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What Happens to your Car Warranty when you have a Car Accident?

Accidents are a daily occurrence in The United States. Most people are insured to some degree at least. However, there are some restrictions even with the best insurance policies. As a car owner, there some questions you should know the answers to: does my car warranty cover all kinds of damage? Is a warranty null when there is an accident? What s the best warranty for me?

auto paint and body repair
What happens to your car warranty in this case?

Does my car warranty cover all kind of damages?

There are different kinds of car warranties. They are the bumper to bumper warranty, the powertrain warranty, and the extended car warranty. The extended car warranty is a good option especially for owners of older vehicles. This is relatively more expensive but with an older car, the cost balances the cost of frequent repairs. This warranty covers most major car part like the Powertrain warranty. The powertrain warranty covers expensive car parts like the driveshaft, engine, transmission and other major parts.

How much does the bumper-to-bumper warranty cover?

This is especially common for new cars. This warranty although sold through the car dealership is backed by the manufacturer.  It covers the car parts from the back bumper to the front, but doesn’t cover the car bumpers, ironic isn’t it?

The bumper to bumper warranty provides repairs for issues like oils leaks but does not cover wear of seating material and seatbelts, car body scratches and cracks in glass. It is obviously not then best option for old vehicles.

Is a warranty null when there is a car accident?

In a warranty contract, there are lists of instances where a manufacturer can void a car warranty. If your car is damaged totally, consider your warranty lost. If you have been running lights or have been using your car as an off road vehicle, you will lose your warranty. Same applies if your car has been damaged as a result of neglect, flood or fire.

Before you agree to a contract, read it well to identify all clauses and their implications. It would also help to find out all you can about the warranty package. Find out what it covers and what would void it.

To ensure your warranty stays, take care of your car and drive with caution. Talk to the professionals in Sams Auto Body Shop to learn more about this.

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Auto Body Painting Service for scratches and dents

If auto body had sensitive skin, car owners will feel the pain of dent or scratch as much as the car did. Not like that isn’t already the case without the sensitive skin. People just have strong feels about their cars. They honestly care about their cars.

It is for those people we wrote this post.

Auto Body Painting Service for scratches and dents

This is exactly why our suggestion would be for them to show their love by trying Sam’s Auto Body & Paint’s auto painting services. It would be the makeover their car needs and since their car only deserves what is best, then it would be only fitting to ask our team of experts for help.

auto painting

Although auto painting does not seem to be such a big deal, it is highly important for it to be done right, by a professional and with the right kind of products. If done right, an auto painting may even spare the owner of ever having to take the car to an auto body shop for the same type of treatment in the future. This is mainly because most of the paint brands we use here at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint offer a lifetime warranty. When this lifetime warranty is combined with our extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians, it leads to some of the best paint jobs in Phoenix, Arizona.

Reasons to do Auto Painting

There are countless various reasons why someone would take their car to an auto body shop for auto painting. The most obvious reason would, of course, be the fact that the car is the lucky survivor of a collision and it needs some touching up. When it comes to scratching and areas with chipped paint, auto painting becomes really tricky. First of all, we need to match the color of your car.

This means that most of the times we even have to contact the manufacturer so that we can order the same type of paint. Second of all, in auto painting there is a technique that is called paint blending, technique that seems to be ignored by most auto painting shops. Basically, a skilled technician would make sure that the new coat of paint doesn’t have harsh lines or defined edges. These harsh lines make the paint job incredibly obvious, whereas if the paint is properly blended, the car will look as good as new.

Weather damage

One other reason why people resort to auto painting for their cars is weather damage. When a car spends most of its time outside in the sun and rain, its paint can fade and lose shine. However, there is no need to feel sorry for it, because it can be fixed by our amazing auto painting technicians. No matter why or how you want to change the paint on your car, all you need to do is give us a call and we will take care of the rest!

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What are the different techniques of Auto body repair?

Does it seem to you like magic when a very messed up car goes to an auto body shop and comes back looking like it was new? Of course it’s not magic! It just involves some dedication, hard work and a lot of knowledge. We are going to tell you about a few auto body repair techniques that we use here at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint.

