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Why You Should Have A Professional Check Your Car After A Collision.

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Why You Should Have A Professional Check Your Car After A Collision.

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We all know it’s frustrating and annoying to see the appearance of your car tarnished. Those who have ever been in this type of situation can all agree. Getting hit in the rear end is the one collision you’d want to avoid. The damage at first may not be immediately noticed but later on, down the line, it doesn’t mean it won’t be there. Three common issues with the rear end collisions include wheel alignment issues, hidden body damage, and trunk issues.

What to check for after your rear-end collision?

After you’re in an accident depending on where your vehicle is hit your vehicle is going to have some sort of issues with it. Many of these issues will include off wheel alignment, cracks, and bends in the frame, and whatever else is possible. In some cases, you have trunk issues and others can just be totaled.

Hidden body damages?

There are a few types of hidden body damages like cracks and bends in the frame, but being hit in the rear can affect the mechanics of the vehicle. There’s always a possibility of transmission damage from a rear-end collision since most cars are rear-wheel drive and it is located toward the back, but how long until that shows up? We advise you always have a professional check your car out after any sort of accident.

Alignment Issues?

After any sort of accident, there is an issue almost anyone will have. You will probably feel your vehicle slightly steering to the side on its own and not steering straight. Or you can even feel the wheels wobbling on your car or vibrations as you drive. This is because when the car was hit the vehicle suspension and steering systems were affected causing your steering column to miss a line with your wheels. When driving with bad alignment you are more prone to tire blowouts, which can always easily become fatal. Your brakes aren’t as effective as they usually are either since the wheels are misaligned they won’t break evenly which just puts everyone including yourself at risk. Another thing that’s something to remember is with bad alignment comes reduced maneuverability. Any sudden movements won’t be made as quickly and effectively when steering the car, another safety risk. You can avoid all of these by bringing the car to your local collision repair specialist.

Why choose us!

Here at Sam’s auto body and paint, we can fix any type of accidents. Anything from a shopping cart scratch to a terrible rear passenger side collision. We deliver quality service in a timely manner never leaving you disappointed. Our goal is to stay committed to keeping our customers happiness and satisfaction to the highest level possible. Got a question call us today at 623-582-8232. Your collision repair specialists!

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