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Paint Jobs for Work Vehicles

20150714_131817Sometimes having a specific vehicle for you or your employees is helpful. From gardening and landscaping companies to delivery companies and even business folks, having a company vehicle can be wonderful. You may even want to advertise your company on your personal vehicle! We can help make that dream a reality with custom paint jobs. Today we’ll talk about some ways to use a custom paint job to your advantage! Help your company through an investment on your car!

  1. Free Advertisement: Well, the paint job isn’t free, but once it’s done you have a moving ad for your company. A fresh paint job followed by your company name, phone number, location, or logo can help bring business. Don’t just slap that logo on any vehicle, make sure the paint job is fresh and beautiful and the work is long lasting!
  2. Custom Colors: Consider custom color paint jobs to match your company name or logo to help people recognize your brand! Try two-toned paint jobs, detailed stripes or patterns, or bright colors to draw attention! If it’s something out of the ordinary, people are more likely to remember it. If the colors of your car match the color of a print or online advertisement, potential customers will remember that name from when they were driving to work. It’s all about recognition.
  3. 001 (2)Upkeep: Keeping a company car clean and in good repair is a great way to improve your image. If the truck that arrives at a job is covered in rust, dents, and body damage it will evoke a certain feeling towards the customer. It can also make them think you buy junkers just to save a buck because you’re not good enough to make a decent profit. Even a 10 year old car can look amazing when in good physical repair!
  4. Company Rides: If you have a company car but it’s not a mobile advertisement, you may still want a specific paint job. Why have a white sedan as your company commuter car when you can spruce it up with a deep black or a classic red? Impress clients and feel great turning heads in your beautiful car. We offer lifetime warranties on all of our work, so once you get that car to the true beauty it can have, you’ll be coasting confidently. Drive clients around in a piece of art instead of a boring piece of transportation equipment.
  5. Your Imagination Is Your Only Limit: We can do just about anything you could come up with! Call today and tell us your ideas and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

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