Before we worked our magic
Before we worked our magic

1. Buffing

This is one of the easiest, simplest and cheapest auto body repair techniques to fix a damaged car. However, “damaged” may not be the best word for it. This technique is generally used when it comes to minor damage to your car. We are talking here about minor to moderate scratches that can occur in various ways. It may be an errant shopping cart, a poor first cycling attempt your kid had, or even an unsuccessful parking attempt (we don’t blame and we definitely don’t want to judge anyone).

The bottom line is that when it comes to auto body repair, a skillful technician could fix these minor problems by buffing out any scuffs that might appear on the paint surface.

2. Dent repairs

Believe it or not, as far as auto body repair goes, dents are the most frequent problems we need to fix. If you are lucky enough to only have a minor dent and no damaged paint, this issue is definitely not a problem to a professional.

Of course, this auto body repair technique is a bit more complicated and it takes longer than a simple buffing, but in the end your car will look as good as new. The metal can be easily put back into place (this requires some pulling, pushing and even a gentle massage from time to time) and made to look as if nothing had happened.

After we worked our magic
After we worked our magic

3. Fender bender

The second most frequent problem we need to fix here at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint is fender benders. The best course of action in this case would be replacing the dented or damaged fenders, so that the owner can avoid any long – term issues such as chipping or corrosion. However, considering the fact that replacing the fender is more expensive, most car owners ask us to repair the damaged ones.

This auto body repair technique is a bit more complicated and it includes more steps. The fender is first straightened then it is sanded all the way to the metal. The area is coated with a body – filler which needs to cure. After it has cured, the body – filler is also sanded until the surface is smooth. The last step of this auto body repair technique is the paint job and after that, the fender will surely look great.

The bottom line is that you can count on us, regardless of how serious the damage is. There are a lot more auto body repair techniques that we frequently use in order to fix any kind of problem. If you need our help, don’t hesitate to call, or even pay us a visit at 22018 N 24th Ave Phoenix, Arizona 85027.

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Auto Restorations for your Classic Car

Are you a car enthusiast? Or do you wonder why some people are so into classic cars? Well, some things just can’t be explained with ordinary words. As a car enthusiast, a vintage vehicle has a lot of appeal. You just want to own them! We don’t mean to burst your bubble, but we have to contirbute to your joy of acquiring a ‘new’ vintage vehicle by giving you the assurance of longlasting performance. Before you begin cruising in your vintage vehicle, quite a lot of auto restoration has to be done on your vehicle.

Classic cars' value and strength skyrocket after auto restoration
Classic cars’ value and strength skyrocket after auto restoration

Auto Restoration

Auto restoration is usually done on old cars that have not necessarily gone through crashes, but that have just deteriorated over time. These old vehicles could have been affected by a number of factors, anything from rust, to water damage or sun damage. This is exactly why you need a skilled team of repair and painting technicians to help you out.

We guess that you would like to avoid any situation in which you end up purchasing an old vehicle that needs auto restoration, just to realize that it has been ruined by a less than professional auto body shop. We would hate for you to spend more than you have to and to waste more time that necessary. This is exactly why, when it comes to reliable auto body shops that are experienced in auto restoration, you have come to the right place.

Sam’s Auto Body & Paint is by far the best auto body shop in Phoenix, Arizona. We have had the chance to work on countless vehicles and each time we have proven that there is nobody out there better than us. We have made it our goal to turn each customer into a satisfied customer and a happy car owner, no matter if we are talking about auto restoration, dent repairs or auto painting.

The key to our success is the fact that we work with the best people, the best equipment and the best products in the business. We actually pride ourselves in having on board some of the most skilled and best trained repair and painting technicians, so you can rest assured that any auto restoration made in our shop will be flawless. More than that, we have invested in top of the line equipment and in high quality products to make sure that every car we work on will not only end up looking like new, but it will also be very safe and the repairs will last.

So if you are thinking of getting your car to an auto body shop for some auto restoration, we are surely the team for you! Drop us a line, give us a call or even come by the shop so that our highly trained technicians can take a look at that beauty of yours!

