New Year, New Me” Gift


auto body repair

This is one of the easiest, simplest and cheapest auto body repair techniques to fix a damaged car. However, “damaged” may not be the best word for it. This technique is generally used when it comes to minor damage to your car. We are talking here about minor to moderate scratches that can occur in various ways. It may be an errant shopping cart, a poor first cycling attempt your kid had, or even an unsuccessful parking attempt (we don’t blame and we definitely don’t want to judge anyone).

The bottom line is that when it comes to auto body repair, a skillful technician could fix these minor problems by buffing out any scuffs that might appear on the paint surface.

2. Dent repairs

Dent repairs

Believe it or not, as far as auto body repair goes, dents are the most frequent problems we need to fix. If you are lucky enough to only have a minor dent and no damaged paint, this issue is definitely not a problem to a professional.

Of course, this auto body repair technique is a bit more complicated and it takes longer than a simple buffing, but in the end your car will look as good as new. The metal can be easily put back into place (this requires some pulling, pushing and even a gentle massage from time to time) and made to look as if nothing had happened.

3. Fender bender

The second most frequent problem we need to fix here at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint is fender benders. The best course of action in this case would be replacing the dented or damaged fenders, so that the owner can avoid any long – term issues such as chipping or corrosion. However, considering the fact that replacing the fender is more expensive, most car owners ask us to repair the damaged ones.

This auto body repair technique is a bit more complicated and it includes more steps. The fender is first straightened then it is sanded all the way to the metal. The area is coated with a body – filler which needs to cure. After it has cured, the body – filler is also sanded until the surface is smooth. The last step of this auto body repair technique is the paint job and after that, the fender will surely look great.

The bottom line is that you can count on us, regardless of how serious the damage is. There are a lot more auto body repair techniques that we frequently use in order to fix any kind of problem. If you need our help, don’t hesitate to call, or even pay us a visit at 22018 N 24th Ave Phoenix, Arizona 85027.

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Quick, Efficient and Affordable Auto Collision Repair in Phoenix

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Welcome back to the best and most professional auto body shop In Phoenix!

Our team of experts is at your disposal to give you a helping hand with your car. You can count on us to bring your vehicle back to its initial state, both from an aesthetic and from a functional point of view.

We understand just how unpleasant a collision can be

We also understand how much you care about your car and that you would never want to see it dented, scratched or, God forbid, even in a worse state. However, drivers and car owners alike know that collisions, although highly unpleasant and nerve-wracking, can definitely happen.

We’ve even had incredibly experienced drivers bring their vehicles to our shop because of minor collisions. As tough as it might be to accept, collisions are bound to happen and nobody is out of harm’s way in this department.

004 (3)

You wouldn’t believe the number of car owners who had to do collision repairs on their cars because of a rogue shopping cart in the mall parking lot. These things could happen to anyone. Apart from rogue shopping carts, your vehicle could also be damaged in traffic or even while it is parked.

Auto Body Shop

However, you should know that all these problems can surely be fixed if you have a trustworthy and professional auto body shop to work with. Thankfully, when it comes to collision repairs, you have come to the best place. Sam’s Auto Body Shop is by far the best shop not only in Phoenix, nut in the neighboring areas as well. We have years of experience in this field and we pride ourselves in working with some of the most skilled and knowledgeable repair technicians in the area.

In fact, we have such an amazing team of experts that we were able to successfully take on some projects that were initially turned down by other auto body shops. You can surely count on us to turn your car from dented and scratched to amazing looking in no time. We can do anything from dent repairs, to auto body repairs, to paint matching and paint blending. When we will be done with your car, it will certainly look like new.

collision repairs

Sam’s Auto Body and Paints

More than that, we can guarantee that you will not be able to find a more affordable auto body shop anywhere in the area. We have the best prices and the most professional services. We work with highly superior products, with the top of the line equipment and we have mastered the most innovative collision repairs techniques.

All you need to do is give us a call or simply bring your vehicle to the shop so that our experts can take a look at it and properly assess the situation.

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Why you shouldn’t DIY Collision Repairs

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In this age of information overload, there is bountiful information on the internet on DIY for practically almost every activity. Even those that are better left to professionals. Inasmuch as some of them are amazing ways to save money, there are some things just too important to leave to DIY. Collision repairs is one of them.

