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How the Spring Season Can Damage Your Car Paint

How the Spring Season Can Damage Your Car Paint

Springtime is a very beautiful time. After the snow and cold, the sun is refreshing and warming. For drivers, its a pleasant time. After spending months driving in the cold, having to deal with snowy roads, for a break you want to enjoy some warmth. Apart from the colorful flowers, birds chirping and clear skies, spring ushers in some paint damaging forces.

If you want to keep up the immaculate painting of your car, you’ll have to know those forces that act to damage your car’s paint. Let’s consider some common signs of spring you should be wary of.

Pavement Debris

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This is quite common in areas that experience a lot of snow. Due to frequent use of road plows and salt, some spots on the pavement may become loose. This rough debris can be picked up by the tires of moving vehicles and shot to your car hoods or bumpers. This will cause chipping, flaking, or even worse body corrosion.

To prevent this, you have to act fast. Once you notice a chip, use a matching touch up paint from a dealership to conceal it. Before using the paint, make sure the surface is clean. So clean any dust or dirt on the surface of the spot you want to paint on. You can only do this a few times. If the chipping is on several parts of the car, then the touch up begins to look tacky. It’s time you take your car to an auto repairs shop and get the finish smooth again.

Tree Sap

During spring, trees drip sap. If you park your car under one and it drips sap on it. You should get it off quickly with some alcohol. If you leave it on the car, and the sun bakes it, it then crystallizes on the car’s surface leaving that spot unpleasant.

The only way to get is off is by using alcohol and rubbing it off with a microfiber. You should also consider not parking your car under a tree if you can help it.

Bugs and Bird Droppings

Flying bugs can get splattered on your car and ruin your car finish. These bugs contain acids and when it’s splattered on your car and is baked by the sun, can corrode your car finish. To prevent this, wash off the splatter as soon as possible with soapy water and then rinse it off.

Bugs are not the only flying creatures that could ruin your car paint, birds do too. Or rather, bird droppings. Bird droppings contains some things like uric acid and residues that can discolor your car. Don’t leave them on your car, clean them off as soon as possible using damp cloth.


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They appear harmless but they aren’t to your car. They can scratch your car paint. Because they are very tiny, they can get into your car’s pores and settle. If this continues for a while, they deposited pollen can release acids and this results in color fading. To get rid of this, wash your car with warm soapy water and rinse the car.

If you’ve been dealing with these problems and it telling on your car’s finish, simply get it to an auto repair shop. Sam auto body and paint is happy to help you with this. We are qualified to get your paint back to factory condition, so you’d enjoy your ride this spring.