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What Happens to your Car Warranty when you have a Car Accident?

Accidents are a daily occurrence in The United States. Most people are insured to some degree at least. However, there are some restrictions even with the best insurance policies. As a car owner, there some questions you should know the answers to: does my car warranty cover all kinds of damage? Is a warranty null when there is an accident? What s the best warranty for me?

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What happens to your car warranty in this case?

Does my car warranty cover all kind of damages?

There are different kinds of car warranties. They are the bumper to bumper warranty, the powertrain warranty, and the extended car warranty. The extended car warranty is a good option especially for owners of older vehicles. This is relatively more expensive but with an older car, the cost balances the cost of frequent repairs. This warranty covers most major car part like the Powertrain warranty. The powertrain warranty covers expensive car parts like the driveshaft, engine, transmission and other major parts.

How much does the bumper-to-bumper warranty cover?

This is especially common for new cars. This warranty although sold through the car dealership is backed by the manufacturer.  It covers the car parts from the back bumper to the front, but doesn’t cover the car bumpers, ironic isn’t it?

The bumper to bumper warranty provides repairs for issues like oils leaks but does not cover wear of seating material and seatbelts, car body scratches and cracks in glass. It is obviously not then best option for old vehicles.

Is a warranty null when there is a car accident?

In a warranty contract, there are lists of instances where a manufacturer can void a car warranty. If your car is damaged totally, consider your warranty lost. If you have been running lights or have been using your car as an off road vehicle, you will lose your warranty. Same applies if your car has been damaged as a result of neglect, flood or fire.

Before you agree to a contract, read it well to identify all clauses and their implications. It would also help to find out all you can about the warranty package. Find out what it covers and what would void it.

To ensure your warranty stays, take care of your car and drive with caution. Talk to the professionals in Sams Auto Body Shop to learn more about this.