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Collision Repair And The Unexpected…

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Collision Repair And The Unexpected…

Nobody ever thinks they’ll get into a car accident, but it happens to the best of drivers. Whether you’ve been a victim of a hit-and-run, a fender bender, a read-end collision, someone lost control of the wheel, or any number of situations ending in a collision, we can help you get back onto the road in great shape.

We work with most insurance companies in the area, meaning there is usually little to no out-of-pocket expenses to our insured customers. Accidents happen, and we want to make sure your vehicle is in great shape to get back onto the road. A bad body job can lead to increased damage if you were to end up in an accident later on. Metal can be incredibly resilient, but when the work isn’t done correctly the metal becomes weaker. The whole point of a sturdy body in your vehicle is to keep you safe should a collision occur. Don’t let a lesser body shop do a poor job (for the same cost or higher). Always bring your car to the best shop in town to get great work done.

Collision Repair

Today we’ll talk a little bit about some of the common collision damage we see here at our shop.

  • Read end collisions: If someone failed to hit their brakes in time or, for any other reason, has collided with the back of your car, you may be facing some whiplash as well as damage to the rear of your car. This can result in minimal damage to your rear bumper, but it can also lead to damage to the rest of the body (read doors, trunks, panels, etc). Usually, the driver who collided with the front car is at fault and responsible for the damages.
  • Head on: Two cars who collide at the front of the car can end up fatal, depending on speed and the cars. These accidents are harder to tell who is at fault, it depends on what is going on around them. These can result in a lot of damage to the engine of the car.
  • Single Car: This can include drivers hitting a barrier, wall, or other stationary object. The severity varies, and the damage can be minor or catastrophic. It can be tricky to get insurance to cover this damage—depending on what you hit and why.
  • Side impact: We hear about t-boning and broadside strikes all the time. These can be especially dangerous if the driver hitting you is traveling at high speeds. The amount of damage is dependent on a lot of features—including materials and how well the body was made or maintained.
  • Sideswipe: These collisions often end up with less damage than the above 2. It often results in loss of mirrors and door damage as well as panel damage. Sometimes it’s as minimal as a few scratches and dents. Depending on the velocity and the amount of control the drivers have, this can be minimal damage.
  • Rollover: This can be a very scary type of accident. This happens when one car ends up flipped over. Smaller cars can be victims of this, but cars with higher profiles are more prone to them. Luckily, a lot of high profile cars (SUV’s, Jeeps, etc) have different bodywork and will sometimes incur less damage.
  • Multi-vehicle: These are hard to tell who is at fault, as well, and it can get messy when dealing with insurance companies, and the type of damage can be minor to severe.
  • If you ever are in need of any type of repair Give the professionals down at Sams Auto a call and ask for Mark. He’s the best in the game!

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