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Pride in Professionalism

Most companies will tell you that their staff is fully professional, fully certified, etc. But we mean it. Our customer reviews boast about our speed, efficiency, skills, and customer service abilities. No one in our crew will be rude to you, no one will take shortcuts to try to get the job done quickly without putting forth the effort the job requires, and none of our work will backfire on you. Our welds are strong, our paint jobs are thorough, and all of our employees will ensure everything is done by the book, by our training, and to your liking. You will not pay until you are 100% satisfied with our work. We stay in business because people like you value high quality work at low prices.

We’re so confident in our abilities that we often offer free car rentals if you have significant damage done to your car (since it may take several days or more to repair it to our high standards), free estimates, and free towing. We’ve been at this for 35 years so we’ve got to be doing something right, and that’s treating the customer like we want to be treated.

Never get tricked by other auto body shops again. Keep coming back to us and we’ll keep treating you like family. Tell everyone you know about your experience with us and remind them that our staff is always highly qualified, certified, and enthusiastic about their work. We don’t let bad work leave our shop because that would make you, the customer, unhappy.

If there’s something you think we can improve upon in our shops, let us know. Contact us. If there’s a service you wish for us to provide, suggest it to us and if we can, we will oblige.

Some auto body shops are only qualified to do work on certain manufactures of cars, not us! We do just about everything! So no matter the type of car you have, we should be able to fix ‘er up, good as new! No more shopping around because you’ll know we’re the best.