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How to Keep Auto Body in Perfect Condition | Prevent Corrosion & Damages to Paint

Keeping the auto body in perfect condition is something that any vehicle owner wants for their vehicle very much. First, because the auto body in perfect condition gives a good and complete picture of what our car is; second because a body and its impeccable painting maintain the market value of our vehicle among the highest possible values. However, the inclemency of the weather and external factors that damage the metal, make us run the risk of suffering corrosion, or deterioration of the paint.

We can see the two problems as two versions of one. For example, a “Chinita” fired against our car can make a slight wound to the paint, and from there we can suffer corrosion; or, a corroded part can begin to eat the paint little by little. how we can manage this is to take good care of the body both daily and in longer periods.

Four Children Washing Silver Toyota Prius

Maintenance of Auto Body Paint in Perfect Condition: Washing the Car

Washing the car is a task that raises different passions: there are those who love and dedicate a good part of it on Sunday morning, and there are those who hate it and prefer the rain to wash the car. We are going to focus on those two extreme characters, and in the end, we will realize that it is better to buy a car from the first, than from the second.

Washing a car with a sponge

How do you wash the car to take care of the painting? With care and patience. On the body we can find bird droppings, remains of (thousands of) insects, tree resins, tar spots, industrial dust particles, soot particles, and in general everything we can imagine, and all those remains affect the paint as much as the metal.

  • Washing the car is often a good way to keep the paint in perfect condition and prevent corrosion.
  • It is better to wash the car by hand if we can do it or find where, because we will be less aggressive than what we can get at a car wash.
Carwashed Black Sedan
  • Before starting, soften. As in any case of accumulated or encrusted dirt, it is best to first soften the remains with plenty of hot water.
  • The lower parts of the car, tires, and tires accumulate a lot of dirt and it is convenient to be conscientious in our cleaning. Can you use water under pressure? Yes, although being purists it will always be more aggressive than a soft sponge, but it will be a faster process and, if we want, effective. The reality is that if the dirt is soft enough, we will clean it perfectly with a sponge.
  • We will always clean the body from top to bottom, without exerting much pressure (because we have already softened the remains and stains), constantly rinsing the sponge and using a soap indicated for the paint, with the correct pH.
  • Once clean, we rinse the car thoroughly, thoroughly. Do not skimp water so that we do not have traces of soap.
  • We dry the car with a microfiber cloth.

What not to do

  • Rub the stains and debris dry, because we can scratch the paint.
  • Let the stains and, especially the remains like bird droppings, insects, resins … remain long embedded in the paint.
  • Let the car dry in the sun. This damages the paint a lot and is one of the most frequent causes of wear.

Washing the car by hand is a task that takes time. Maybe the option of the car wash is the most comfortable, but the reality is that finding one of them that is perfectly regulated is complicated, at least in some areas. We can find them with defective brushes, with some deficiency of, for example, soap (which does not have), and a number of possible problems. They really take much less time, but like everything in life, it depends on what we want to achieve. Clean car, caring and always in perfect condition? Only a car without dirt? We choose. We will finish now with some tips to avoid or correct the possible corrosion of the body.

How to avoid corrosion in the body

Classic Brown Vehicle Parked Beside Trees
  • It is convenient to immediately repair any damage that has penetrated the surface sheet, that is, exposing the metal. Once the surface is “perforated”, the metal is perfectly exposed to corrosion. If we have a little touch or detect something in the body, let’s try it as soon as possible.
  • In addition, if the car is repaired for any reason, always check the condition of the anti-corrosion product layers. It is one more measure of caution.
  • If you live in an area of sea, and as an extra ball if you use the car on a dirt road or on a beach (do not do it because it is forbidden!) You should check that there are no remains of sand on the ground or inside the car. In addition, the saltpeter should be cleaned quickly, the same (although it is another case) that the salt that you can accumulate in a road trip if you pass through stretches of road with snow.
  • Washing the car is often a way to keep the body safe from corrosion. For more references, scroll up in this article.

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