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How does paint blending work

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How does paint blending work

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Here, at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint we have had numerous customers come in and ask us what paint blending is and how does it work exactly. The good news here is that most vehicle owners have started to become more and more informed concerning automotive painting and they are less likely to take their car to a less than professional auto body shop. The bad news, however, is the fact that they still ask us what paint blending is, if it is absolutely necessary and, most importantly, we even had customers who asked us if we could skip this step so that the paint job would be cheaper.

Body work and repairs all completed.

Body work and repairs all completed.

Believe it or not, the paint blending process is incredibly easy to explain to female drivers and they are the first ones to understand just how important it is. In all fairness, female drivers are also the majority when it comes to automotive painting in our auto body shop. We simply explain them that the paint on the car resembles their nail polish. If it is chipped ad we add a layer of nail polish only to a certain area, it would look as if there would be a blob of paint on the surface of the car. This is why paint blending is important, because it makes that blob go away and it makes the car look as if it had not been painted. As a result of the paint blending process, there are no edges or lines that can indicate the vehicle was patched up in any way.

And to also answer the customers who have asked us to skip this step for financial reasons, you should know that the price for a paint job is fixed and it can not be altered depending on the steps performed by the painting technician. With or without the paint blending process, it will cost you the same to have those scratches and scuffs painted. It’s just that with the paint blending process, your car will end up looking so much better, as if it had never been painted in the first place.

One other thing you should know if you are about to bring your car over to Sam’s Auto Body & Paint is the fact that our prices are incredibly low. We guarantee to have the most affordable prices in the area, not only when it comes to paint jobs, but dent repairs and auto body work as well. You can rest assured that you will not find cheaper services anywhere around.

All that is left for you to do now is give us a call or bring your car over to the shop. Our experts will have a look at it and let you know how fixable the damage is!

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