A car can be damaged in a lot of different ways, as a result of a collision. Of course, it all depends on the severity of the “crash”. It can sometimes be just a simple dent or even a few scratches. Unfortunately, when it comes to collision repairs, that is the best case scenario. In the worst case scenario, your car could be so damaged that not even the most skilled collision repairs technician would be able to fix it.

collision repairs
Collision  repairs in Phoenix, AZ

Regardless of how serious the collision was, there is one thing that we would never recommend, and that is trying to fix the damage yourself. There are countless reasons why this is one of the worst ideas you could have. Even if you feel up for it, and you think that the internet would always be there to help you, collision repairsare not that simple. Even if you think that fixing things yourself is going to save you a lot of money, you will see that on the long run that is exactly the opposite.

Most people who choose to fix the damage themselves, without even talking or consulting with a professional, are more than convinced that the job is going to be a piece of cake. More than that, they somehow believe that if they raid their bathroom and use a plunger and some spray paint, the car will be as good as new. Thaat’s not how collision repairs work, guys!

Let us just explain why that is completely wrong. Even if the only visible damage is a superficial dent, the collision could have left the car far more damaged. Sometimes, the entire frame of the car may need to be straightened, repaired or even replaced. That is a problem that an amateur would never be able to fix or even notice.

006 (2)
Fix this collision damage without hassle near you

One thing every car owner should keep in mind is the fact that their vehicle does not just need to look pretty, but it also needs to be safe. This is exactly why the only way to deal with collision repairs is to take the car to an auto body shop and let professionals take care of it.

We know that finding a reliable auto body shop is an incredibly difficult task. We know that there are a lot of shops out there that do a poor job, so if you want to leave your car in good hands, you just need to give us a call. Sam’s Auto Body & Paint is actually known for taking on projects that other auto body shops didn’t even want to hear about.

There’s no need to struggle to fix the damage yourself when you could have your car fixed by the best auto body shop in Phoenix, Arizona. We are here to do the collision repairs for you and to make your vehicle not only pretty, but also safe.

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Don’t lose your head over a Collision damage again

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You might have recently, for one reason or the other, your fault or not yours, been involved in an accident that cost you the beauty of your vehicle. Keep calm. All hell doesn’t have to break loose. And your car isn’t gone forever. You don’t need to cry or mourn the demise of your vehicle.

Something can be done about the body of your car

And we are not talking about Hollywood plastic surgeries. Unlike plastic surgeries, your car can be made to look exactly or even better than the work of the creator. The art has been perfected. And when you have the right professionals and skills at your disposable, that makes it very possible.

Possible means affordability when you talk to the auto body mechanic at Sam’s Auto Body and Paint shop in Phoenix, AZ.

With several years in experience and hundreds of satisfied customers to testify, this your best bet in getting your car back to shape and looking like the beauty you remember. Let’s talk about our auto body repair services.

Dent Removal

You want it all gone away. You want the dent to disappear. Yes, you want your car to look new as if nothing ever happened. There is good news for you. Your needs were met before you even had them. The technicians in Sams Auto body and paint know how to restore your car to its original beauty. They know an easy way to remove dents in your car and make it look brand new.

auto paint and body repair

In case this sounds unbelievable, you should only look at the pictures of previous work done by the talented and innovative technicians at Sams auto body and paint shop to understand fully.

It is very important to take your dented vehicle to an auto body shop. You may feel it will save you time and a few bucks to attempt removing the dent by yourself. But what if the damage was more extensive than that? One of the first steps involved in removing dents from vehicles is an inspection of the vehicles to determine the extent of the damage. If the vehicle was damaged beyond the obvious body parts and internal parts were damaged, it will be wise to address that.  If those parts aren’t fixed, the vehicle may perform poorly or develop problems later on. And while saving a few bucks in the present, more money will be lost in the future fixing those problems.

What to do about Dents

You should address your dent problems as soon as possible. And never be terrified of the prices, they are actually affordable. Bring cars for a check up occasionally. The best professionals in auto body repair in Arizona are willing to be your ‘genie’. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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Avoid deer collision

Tips To Avoid A Deer Collision

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Over the years, there has been an astounding growth in the Deer population. This and the fact that our society grows ever and continues to expand and encroaching deer habitats have been the cause of deer collisions. This has seemed to rise significantly over the years with hundreds of thousands of deer collisions reported every year. These statistics reveal that deer collisions are one of the leading causes of auto accidents in the United States. Although a car might just be colliding with an animal and may not seem like a big deal to you, there have been fatalities reported as well. Deer Collision.

