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carWe’ve talked recently about custom paint jobs, including new and exciting colors and some design aspects, but today we’re going to take it back a notch and talk about color matching and the more toned down colors found in the car factories.

When getting body work done you probably do not want a full repaint job if all you need repaired is a door panel, a dent worked out, or other localized body work performed. Many of these smaller area jobs lead to paint removal, unfortunately. Lucky for you, we can match any color paint, including those found in the automobile factories. Never again worry about receiving body work and mismatched paint. Our rained eyes will catch any color different before it gets to your vehicle. We don’t want you driving around in a Frankenstein car, so we ensure every paint job is done to your specifications and desires.

We have great paint blending practices to make sure that areas in which the entire panel doesn’t need to be repainted, but we keep the edges blended so no one will be able to tell that you had work done—just like the best plastic surgery! So don’t let minor dings and scratches lead you to paying for repainting your entire car, we can do small sections at a time.

After time, car paint loses its luster and shine. Sun exposure, high winds, sand, salt, sea air, and other natural factors can cause your paint to chip, fade, and experience other faults and damage. Getting your car resurfaced and painted doesn’t mean your car must completely change color! We can match the paint color to the color you fell in love with when you bought the car. If you aren’t a big fan of change or you just really liked the color we can help. No worrying about leaving with a botched paint job or settling for something you didn’t want.

20150708_143441The paint job on a car is important to keep the layers underneath the primer, paint, and finishers at their best. When paint starts to chip and the inner layers become exposed, you’re at higher risk of damage to the paint job or the metal of the car. No one likes a rusty vehicle, so leave it to the professionals to make your car look years newer with something as simple as a paint job. We will not miss a spot, and you will leave with a beautiful paint job and 100% satisfaction guaranteed! We are confident that our paint jobs will last.

Bring in your car for any paint jobs—big or small, we do it all! Stay tuned for more details on different painting and auto body methods, needs, techniques, reasons, causes, and more.