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Heads Up: Traffic is about to get risky tomorrow

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Auto Body Damage due to collision

Heads Up: Traffic is about to get risky tomorrow

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so you may be faced with a lot of traveling and traffic situation this holiday season. We’d like to give you some warnings of things that may happen during your travels which may lead you into our doors for automotive paint and body repair.

1. Shopping Dangers

From shopping carts to people who can’t park, you may be faced with some dents and dings from fellow travelers and shoppers. Most of these problems should be small, but we can easily take care of them to ensure your ride looks the best it can before trips to see family. Don’t let a rogue shopping cart leave an eyesore, ruining your Christmas spirit.

2. Increased Traffic

With more people out shopping, coming into town, and having time off from work, there’s bound to be more traffic than the rest of the year, and this will obviously increase the risk of accidents. Rest assured that you will still get the same attentive care from us in December as you would in June. The customer comes first and we will try to make sure the job fits your budget or works with your insurance company. Still be caution, but don’t let it ruin Christmas.

3. Nit Picky Family

Some family members may look down on you if you have discoloration, rust, dents, and dings in your car. Keep them quiet with a fresh coat of paint (or paint matching to cover problem areas) and let us remove all the dents and dings—they may even think you sprung for a new car since last year.

4. Accidents at Home

From kids running around, to and from vehicles, to decreased parking space, you may have similar problems as you will when you’re out shopping. Minor damage may plague your car by the time New Year’s is over—but don’t panic or yell at your nieces and nephews for throwing a football into your door panel, most small damage can be fixed easily and completely for a reasonable price. Accidents happen, so no need to freak out about door dings or nudges from bumpers.

Be ready for Holiday Traffic with us

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and would like to welcome you to our shop for any and all automotive body and paint repairs you may have for the rest of the year. We won’t let needed bodywork or basic scratch and dent repairs ruin your Christmas cheer, so come on down with any and all problems you’d like us to look at. Have a safe and happy holiday season, and keep checking back for more blogs from Sam’s Auto Body and Paint.

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