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Tips To Avoid A Deer Collision

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Avoid deer collision

Tips To Avoid A Deer Collision

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Over the years, there has been an astounding growth in the Deer population. This and the fact that our society grows ever and continues to expand and encroaching deer habitats have been the cause of deer collisions. This has seemed to rise significantly over the years with hundreds of thousands of deer collisions reported every year. These statistics reveal that deer collisions are one of the leading causes of auto accidents in the United States. Although a car might just be colliding with an animal and may not seem like a big deal to you, there have been fatalities reported as well. Deer Collision.

Avoid deer collision

You wouldn’t want to collide with this deer, would you?

These collisions don’t just hurt or kill the deer involved, but damages vehicles and poses a real threat to the health and safety if the driver and passengers  – all who are involved. The safest course is to avoid one completely.

Pay attention to warning signs

Deer habitats are notoriously famous for deer collisions. When you’re about driving into one, you’ll see warning signs on the side of the road. Deers are always on the move in their habitats so you’ll want to keep alert. Don’t let your attention waver. If you see one deer at the side of the road, it may mean there are more around; deer usually move in herds.

Drive Slowly

When in Deer country, you’ll have to drive slowly at a safe speed. 55mph/ 90kph is the recommended speed for these areas.  Driving slowly gives you an ample time to react to brake instead of swerving dangerously on the road.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

Don’t just pay attention to the road alone, you have to pay attention to the surrounding area for signs of deer. If you’re not alone, ask your passengers to do same and notify you of any movements. As earlier stated, one deer sighting may mean more in the area.

Use high beam headlights

When you’re driving through a deer habitat in the dark, use your high beam headlights. This gives you a farther view of the road.

Be extra careful at peak deer hours

Deer’s are usually active and move a lot during sunset to midnight and sunrise. Deer are being active when the light is partly or totally gone, partly contributes to the high rate of deer collision. If you find yourself driving during these times, you have to pay more attention,  be extra careful, be extra observative.

Honk in short blasts

If you come close to a deer that doesn’t seem to want to move, honk on your horn in short blasts. Do this only if you have enough distance between you and the deer and there aren’t other vehicles on the road. Doing so can confuse the deer and have a less than the desired effect.

No one likes a deer collision, least of all, the deer. You’d feel terrible if you collided with a deer. Even if you may not feel for the deer, you will feel for the damage it causes on your car. These damages can be costly to fix. Try to do yourself and passengers a favor and avoid one. Put these tips into practice when in deer country.

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