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Your car is more at risk to body damage.. Here’s why

Holidays are always associated with increased traffic due to a lot of traveling. Families will be vacating, visiting each other or simply going to pleasure spots around the city. Increased traffic exposes your vehicle to increased risk to body damage. So as your friendly neighbor, we want to give you some heads up. And if you get into a situation where you need our services, call us and we’ll be willing to help.

Shopping Dangers: From shopping carts to people who can’t park, you may be faced with some dents and dings from fellow travelers and shoppers. Most of these problems should be small, but we can easily take care of them to ensure your ride looks the best it can before trips to see family. Don’t let a rogue shopping cart leave an eyesore, ruining your Christmas spirit.
Increased Traffic: With more people out shopping, coming into town, and having time off from work, there’s bound to be more traffic than the rest of the year, and this will obviously increase the risk of accidents. Rest assured that you will still get the same attentive care from us in December as you would in June. The customer comes first and we will try to make sure the job fits your budget or works with your insurance company. Still be caution, but don’t let it ruin Christmas.

Nit Picky Family: Some family members may look down on you if you have discoloration, rust, dents, and dings in your car. Keep them quiet with a fresh coat of paint (or paint matching to cover problem areas) and let us remove all the dents and dings—they may even think you sprung for a new car since last year.

Accidents at Home: From kids running around, to and from vehicles, to decreased parking space, you may have similar problems as you will when you’re out shopping. Minor damage may plague your car by the time New Year’s is over—but don’t panic or yell at your nieces and nephews for throwing a football into your door panel, most small damage can be fixed easily and completely for a reasonable price. Accidents happen, so no need to freak out about door dings or nudges from bumpers.

collision repair

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and would like to welcome you to our shop for any and all automotive body and paint repairs you may have for the rest of the year. We won’t let needed body work or basic scratch and dent repairs ruin your Christmas cheer, so come on down with any and all problems you’d like us to look at.

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Dent repairs aren’t what you think they are…

Dent repairs aren’t some minor repairs done on the body of a car. Most people seem to think that but actually, there are different levels of damages that lead to dent repairs. Some of the times they are right, other times a little more is required for the needed repairs to be done. Some damages could require serious auto body repairs. But you can’t really tell until you have inspected the extent of the damage.

Auto body repairs

Like we have mentioned before, there are some cases where a dent is not just a dent and a couple of scratches are actually a lot worse than they seem. So to get the situation properly assessed, you definitely need the help of a professional technician. Otherwise, your vehicle may be in urgent need of some auto body repairs without you knowing it. If you only focus on solving the problem on the outside, from an aesthetic point of view, you might be endangering yourself and anyone brave enough to get in your car. The vehicle might not be safe and it might not be at all indicated for you to keep driving it until the damage is 100% fixed.

So to be safe and to avoid others, a lot more serious issues, you definitely need to get the vehicle checked to a professional. And since we are talking about professionals, you should know that Sam’s Auto Body & Paint has the most talented, well trained and knowledgeable auto repair technicians, especially when it comes to scratches and dent repairs. Out experts never shy away from a job and the thing that they are best known for is solving issues that other repair technicians were unable to solve.

We take great pride in our work and, above all, we pride ourselves on having the most dedicated and professional team of experts. More than that, you should also know that our company is the top pick for commercial and residential customers in the area. The main reason we are so popular, apart from our undeniable skills, is the fact that we also have the most affordable prices in the area. We guarantee that there is no other body shop around that has prices that can compete with ours.

Why choose us?

We guarantee that you will not only be satisfied with our services, but we will also manage to exceed your expectations. The bottom line is that you can count on us to cater to your every need, no matter how much damage your vehicle has suffered. We can, without a doubt make it look like new again and make it safe for you and your loved ones.

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Dont Let the Little Dings get you…

Sam’s Auto Body and Paint would love to work on your car, removing all of the dents, dings, paint transfers, deep scratches, and other body and paint damage that may have happened to your car. Today we’d like to take a moment to remind you just how much better you will feel when your car is looking better! It won’t increase the performance of your engine, but driving around with those dents and scratches isn’t always a good idea.

