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Paint Matching: Help Your Car Get Over Its Horrible Past

It’s always funny to see a car with mismatching paint. From a certain perspective, it’ll look like a futuristic attempt at car body paint art. But when you look closely, you see it for what it is: a bad paint job.

Sometimes this happens to a vehicle that has been through a collision. That’s fine, even the best of drivers can find themselves in a collision. But it’s better to leave it where it belongs – in the past. Don’t let your vehicle scream: “I was in a collision!”

Bodywork and paint matching
Bodywork and paint matching

Paint Matching

So your car has suffered some superficial damage that needs fixing. No matter if it stood in the way of a rogue shopping cart at the mall, or if you were paying too much attention to your phone and your eyes were not exactly on the road, you can count on us to fix the damage and restore your car to its former glory. In our experience, there are not many auto body shops that find paint matching to be an important thing, but we are here to argue against that.

Paint matching can also be done when the car is not in for a full paint job. These are the cases when only a certain area or certain areas need some touching up. If we would be talking about a full paint job, then paint matching would have actually been useless, because the chances of you noticing the different shade would be slim to none.

WOW! Looks brand new!

However, given the fact that we are only talking about minor scratches in some areas of the car, paint matching is crucial. Otherwise, if the auto body shop you are entrusting your vehicle with, skips this step, you would end up owning a car that is too – shaded. It is obvious that if the new paint is noticeably different from the old one, the work done by the repair technician is also visible. Your car will not be looking as new. Instead, it would look like it has been patched up, and that is not a desirable look at all.

Now, if you want to make sure that your car ends up in the right hands then you should definitely give us a call. Sam’s Auto Body & Shop has years of experience in working with damaged cars and in fixing all types of dents and scratches. We always make sure that our work is of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on always being able to perfectly match any type of paint. In some cases, we even end up contacting the manufacturer. This is how dedicated we are to making your car look like new again.

Don’t let your car live in the past, give a  fresh coat of paint – full body paint job that matches of course. It makes your car look new, like the collision or those rough times never happened at all. With Sam’s Auto Body and Paint, your car will be restored to its shiny glossy state.