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What to Do When Your Car is Stuck in Snow

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What to Do When Your Car is Stuck in Snow

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Although it’s April, a clear reminder that spring in full bloom, it still snows much to the disappointment of drivers. Yes, not only drivers are affected, but they receive the brunt of the whole situation.

Driving after a heavy snowfall is a dangerous affair. It’s not advisable, but well, we have to get somewhere. But it’s best to avoid it if you can. But what do you do when you can’t avoid it and are lucky enough to get your car stuck in the snow? – you’ve lucked out on fate if your vehicle is just stuck in snow rather than losing total control of your vehicle.

Here are a few tips to help get out of this unfortunate situation should you find yourself in one.

Shovel Out The Surrounding Snow

This should be the first thing on your mind. Shovel as much snow as you can from around your car, most especially the wheels. In the unavailability of a shovel, you can dig out the snow with your hands. Your hands should be gloved, of course, so you don’t catch a cold and your fingers freeze over.

Provide Your Tires With Enough Traction

At this point, the temptation to just get in your car and drive off is very strong. Don’t attempt it. The ground beneath your tires drive will only cause your tires to spin off dirt causing you to lose whatever little traction you had. What you want to do instead is to give your tires additional traction either by placing planks, pieces of wood, rocks, or dry sand just between the space between your tires and the ground – sort of like a wedge.

Get in Your Vehicle and Drive

You can attempt to dive your car now. But you can only do so with a bit of technicality involved if you want to successfully drive. Use a lower gear, most preferably the first gear to give your car the adequate torque and traction it requires to pull this off. Go easy on the gas pedal too. Don’t go all the way down, a moderate press is required. Try driving forwards, if your car can’t go forward, engage the reverse gear and try again. If it can’t go any further, engage your first gear again, keeping in mind that you have to be easy on the pedal. Alternate between reversing and forward drive till you’re able to drive past where you’re stuck.

Someone Can Pull You Out

If the worst comes to the worst, you can have a friend with a vehicle powerful enough pull you out. If not, you can call in a tow truck to tow your vehicle out of the snow.

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