We work with insurance! A lot of dents, dings, scratches, and body damage is covered by insurance, especially if the damage is caused by an accident or collision. Some damage doesn’t need to be fixed right away, or insurance companies won’t want to work with you to get it fixed, but we work with nearly every insurance company to get you what you need!

How Damage Affects Mood: Some of us see our cars as an extension of ourselves. Some of us consider our cars to be our babies, our pride and joy. We don’t want you to have hurt pride or cringe at the sight of your car because a shoddy auto body shop got their hands on it. We want to repair as much of the damage as humanly possible, providing great quality work at reasonable prices. Seeing your car all beat up or with faded paint is sure to remind you of that fender bender, the time you hit a light pole, or whatever caused the problem. We’d like to help wipe those memories away quickly and efficiently.

How Damage Affects Efficiency: It usually doesn’t affect your car much, but depending on the size and location of a dent or ding, it can cause increased drag, and more severe body damage can lead to internal problems, scraping parts, or other less-than-desirable effects. Faded paint may expose your car to the elements, causing rust and erosion! Proper maintenance of the body of your car is almost as important as keeping the engine running smoothly.

Aesthetic problems: We’ve all seen those cars driving around with bumpers falling off, car doors nearly crushed, and wondered how they’re still driving! We don’t want you to be that driver, and we’d love to do what we can to get you back on the road looking great. We’ve been known to take on projects other companies refuse to, taking cars which would have been sent to the scrap yard and repairing them to great conditions! The real pros can take almost any body or paint damage and bring the life back into the car!

If you have insurance, get us in touch with your agents to start the repair work today. If your damage is not covered by insurance, let us know and we’ll discuss the cost and your options. Even without insurance, we’re the best around and offer amazing prices.

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Collision Repair And The Unexpected…

Nobody ever thinks they’ll get into a car accident, but it happens to the best of drivers. Whether you’ve been a victim of a hit-and-run, a fender bender, a read-end collision, someone lost control of the wheel, or any number of situations ending in a collision, we can help you get back onto the road in great shape.

We work with most insurance companies in the area, meaning there is usually little to no out-of-pocket expenses to our insured customers. Accidents happen, and we want to make sure your vehicle is in great shape to get back onto the road. A bad body job can lead to increased damage if you were to end up in an accident later on. Metal can be incredibly resilient, but when the work isn’t done correctly the metal becomes weaker. The whole point of a sturdy body in your vehicle is to keep you safe should a collision occur. Don’t let a lesser body shop do a poor job (for the same cost or higher). Always bring your car to the best shop in town to get great work done.

Collision Repair

Today we’ll talk a little bit about some of the common collision damage we see here at our shop.

  • Read end collisions: If someone failed to hit their brakes in time or, for any other reason, has collided with the back of your car, you may be facing some whiplash as well as damage to the rear of your car. This can result in minimal damage to your rear bumper, but it can also lead to damage to the rest of the body (read doors, trunks, panels, etc). Usually, the driver who collided with the front car is at fault and responsible for the damages.
  • Head on: Two cars who collide at the front of the car can end up fatal, depending on speed and the cars. These accidents are harder to tell who is at fault, it depends on what is going on around them. These can result in a lot of damage to the engine of the car.
  • Single Car: This can include drivers hitting a barrier, wall, or other stationary object. The severity varies, and the damage can be minor or catastrophic. It can be tricky to get insurance to cover this damage—depending on what you hit and why.
  • Side impact: We hear about t-boning and broadside strikes all the time. These can be especially dangerous if the driver hitting you is traveling at high speeds. The amount of damage is dependent on a lot of features—including materials and how well the body was made or maintained.
  • Sideswipe: These collisions often end up with less damage than the above 2. It often results in loss of mirrors and door damage as well as panel damage. Sometimes it’s as minimal as a few scratches and dents. Depending on the velocity and the amount of control the drivers have, this can be minimal damage.
  • Rollover: This can be a very scary type of accident. This happens when one car ends up flipped over. Smaller cars can be victims of this, but cars with higher profiles are more prone to them. Luckily, a lot of high profile cars (SUV’s, Jeeps, etc) have different bodywork and will sometimes incur less damage.
  • Multi-vehicle: These are hard to tell who is at fault, as well, and it can get messy when dealing with insurance companies, and the type of damage can be minor to severe.
  • If you ever are in need of any type of repair Give the professionals down at Sams Auto a call and ask for Mark. He’s the best in the game!

