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Does the Size of Your Car Help In Collision Safety?

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Does the Size of Your Car Help In Collision Safety?

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Does a Car’s Size Affect It’s Collision Safety?

Accidents are prone to occur. Your ability to obey all rules of traffic just slightly reduces the risk, just slightly. What can be done? You want to know if your vehicle can help minimize the risk of fatality during a crash or collision. Even if it does reduce the risk of fatality, will the car survive the crash?  What kind of car has high safety features? You may have kids, what kind of cars would be recommended?

It’s important to note that if safety features are your main concern, you may not get to have your dream car. That isn’t a problem? Good then. Let’s see some factors to consider.

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The Vehicle’s Momentum

There’s a reason small vehicle drivers are scared of big trucks. It’s not just the size, it’s the momentum. Momentum is the product of the mass of a body and it’s velocity. This just means that the impact a truck moving at 12mph will have on a brick wall will be greater than that of a sedan moving at the same velocity. This is because of the weight of a truck.

In a collision incident, a smaller car will suffer more than a bigger one. This is because the bigger vehicle transfers it’s weight to the smaller one on collision. So, you want to consider getting a car that’s not so little. In this case, it’s better a truck that a convertible.

Size of The Vehicle

The size of a vehicle translates to it’s weight. Larger vehicles have the ability to absorb force on impact more than their smaller counterparts. Have you ever seen an accident involving a truck and a salon car, then you’d understand. Evidently, the salon car suffers more than the truck. This is simply because, during head on collisions, the truck having a wider hood has a bigger crash zone than the smaller car. So, a bigger car is in order.

Modern Cars

Here, size is not really important. With newer cars come newer and more sophisticated safety features. We’re not just talking about front airbags, we’re talking about side, rear and side-curtain airbags. Dope right?

There are other safety features in newer cars like back up cameras and sensors. This feature prevents you from colliding with any object at your rear-end.

There are also electronic stability controls that stops your car from spinning out of control.

Now you can see that there are cars with safety features and sometimes, size is irrelevant. Just go with an option that works for you and your family. Your primary concern may be the environment. Well, there are cars that are environmentally friendly. You could get one of those.

No matter the safety features installed in a car, accidents occur and if it isn’t fatal your cars suffer. If that is the case, be glad because your car served you well. Return the favor by taking it to a good auto repair shop for some repairs. Sam Auto Body and Paint is happy to help.

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