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Other Body Work: Time and Nature

suv auto dent repairOver time we’ll all notice our cars body work failing, from rust spots to random scratches, faded sections of paint to weakened support systems. We’re here to fix up your car to make it safer and more beautiful to keep your baby on the road!

Weather Damage: Hail is known for causing tiny dents to giant holes in our cars, and we’re here to help! Hail damage, falling debris damage, and other damage caused by acts of nature are some of the most frustrating damage! A lot of insurance companies don’t cover this, since it’s not related to another driver. We’re here to help get those dents out and repair your auto body and help you forget that hail storm ever happened!

Don’t forget about paint damage from too much sun exposure or other elemental damage!

Mystery Damage: One day you get out of your car and everything looks fine, but down the line you’ll walk up to your car and notice a weird warp in your hood or a strange dent in a side panel. Most of this type of damage is easy to fix and we’ll make sure to give you the best price to put that memory out of your head. We don’t need to know how it happened (in most cases) but we just want to see you satisfied.

Rust: Cars that have been taken off of the road for a while, older cars that are passed down person to person, and older cars being rebuilt can be major victims of rust and other deterioration. Most of this type of damage can be repaired and we’d love the chance to show you what we can do.

Wear and Tear: Sometimes support structures or other features of your car start to weaken from years of use, improper care, or a change in the inner workings of the car. Upgrading your engine may mean you need to upgrade the support systems of your car. Keep everything where it needs to be by keeping an eye on the body as a whole, not just the dents and dings!

Stay tuned to read about some types of additions you can get put onto your car at an auto body shop like Sam’s! We’re looking forward to showing you some spoilers, hood improvements, and more.

Give us a call with your ideas, concerns, insurance information, and more to get started on your auto body repairs, improvements, paint jobs, and more. Our skilled technicians can’t wait for their next project and we love seeing the smiling faces of our satisfied customers and clients.