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Simple Types Of Auto Body Modifications!

We’ve talked a lot about auto body painting, maintenance, and repairs and we’ve touched on muscle cars, so today we’re going to bring up some interesting improvements customers may be asking for! Keep reading for some great ideas and if we missed something, let us know or talk to our technicians at Sam’s Auto Body and Paint!

  1. Spoilers: When they fit the needs, size, and shape of the car, spoilers can increase the aerodynamic functions of your vehicle! They look awesome and can be helpful. A lot of cars on the market for everyday drivers have smaller spoilers to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency. Who doesn’t love saving gas and money, right? Sports cars to sedans are seen with some sort of spoiler.
  2. Louvered hoods: This style of modification has become fashionable in the last few years. These vents were once only used as function-only, but as car engines improve they are less necessary and more visually appealing—bringing back memories of an older time.
  3. Air extractors: These are an evolved form of the louvered hoods, but featureless vents at a larger size.
  4. Ram Air Hoods: Sometimes these resemble a nose-like feature at the front of the hood of a car, but it serves a purpose! It catches the air that is going over the hood, allowing high-pressure air to escape. It’s a little like supercharging at high speeds. They were common in racing years ago and give a car an interesting look.
  5. Cowl Induction: This “pop up scoop” modification allows some of the high-pressure air that collects near the windshield to go into the vehicle’s engine. It can be as efficient as a ram air hood and offers both function and a great look.
  6. Fender Flares: These extend the fender well and provide a great look while protecting the vehicle from dirt, rocks, and other flying debris. They are often added to trucks that are using larger-than-standard tires.

Stay in touch and we’ll talk about replacing hoods and trunks with different materials (like fiberglass) and we’ll continue to show you work we’ve done on vehicles clients have brought in.

While cosmetic alterations aren’t covered by insurance, it can be a great way to improve the look and function of your vehicle! Don’t forget that we work with nearly all insurance companies to get you back on the road after collisions or other body damage. Sam’s is here to help you and your loved ones. No one wants to drive around in a beat-up car, van, SUV, or truck—and a lot of common auto body damage will rapidly affect your road safety.

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Are you thinking about changing the color of your car?

Things to know before you start

If you were thinking about painting the color of your car to a new color there should always be a few colors you should be cautious about. Some paints just don’t stay as clean looking as long, for example, the color black is the hardest color on a car to keep clean this is because any sort of dirt and debris that you are going to be driving in is going to show up on your paint a lot more than other colored cars. If you have any other colors on your black color vehicle the dirt and grime will stand out much more than normal. Especially with dust and dirt. This goes with white car paint as well. A lot of people think that having a white car will make it easier to keep clean but it’s actually the same case as Black. And this is because most things that you will encounter on the road or not white. This can give your car a white brownish tint we’re not taken care of. The easiest paint color to keep clean actually happens to be a champagne color. This is because the dust blends in with the car allowing it to appear cleaner longer.

After paint care

After your car is freshly painted you’re gonna wanna leave it alone for about a month. Somethings that are acceptable to do would be to wash the car by hand because car washing machines could apply to much pressure and take the paint up. You should always avoid wax in your car for three months and dry wiping. This is because waxing and polishing your car could possibly and potentially cause damage to the freshly added coat of paint. The paint needs to cure and it could be some time before you go back to your regular detailing habits on your car. You should always also try to avoid any harsh chemicals on your car surface.
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Automotive Paint Services Phoenix Arizona Auto Body Services by Sam s Auto Body and Paint Phoenix Metropolitan and Surrounding Areas

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Here at Sam’s auto body and paint if you want your car painted the right way you came to the right place. When doing a full carbon job we stripped every piece off of the car ensuring we get behind and every nook and cranny possible. We take pride in the work that we do in care just as much Your car as you do. Feel free to give us a call at 623-582-8232. We also offer a 5% discount on all cash transactions. Don’t let your insurance company miss lead you to the wrong place call us!

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