Avoid deer collision

You wouldn’t want to collide with this deer, would you?

These collisions don’t just hurt or kill the deer involved, but damages vehicles and poses a real threat to the health and safety if the driver and passengers  – all who are involved. The safest course is to avoid one completely.

Pay attention to warning signs

Deer habitats are notoriously famous for deer collisions. When you’re about driving into one, you’ll see warning signs on the side of the road. Deers are always on the move in their habitats so you’ll want to keep alert. Don’t let your attention waver. If you see one deer at the side of the road, it may mean there are more around; deer usually move in herds.

Drive Slowly

When in Deer country, you’ll have to drive slowly at a safe speed. 55mph/ 90kph is the recommended speed for these areas.  Driving slowly gives you an ample time to react to brake instead of swerving dangerously on the road.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

Don’t just pay attention to the road alone, you have to pay attention to the surrounding area for signs of deer. If you’re not alone, ask your passengers to do same and notify you of any movements. As earlier stated, one deer sighting may mean more in the area.

Use high beam headlights

When you’re driving through a deer habitat in the dark, use your high beam headlights. This gives you a farther view of the road.

Be extra careful at peak deer hours

Deer’s are usually active and move a lot during sunset to midnight and sunrise. Deer are being active when the light is partly or totally gone, partly contributes to the high rate of deer collision. If you find yourself driving during these times, you have to pay more attention,  be extra careful, be extra observative.

Honk in short blasts

If you come close to a deer that doesn’t seem to want to move, honk on your horn in short blasts. Do this only if you have enough distance between you and the deer and there aren’t other vehicles on the road. Doing so can confuse the deer and have a less than the desired effect.

No one likes a deer collision, least of all, the deer. You’d feel terrible if you collided with a deer. Even if you may not feel for the deer, you will feel for the damage it causes on your car. These damages can be costly to fix. Try to do yourself and passengers a favor and avoid one. Put these tips into practice when in deer country.

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What to Do Moments After a Collision

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What to Do Moments After a Collision

Your heart races, your hands shake, the adrenaline in your blood makes you see things a little bit clearer and above all, you’re thankful it’s not as bad as it could have gotten. That’s what happens after a collision. The shift, in reality, can stun you speechless and it’s easy to lose your head during this time and do things you shouldn’t do.

However, when it happens you should remember to keep calm. If you’re calm in any situation, you’ll be logical in your reasoning. Wading through difficult situations puts you at an advantage. Remember to keep calm and do the following when you find yourself in a collision accident.

Auto Body Damage due to collision

Auto Body Damage due to collision

Stop Driving

If your vehicle is still on the move when it happened, you’ll want to pull over. There’s nothing to gain by driving on when your car is damaged because one way or the other, sooner or later, the car will come to a halt and what better place for that but the scene of the Collison. Once you pull over, try to collect your thoughts and remember to keep calm. Taking deep long breaths is a great way to calm yourself.

Switch on Your Hazard Lights

Just before you exit your vehicle, turn on the hazard lights. The switch is usually labeled two concentric triangles. After turning on the lights, you and other occupants of the vehicle should get out in a safe and orderly fashion. Make sure not to put yourself in harm’s way when you all get out.

Call 911

Once out of harms ways, call 911. Don’t assume the other party has already made the call. Make the call yourself, it won’t hurt if multiple calls were made concerning the accident. When the cops arrive, cooperate with them and respond to their inquiries. They are well trained in handling road accidents.

Gather Important Info and Take Pictures

While this may seem unnecessary and work for the cops, you should do it as it can help speed up your insurance claim.

Don’t Play the Blame Game

While it’s important to discuss with the other party, it is also very important not to discuss who’s at fault and all. Be polite with them, remember they just went through the same experience. At this point after a collision accident, discussing who’s to blame can cause tempers to flare and that won’t do for anyone. Leave the conversation for your insurance agent.

Call Your Insurance Company

You should do this after calling 911. Your insurance company needs to know about the accident. Submit all the info you’ve been able to gather in their absence to them so that all the paperwork for the repairs of your car is done swiftly.

Call Sam’s Auto

Call us and we can have your car towed for you from the scene of the collision unless you feel your car is able to move from the scene. However, we advise you tow it so as not to damage the car further. We can also repair your car to its former glory once you finish everything with your insurance company.

Sam’s Auto Body & Paint


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